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Peavey Wolverine 1/2 Size Acoustic Guitar Reviews from YouTube

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Honest Unboxing and Review Amazon Best Selling $40 Acoustic Guitar - Guitar Buyer's Guide
Denver 1/2 Size Nylon String Acoustic Guitar [Product Demonstration]
Jon Long's Songs (half-size guitar review)
What is the name of that lick y played with pick
Guitar is really fun. :D
No stairway!
Great Review. Really helpful thank you 👍 Just wondering what is the last song at around 1:25? All the best Rich
Very helpful video, now I know what kind of guitar I'll buy for my son. Thank you.
Stairway to Heaven... party foul!
A full sized classical guitar always seem to have a fretboard that was slightly wider than a normal guitar, and they felt weird to play. With a half sized classical guitar, is it the same too(as far as how wide the fredboard is)? Just got one for my nephew(1/2 sized classical...couldnt find a 1/2 sized regular guitar). Would he run into the same problem with it feeling weird to play too you think?
Good lookin guitar... wats the price on this ?
you rock
You dont have any of these on your Ebay store at the moment. Will you get some in? If so How much & when please? If you don't plan on selling again would you mind telling what make/model are they? Thanks
whats the proper tuning on these?
Did this guitar require much setting up or intonation issues? How is it "out of the box"?
Whats the song at 0:28
Yes, 30 inches half size guitar is perfect for children.
ill this be too small for a teen?
In Thailand $30
Watched this video... I was stressing about the guitar imploding. Half way through, got a Star Trek Picard advert advert from Amazon 🤣, with Picard looking equally as scared. I suppose the dude looks like Picard, talks about Amazon, and has trouble with Klingons on the bridge .
Wait I know who you look like. A full grown wee man. If he wasnt a little person
"The action is set so high you could probably use it for... Ahhh... Archery" LOL I won't ever forget that statement.
*The world needs to see this video* During tune-up it did as I expected, repeatedly. When you mentioned no bracing, and steel strings I was waiting for it to cave in. I'd love to see it a year later, (if it wasn't smashed 1st from in tune and intonation frustrations). I spose you guys see it all the time, every day.
"This is my 'Don't Do It' disclaimer".. lol.. I love it. Great comedy, Chris :D
This one is in my shopping carts I’m one of those kinds of people that gets hyper fixed on something and then drops it for something new I’m scared that will happen with the guitar and I don’t want to drop that much on a guitar but if anyone would like to suggest a guitar type or budget range I should look for I’d really appreciate it
I have this guitar and I hate it. It is so hard to play. But now that I have a job I am thinking about buying a Taylor gs mini. :)
Damnnn I had the same guitar but mine is red haha
Im getting that same guitar
" a player needs to be master, the guitar doesn't!"
I learn guitar with that guitar and now i have a band bro and naise guitar
i got this guitar for an ever cheaper price, around 25 euro. For the price if say its okay but overall i dont recommend it
I like the idea to slid in the pick
You can always use it as a self defense weapon against an enemy
I have a black guitar same company the campany is called zeny if you are wanting to know and I like it its really fun to play with
I flinched watching him tune the damn thing
This is like a my first guitar in 2013😂 now played on martin gpc 13e😀❤
My first guitar is WAAAY worse than this. I bought it brand new for £25, its a short scale "acoustic" that sounds and plays like a tin can with fishing line pulled tight, but i still have it and love it for being my first. And as bad as it is i did learn on it, i played on it for a couple years actually. So if this is your first guitar......throw it in the bin a buy a new one for gods sake! You thought i was gonna say something positive didn't you 😂
Jesus Crap... this makes me love my little Fender CC60 even more.
I’m 12 can I use this guitar
Does anyone know where I can find more user reviews of this guitar? I plan on buying a 1/2 size nylon string acoustic guitar, but I'm torn between this one, a Yamaha, and an Ibanez....
this is not an acoustic guitar. it is a classical guitar. theres a difference.
Can I use this guitar if I’m 13 years old?
is this a 34 inch?
This just made my day! Now im having second thoughts on buying small guitars
That song deserves a Grammy nod! Made my day.
This is so great! 😂😂😂💕
your intro earned you a subscriber. that was hilarious. the way you acted like you have a hard time smiling. just the type of stuff thst makes me laugh
love it!!!! after 5years...did you ever sort out probs with it? I just did up one of those argos 20 quid 3/4 scale herald hl34 things. after mucho work (neglected and abused bait cabin guitar) decent strings sand soundboard finish off i found a nice little guitar was hiding in there. personally i love resurecting these lil cheapo guitars its fun and if they get broken or pinched when playing out with them ...who cares,...get another. one thing is the makers need to up their game with these otherwise they will put a lot of folks off learning how to play. having said that...i have found numerous guitars in alleys....usually only need minor attn to make them my opinion no guitar is beyond redemption unless its total a steel string acoustic i got yrs ago...nothing could make it play well. I love smaller guitars no need for derision....john lennons rickenbacker 325 was a 3/4 size guitar...i havent seen anyone ridicule him for playing a "kids" guitar. funny thing is....esp here in england small guitars are looked down upon regardless of how they if you need a big guitar to play properly....nonsense as we know skol Wulf
This guy is hilarious. He deserves to be more famous than Trump
This is so good hahahha
I laughed so hard, thank you! ❤️
Try to move a bridge bro!! And great song
Hahahaha yes! I love this 🤣
Uaahahaha i cant stop watching 😂
Hahahaha that was brilliant 😂
Omg hahahhaa I did not see that coming!!! 😂😂😂
brillant! Hahahaha
Just retune at each chord change, I tel you what
Did you tried to tune it?
The Jon Short guitar...I guess

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