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Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor With Cartridge Razor(2 in ...

Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor With Cartridge Razor(2 in 1) Close comb Platinum -71 (PURPLE,Close ... Compatible With Gillette Mach 3 Razor Blades.


Pearl Shaving Cartridge Razor Platinum -73 (BLUE) : ...

Pearl Shaving Cartridge Razor Platinum -73 (BLUE) : Health & Personal Care. ... Parker Safety Razor 100 Parker Premium Platinum 1/2 Blades - For ...


Pearl Shaving Cartridge Razor Platinum -72 (ORANGE) : ...

Material: Handle made of brass metal & virgin acrylic with Premium Chrome; Compatible With Gillette Mach 3 Razor Blades. Pearl shaving system specially ...


PEARL Cartridge Razor - Flipkart

Type: Cartridge Razors; Ideal For: Men; Set of 1; Lubricating Strip Present; Pivoting Razor Head. Services. No Returns Applicable.


Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor(2 Pieces)(Twister) T-121 ...

topaz Razor's Blades Platinum Sputtered Edges (10 Tucks of 10) ... almost as good as the one by a plastic cartridge razor (or by one of those twin blades).


Pearl Cartridge Razor (1 Blades) Features

Imported Cartridge Razor,

  • Type: Cartridge Razors
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Set of 1
  • Lubricating Strip Present
  • Pivoting Razor Head
  • Key specs are not available.

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Pearl Cartridge Razor (1 Blades) Specifications

Brand Pearl
Ideal For Men
Lubricating Strip Yes
Model Name Cartridge Razor
Number of Cartridges 1
Pivoting Razor Head Yes
Precision Trimmer Yes
Set of 1
Type Cartridge Razors
General Traits
Applicable Area Body
Ideal For Men
Number of Blades 1
Series Platinum
In the Box
Sales Package Cartridge Razor
Shaving Razor Traits
Handle Features Brass
Lubricating Strip Yes
Pivoting Razor Head Yes
Precision Trimmer Yes

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Pearl Cartridge Razor (1 Blades) Reviews from YouTube

Pearl SS-01 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor (in Hindi)
Why is a Double-Edged Safety Razor Better than Cartridge or Electric?
Safety vs Cartridge Razor-Which is Better?
Pearl SS-01 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor (in Hindi) Pearl Safety Razors are world class products sold globally by Madhav Metal Industries. They are made with high precision and quality. I definitely recommend Closed Comb razors from Pearl for beginners as Closed Comb razors are not that aggressive and best for beginners and daily shavers. Open comb razors are recommended for people who shave only once or twice in a week. Open comb razors are quite aggressive and not recommended for beginners. Pearl SS-01 Closed Comb Safety Razor is available under ₹300 online. Buy Pearl SS-01 Safety Razor: View all my recommended products here: about Bombay shaving company safety razor? And feather blades
Sir I use pearl SHD 24 It quite agrressive. please advise very mild razor for sensitive skin around 1000 rupees
Does I can insert any blade in it
I HAVE 2 CHOICE *SS-01* or *L-55* ? Which one can I go for?
Kya iske sath blades bhi aate hai ? Thank you for the review
I use this. Bought last week. Smooth razor.
Godrej menthol shaving cream ka review digiye please.
Twist open razor konsa company ka accha ragega sir.please good video.
Shaving scrape's a layer of skin every time .over long term the repeated irritation is bad especially if you have a skin condition like acne. Go for electric shavers they are an investment.
For all things related to DE shaving check out the geofatboy channel as he makes really great content.
Stood looking at buying my first shaver around 1976. Older guy came up and said "you want that cartridge razor" - best advice ever (and yes I have tried it all, including old style razor knife).
DE shaving is cheaper until you get on a forum and next thing you know you own multiple razors, soaps, and After shaves.
Haven't seen these on sale in years
I saw many reviews about safety razors but I am confused about which one is the best for sensitive & irritating skin
I have to disagree. The Mach 3 razor does a better job and does it in half the time.
For someone just shaving his face, this seems very practical. but as a guy who shaves his head, there's a level of safety with cartridges that's indispensable when you're trying to get areas like around your ears or below the notch on the back of the head.
You persuaded me to buy one 2:43 in paid for and can’t wait
I'm here because the cartridges are effing expensive.
I fell this guy is fancy but still looks like he's from another decade (which it's not good).
I'm gonna buy one of these for when I finally shave my giant quarantine beard.
Does the cost comparison include how much for shaving soap, aftershave, lotion?
You showed me the way. now I just want a safety razor, I'm totally sold!
I switch 1 month ago to a double edge safety razor and i was blown away, yes the first 2 time some small cut etc but when i get my hand on it the shave is so much better and smooth, after 15 years of cartridge razor irritation it's really nice
I always wanted to use a straight razor but I like my beard too much
I couldn't shave every day, used to about twice a week. When not bearded a no 0 twice a week will suffice. Also an inventor, invented a razor that wouldn't blunt, and Gillette bought him out. So more of a reason not to shave with one. If every bloke was like me, the manufacturers would go out of business
ive had my double razor for close to 10 years i bought it when i was like 22 or so when i was in the Army.i spent 50 bucks on the razor and 3 dollars on the blades and i still have blades to this day. I reuse the blade a few times before i use a new one
i used a double edged safety razor ,for a few years now. catridge razors is to expensive and barbaric.
also use a shaving brush and soap instead of soap out of a presurised can. its better for your skin.
tried a safty rasor today for the first time in my life and I regret every single time I used cartridges especially the one blade cartridges. Also for the first time I did not bleed.
i must be the worst kind of person wth a Gillette safety razer
i use my gilette blades for about 4 weeks and in week 2 they are already dull af. def gonna switch to a safety razor
Really good pal
8:00 wow this man really destroyed racism
Just switched to a DE razor. Astonished at how much less irritation I got, and how much closer I could shave.
I'm scared of Gillette rn (7x5=35 scraps, holy cow)
The other video I watched on this subject told me to go upwards on the neck, is that a matter of preference?
I bought the half blades for my safety razor so I'm only working with one edge At a time, how do I best prolong the life of the edge\know when it's time to dump it?
thanks, I will follow your advice and switch to a safety razor
After the prep & technique have been established, the safety razor offers a closer, more comfortable shave. No contest.
Is it safe to change to a safety razor if you have acne?
Just got me one of these and oh god what a difference. No more razor bumps I love it
Interesting in this video you only shave once with the safety razor but in other videos, you shave 3 times with the safety razor to get a close shave. So shaving 3 times will equate to going over the same area 6 or 7 times just like the cartridge. Am I right?
I used cartridge razors for years, then grew a beard because seriously stuff using cartridge razors. But I started shaving with a safety razor a couple of months ago and just today, I had my first shave with a straight razor. The safety razor is certainly much easier to use and faster. I think I will probably use a straight razor once a week and a safety razor every other day. I do think I prefer the straight razor, but I don't know if I would use it every day. Perhaps after I have a bit more experience with it, but today was the longest shave I've ever had. I really took my time so that I wouldn't cut myself. So as far as best razor goes, at the moment I would agree with you on the safety razor, because convenience and time matter. A safety razor gives a fantastic shave and is much quicker and easier at least for a beginner.
Just switched over from a cartridge razor to a safety razor. I suffer from sensitive skin and ingrown hairs so I thought I’d give it a shot. Unfortunately, I was having a tough time finding the angle and couldn’t avoid cutting myself. Sort of scared to try it again lol
Wow! I have been shaving all wrong all my life! I am going to the drug store and buying a safety razor tomorrow!
This dude never learned how to shave properly. There is a ritual to it, from mixing the foam to small strokes while shaving. This wasn't even a close shave either.
Gilette is forcing child labor! Sickening femenism. They can sell their pussy razors to bitches and pedos now!
gents? deez n gents !
Mujhe video achha lag raha tha bich mein flute disturb kiya isliye dislike mara
Sir PLZ suggest For smooth / irritation free / highly comfortable Shaving experience . Purpuse is close shave (or near to close shave ) For daily use or alternate day use . Budget upto ₹2000 Your top three recommendation
what about hajamat safety razor ?
Hey joy how is pearl SS-01?
Hey Joy, I have recently purchased Parker 94R. Apart from the length and weight of both the razors, is the head of 94R as a same as 91R?
Chandi jaisa rang hai tera
In Pearl L 55 vs Romer 7 closed/ open comb updated version which one has heavier head ?
Why Bombay Shaving company razor is not on your list. I know this list is your personal choice but it deserves to be on it
Suggest a razor in which we can use any blade
Gr8 videos & Thanks for sharing good information. Really appreciate your passion for DE razors I started shaving since 2000 with DE razors only & always wanted to know about the best DE razor availability here in India but somehow could not get the proper source of information & time for research. I am glad I could find someone so passionate like you from India for their love for DE razors while searching on youtube. Till now Gillette sterling is my only trusted DE razor since many years after my first 2 DE razors got damaged which my father had gifted it to me. Yesterday booked Feather Popular for 977 from flipkart & would like to know about your opinion on it. Since lockdown I have learnt to shave my head as well so would like to know which DE razor is most preferred for head shaving? Should I consider heavy weight or light weight? Any advice would be appreciated. I am planning to get another DE razor especially fully metal body as feather popular is with plastic handle so not sure if it's durable & how it will perform especially for head shaving. Till now my only blade preferrance is for 7 o clock Super Platinum which comes in black colour packing but during Lock down I could not source it so I had to shift to gillette Wilkinson sword saloon pack which is ok types for me. Seeing your blades review video yesterday I got Supermax platinum plus & I hope it will make me happy. Keep up the good work brother.
Sir main abhi apna first razor lene ka soch raha hu Aur jese ki apne video main bataya. Main ab aur confuse ho gya. So plz aap bas 1 razor ka naam bata do muje. Main wo le lunga. Plz sir .
Joy sir I just joined indian wet shavers group please accept my request
When I listened your flute sound, Malgudi days music came in my mind
Bro pinkwolf closed comb vs Romer7 open closed razor choose one
Finally purchased the L55cc from amazon for just 341/- and I'm absolutely loving it. 2 shaves dome and I'm glad. Thank you.
khub valo laglo useful video.amake akta valo razor kinte decide korte khub boro help korlen dada am really greatful to u.
Parker 91R razor is currently unavailable in Amazon/ Flipkart
Awesome video! The flute is very soothing
Nice video, thanks Sir is there any difference between Romer Viceroy premium and Romer Viceroy ( the black colour one)

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