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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Farmina Matisse Kitten Food, 1.5Kg at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our ...


Farmina Matisse Kitten Food, 1.5Kg : Pet Supplies

Brand, Pawzone. Age Range (Description), Kitten. Target Species, Cat. Item Form, Pellet. Net Quantity, 52.91 Oz. Package Information, Bag. Item Weight, 1.5 ...


N&D Farmina Matisse Salmon & Tuna Adult Cat Food, 1.5kg ...

Brand, Pawzone. Flavour, Tuna, Salmon. Age Range (Description), Adult. Target Species, Cat. Item Form, Dry. Net Quantity, 1500.0 gram.


Pawzone Farmina मैटिसी किटन फूड, 1.5Kg : पालतू पशुओं ...

प्रोटीन एक फेलाइन के आहार का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा है. Matisse Cat डाइट एक स्वस्थ विकास को ...


Pawzone Farmina Matisse Kitten Food (1.5 Kg) Features

  • Cat Food
  • Dry
  • Cats
  • Food
  • New Born

The lowest Pawzone Farmina Matisse Kitten Food (1.5 Kg) Price in India is ₹949 at Amazon.
Buy Pawzone Farmina Matisse Kitten Food (1.5 Kg) online at Amazon.
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Pawzone Farmina Matisse Kitten Food (1.5 Kg) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Pawzone
feature Cat Food
Manufacturer Pawzone

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Pawzone Farmina Matisse Kitten Food (1.5 Kg) Reviews from YouTube

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Is it advantage to take home male cat!???? Or female!?
What is price of mattiese?
Matisse kitten and royal canine Persian kitten . Which one is the best for my 3 month Persian kittan?
me-o is not a good dry food for cats as it has additive cats like this food but this food ultimately damage their kidneys and it was seen that the cats use this food have kidney failure issues because of the food and this food is not recommended by vets
When uh were calling your cats and the way uh jumped was totally like a cat😂❤️
I'm feeding Me-O cat food to my 8 months old kitten... Till now she isn't suffering from illness, diarrhea, vomiting... So is it okay to give it regularly to her..? 🙂
I am here to see the matisse kitten food...
i just bought Me O lets hope my stray cats might love it. later i used Whiskar. Thought i should make some change.
I think matisse is best as compare to meo and acana
I have bad exp with meo my cat is throwing up Try healthy pets it has 23% fat good for kitten growing
where u fr
Aur ap kisi wet food ko b try karein
Mattise ka review de dein
Kyuu abhi hum bhi yahi laya hi
Acha ya kitten ka liya best hi
Thank you for the information! what are your thoughts on Fructooligosaccharide that is an ingredient in all their foods? My vet suggested this brand for my cats.
Thanks for making these types of videos! Its been so helpful! Can you also make a video on best puppy food? I just got a puppy and the vet keeps recommending royal canine's puppy food however I've been slowly transitioning my puppy to Acana now and was told by my vet that Acana is a brand that potentially causes heart problems.. however the ingredients in Acana looks very whole to me.. so now I'm just stuck on what best brand to feed my puppy
Just found Pure Vita Venison and Lentil, and the company is changing the formula and adding tapioca. I emailed them about this and was told they were changing it, after months of searching for a dog food for my boy. My assumptions is this is a filler so they use less real food? Is this true? I was looking at the sensitive skin N&D formula because my sheltie has bad allergies, and it has no tomato, garlic or tapioca. But he can’t have high protein.
Stop calling yourself a pet nutritionalist. You are a dog trainer. Unless you have an associates degree in Veterinary Technology, passed your national boards and than specialized for years in nutrition OR are a DVM, than you aren't a nutritionalist. Insulting to those of us credentialed.
I’m in between this and Orijen for a husky puppy because there’s mixed reviews for both. Do you have a definitive answer on that one?
Can you please review Acana? My dog has been having serious digestive issues and the Acana Lamb and Apple recipe was recommended. I'd like to know your thoughts on this food/brand as well a learn about foods that are good for digestive sensitivities. Thank you 😊
Our puppy Cavapoo loves the Puppy (Lamb, pumpkin, and I think blue Berry). Before we had to mix some wet with dry good. But he loves this as much of not more than his treats.
My cat eats neutered farmina pomegranate and chicken recipe and I saw so much improvement with his shedding teeth and eyes before he ate baby blue and he was not as healthy as now
Is citrus okay for cats?!
Thanks for the video! Have you heard of nature's protection? What do you think about their superior care line, esp the grain free products?
Thanks for such an informative video. My dog, who has always had sensitive-tummy issues, has just started on this kibble, so I hope it does him great. I really hope that Farmina bringing a plant to the US does not come with quality issues, as you mentioned in the video; so hopefully they're able to continue their current standards.
Can you review pure balance? I got it for my dog and remembered you mentioned the 5 first ingredients thing and it seemed pretty good i think. It was salmon!
can you please do a review on carnilove cat food? thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Could you do a video about puppy food? I have a 6 month old puppy and want to give her a good start to life.
Farmina VS Natures Logic would be a great vid
Hi! I just found your channel, it’s incredibly informative — thank you! :) I’m looking into changing my cat’s food who is 8 mo and is slightly on the chubbier side. I was thinking of getting the weight management one from Farmina, would you recommend that?
Thoughts on pure balance?
Would love to see a video of all of your *chef kiss* kibble recommendations! We do half cooked / half kibble for our dogs and want to make sure i feed them the best kibble i can afford - we are currently feeding them the farmina PRIME line. Thank you !!
Thank you so much for the review. My cat has UTI and doc recommend vetlife Struvite but is still peeing blood. Another doc recommend farmina urinary so I am really confused and scared for the life of my cat. After going through your comments I may switch to farmina urinary one with cranberry. Thank you
Can you review the canned cat food from Farmina? Especially the pumpkin line. The Venison and Pumpkin is the 1st canned wet food that he will eat more than a few bites. I hate hearing that they will be opening a plant in the US!
bro... which is best purina friskies or meo
Sir me-o food toh slow poison jesa hota hai meri aak cat ko fever ho gya tha
Purepet doodh me dalke khila sakte he kya
My cat does not eat whiskas he only eats purepet
Stray cat ko whiskas dena chahiye kya?
Tq bro
indian stray cats love whiskas more than any other brand. You didn't review the food based on the actual ingredient list, moisture level, quality and how freely cats accept them. You simply went by the price-tag and the ads. Just because Me-o claims that it's anti-hairfall as it's USP, u said it's the best. Most people buy food that way. Then what's the purpose of going through review videos. It's not review but just a window shopping experience I got from here.
Good information boss catt ki growth badane ke liye specially kea use karna chaiye?
Can we give this food to stray cats
Do not give whiskas dry food. I have been giving my cat whiskas since 3yrs now she is suffering from stones and chronic kidney problem. Diet plays major role in functioning of kidneys. Give them real chicken fish or give them grain free food like farmina. Do not go with cheap brands they will affect us in the long term with vet bills.
Me-o is the worst cat food ever. It causes renal impairment in cats, it has corn In the food which cats can’t digest. If you don’t believe me google it My cat died cuz of me-o
Sir is me- o good for 2 months Or royal canin
Wat food to give 2 month old kitten
Royal canan ka naam suna hai?
Maxi Persian adult cat food best ya bad
Bhai mai apni cat ko matisse khilata hu kya wo accha hai brand hai
my cat had diarrhea for 6 months... i kept giving it antibiotics but nothing worked.. then i switched from whiskas to MEo and there was instant improvement.
Bhai konsa cat food sabse best hai Persian cat (semi punch, triple coat ) ke liye ?
I have a stray cat...she only like whiskas dry food..and hate wet food..not even eat egg...wht to do?
Sir mere pass male persian cat hain...mein usse me-ow kitten ocean fish flavour de raha hoon...kya uska food change karke persian kitten food dena chaiye???

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