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Buy Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System online at Amazon. DVD Playback 300 W Sound Output Bluetooth USB Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System Colours: Black
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Buy PANDA AUDIO KV-8782.1 300 W Bluetooth Home Theatre ...

PANDA AUDIO KV-8782.1 /2.1/ 3 SPEAKER HOME THEATER SYSTEM This Base Unit works in ... entertainment experience with the PANDA AUDIO KV-8782-1 Home Theatre .


PANDA AUDIO KV-8782.1 2.1 3 Speaker Home Theatre System ...

PANDA AUDIO KV-8782.1 2.1 3 Speaker Home Theatre System : COPPER: Electronics.


Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System Features

  • Magnetically Shielded Speakers
  • Dual Revolving Satellite Speakers
  • Dedicated Low Frequency Sub Woofer
  • Protection --Cross Over Network
  • DVD Playback
  • 300 W Sound Output
  • Bluetooth
  • USB
Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System Colours:
  • Black

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For a comprehensive understanding of Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Panda Audio KV-8782 Home Theatre System Specifications

Additonal Features
DLNA Support No
Karaoke Capability No
Night Mode Yes
Parental Control No
Tuner FM/AM
Amplifier Features
Amplifier Output 300 W
Digital Amplifier Yes
Audio Features
Audio Formats MP3
Dolby Digital No
Front Speaker Driver Cone
Front Speaker Impedance 8 ohm
Maximum Frequency Response 20000 Hz
Minimum Frequency Response 45 Hz
Number of Centre Spreakers 0
Number of Front Speakers 2
Number of Subwoofers 1
Number of Surround Speakers 0
Other Audio Features Bluetooth
Signal to Noise Ratio 50 dB
Subwoofer Driver Compressed Paper / Metal Cone
Subwoofer Impedance 8 ohm
Total Number of Speakers 3
Connectivity Features
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Number of HDMI Ports NA
Number of USB Ports 1
Other Connectivity Features USB, SD CARD, BLUETOOTH, STEREO INPUT, 5.1 INPUT
Convenience Features
Compressed Music Enhancer No
Digital Signal Processor No
Center Speaker Depth 100 mm
Center Speaker Height 145 mm
Center Speaker Weight 1 kg
Center Speaker Width 75 mm
Front Speaker Depth 100 mm
Front Speaker Height 145 mm
Front Speaker Weight 1 kg
Front Speaker Width 75 mm
Subwoofer Depth 480 mm
Subwoofer Height 370 mm
Subwoofer Weight 7 kg
Subwoofer Width 200 mm
Surround Speaker Depth 100 mm
Surround Speaker Height 145 mm
Surround Speaker Weight 1 kg
Surround Speaker Width 75 mm
Brand Panda Audio
Channel 3
Enclosure Type Front Speaker, Acoustic Sub Woofer
Finish Black Aash Vinyl
Model Number KV-8782.1
Player Type USB
Speaker Type 2 Satellite Speakers
Supported Device Music System
Technology Used Transistor
Power Features
Power Consumption 160 W
Power Output - Subwoofer 125 W
Power Requirement 220
Total Power Output 300 W
Video Features
3D Compatibility No
Drive Type DVD CD
Video Formats NA

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I just picked up a set of Klipsch Dolby Atmos speakers 5.0.2 $899.99 with the their Klipsch R-12SW sub for $169.99 from Costco. I can't believe I could get a Klipsch Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 HT speaker system for around $1070. I plan to add more speakers later maybe two Klipsch surround sound speakers, another sub, and two more Atmos speakers. I'm going with 7.2.4 future setup with a Denon AVR-X6700H. On another note I do love Bowers & Wilkins speakers, I may upgrade with their speakers in the future.
Yes, the video was helpful and informative
Hello, I’m wondering if I have home theatre surround system 5.1.2 klipsch should I need amplifier device over the AVR danon or yamaha?
What would you would give most realistic sound for home theater a klipsch rf 7iii or svs ultra towers I’m Saving for either one just because I hear they give the best value for the money. I just don’t know which to choose I keep looking at klipsch because they don’t need a crazy amount of juice to start off a theater journey.
Polk LS 70'S
I’ve already got good big speakers . Love my 15 inch speakers .
New sub here. Very good info. Ever worked on putting a Dolby Atmos system in a vehicle? Specifically a custom van build? I understand that it would need to be run off of 110 and not 12 volt.
Is it a coincidence that SVS speakers have a similar design as DALI and that the logo also has a similar style? Is it just a coincidence or?
Any feedback on Phase/MSE Audio’s Darts 660 Freestanding 5.1 package? I ask this because its a very pricey investment it retail about 24000$$ USD in India 29000$$ to 30000$$ USD for Dolby Atmos package 48000$$USD. Will it be a good investment ?
awesome content. Well delivered. Perfectly understood.
Hi, I use this model no Yamaha Rx-v657, two tower speakers, five 40ohms speakers. Now I want update home theatre. What I buy?
hey :) thanks for the video ! lot of good info i wanted to ask your opinion - if its ok : i got a new INTEGRA DRX 2.3 receiver yesterday, it has pre-out , should i get an AMP or DSP to get better quality sound ? my speakers are Klipsch R-26FA Dolby Atmos Floorstanding Speakers at the moment, and i got also a Pure Acoustics Lord 10" Powered Subwoofer . when i put high volume (not to load at the max but at 75-80%) the quality is very low . i saw on the Specifications menu tha it has 80W per channel at 8 OHM : • 80 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2-ch driven, FT but on the other Specifications menu on thier oficial site , i saw in : 160 W/Ch at 6 Ω, 1 kHz, 10%, 1 Channel Driven, 135 W/Ch at 6 Ω, 1 %, 1 kHz, 1 Channel Driven, IEC Dynamic Power: 160 W (3 Ω, Front) 125 W (4 Ω, Front) 85 W (8 Ω, Front) what is the diffrence between 6 and 8 OHM ? the guy that came and install all the system , said that it should be only at 6 OHM and never change it to 8 is its true? and why ? thanks a lot :)
~$1000 would u go svs or rsl?
Do you see any advantage to speakers with nominal impedance at 4 ohms vs 6 vs 8? It seems that most AVRs these days have a 6 or 8 ohm rating Logan had to have added the thunder. Seems up his alley. Fun! And the echo. Fun as well! Subtle, but it adds character. SVS is a great company. I cannot believe how hard their subwoofers kick. I look forward to upgrading soon. The PB-2000 kick my chest - I can’t imagine their larger subwoofers Good video. Thanks for the info!
hi, can I pair Q Acoustics 3050i Plus 5.1 with DENON AVR-X2700H? :)
Hey Guyz, great vid! Good explanation and things to understand when looking for speakers. Well done!
You kinda look like Arn Anderson from the old wrestling days
Thank you brother for the video. Really informative. Can u do something related to timber matching.
★ BEST OVERALL HOME THEATER SYSTEM ★ Sonos Playbase 5.1 Surround Set ➜ ​​ ★ BEST RUNNER UP HOME THEATER SYSTEM ★ Bose Soundbar 700 5.1 Home Theater Set ➜ ​ ★ BEST BUDGET HOME THEATER SYSTEM ★ Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 Compact ➜ ​ ★ BEST BUDGET HOME THEATER SYSTEM ★ JBL Bar 5.1 4k Ultra HD Soundbar Set ➜ ​ ★ BEST SURROUND SOUND HOME THEATER SYSTEM ★ Polk Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theater System ➜ used the Polk Atrium for more than 2 years in FLORIDA of all places. After watching your review I saw that they also a have home theater system so I ordered the cheap Polk set because I was impressed. Im loving this one too! It's great bang for the buck and I cant really complain. Highly recommend it!
great video we want more videos about product reviews
Best review for SVS Satellite speakers.
Thanks for the very informative review! Do you think you can review the Klipsch reference 5.1 from Costco? I was thinking about buying that system, but now I am wondering if I should spend the extra $500 for the svs.
How would these compare to the klipsch reference theater from Costco i know different price point but for a budget is there much difference between them.
You were amazed they could put a 12 into such a small box? Not a magic trick, they just used a sub-optimal enclosure for the driver to save money.
Bought this last year, plus the prime center. I love it. Huge upgrade from the crappy home-theater-in-a-box I had before. Now I have the bug though. Gotta get Atmos!
Great review. Do the satellites come with hardware to mount them on the wall?
RSl CG3 vs this SVS kit? Thoughts?
Nice looking system! Love the gloss finishes. Great price tag! Nice work on the presentation.
Hello, I am new at AV devices. I just bought the Sony Strdn10180. I am wondering whats the capacity or how do I know which speaker will be fine to use? Regards
Bit more expensive, but wonder how this compares to the Starke Sound Echo.
SVS looks good on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Very cheap crossovers. Poor quality wire and cheap caps. Not worth this price.
Very informative video as always Rob!
They are worth buying
Visualmente o conjunto é bonito e pelo vídeo parece que tem um som agradável. Pena que um produto deste não chega no Brasil e se chegar deve ser o dobro do preço que custa nos EUA.
Another excellent review. I like SVS a lot, I have a PB1000 and its great. I received my RSL CG23's yesterday to complete my RS23 LCR and CG3 surrounds. Last down the road are two 10S subs because I want a full RSL HT. I ran Audyssey this morning and yeah I'm very happy. RSL is no joke, they know what they are doing. Anyway, another great review/video and great channel.
Hey guys, great video. This is one slick little setup for a thousand bucks. My friend is trying to build a budget system, I will have to keep this in mind for him, cheers guys!
I had this system it was ok, I could not get a perfect blend in my room from the sats to the subwoofer. Also the small speaker is not great for a centre channel. I ended up picking up a second sb1000 and svs ultra centre and bookshelf’s now I’m VERY HAPPY. As you said it’s great for a 1000 bucks and a great starting point and can build on it.
Here's a list that helped me out. "/ In the end, I went with #6. 5:37
Got the z906 on Amazon black Friday for £160 its absolutely great

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