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Buy Panasonic RP-DJS150MEW-On Ear Headphones Online at ...

Check out Panasonic RP-DJS150MEW-On Ear Headphones reviews, ratings, features, specifications and more at ... Item model number, ‎RP-DJS150ME-W.


(Renewed) Panasonic RP-DJS150MEW-On Ear Headphones ...

(Renewed) Panasonic RP-DJS150MEW-On Ear Headphones : Electronics. ... Headphones Jack, 3.5mm Jack ... Item model number, ‎RP-DJS150ME-W-cr.


Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Features

  • With Mic:No
  • 3.5mm jack Nickel plated
  • 10 Hz - 23kHz
  • 32 Ohm
  • Headphones
  • 30 mm Neodymium
Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Colours:
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue

The lowest Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Price in India is ₹794 at Croma.
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Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Color Black
Compatible Devices Mobile
Model Id Rp-Djs150M-K Foldz Collasible Travel Headphone

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Panasonic RP-DJS150ME Headphones Reviews from YouTube

Panasonic Retro Headphones | HTX7 vs HTX80B | Original vs Upgraded | Review
Panasonic Wings Review Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones - RP-BTS30
Headphone Review- Panasonic RP-TCM 125
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Got the wireless for $20 US Dollars @ Sam's Club. At that price point I think it's a good deal.
I have the wired RP-HTX7 and for the price they are pretty nice. Not great, but nice. My biggest complaint for the HTX7 was that they were a bit tight, and I have a narrow oval face/head. I'm in the market for another headphone to add to my collection, but I think I'm going to skip the HTX80B for now.
Rappers must be so jealous of you
I got the wired headphones back in 2015 on Amazon for $31.48 USD and the cable and everything about the headphones has stayed flawless since then except the ear pads (and some minor surface scratches elsewhere because I'm an oaf). Within the past year, the material began to crack on the ear pads, and eventually started to flake off. I don't help it any by peeling it off when I noticed chunks starting to fall, but hey, I'm an oaf as I said. I am absolutely devastated to see they discontinued the wired model because I literally haven't even considered buying any other over the ear headphones since getting these 5 years ago. The sound quality is exactly the balance I look for. I only was looking into getting a new pair because of the ear pad issue. Five years of continued heavy is definitely not bad considering 1) THEY WERE $30 WTF and 2) before owning them I used to be replacing earbuds every few months and wasting even more money than I spent on these lmao EDIT: specified currency
Yes I was so exiting to get them I had an old version that the jack connection broke 😞so bought me some new ones wireless . I was a bit disappointed on the sound quality the sound was a bit flat😞my Old Panasonic headphones had a better quality with no flat sound .
What!?? I never knew about that Bluetooth headset model, I still have the retro ones and they are like new because I love care my things although I bought that premium headphones from Sony
I used both. My 7 died. The bt one is fine. I wear mine for over 8hrs a day and dont have any issues except for not having the wired option
Have you tried these with a toque on? I sometimes wear my headphones while my toque is covering my ears.
Guy with fat hands has large ears.
you must have big ears... my ears sit nicely inside.... comfy.
My rphtx 80be not connect when I try to connect it second time please help bro
I think the RP-HTX7 model is easily the best portable headphones ever made. Great for everyday and studio/video editing usage. Discontinuing them was a massive mistake. I’m still excited to try the new wireless model, but the price jump kept me from getting them when they first came out.
New wireless seem like a good one but vintage from the last model is just so good. Also it prices went up from 30$ to 60$.
Loved your intro
The sound is very bright on the wireless pair good clarity unfortunately trying to find bass is like trying to find a needle in a proverbial haystack I dunno maybe it's my big flat ears perhaps someone with little ears will love them and btw in John Lewis they are £59.99 if anyone's interested
I think it really depends on the ears, my ears do fit inside of the muffs
I have big ears and I want to buy headphone, what type would you recommend vr commando?
More Notes: - Although I did not experience this, I have read people have had random crackling audio noises when pausing audio - This was requested by a viewer :) - If Panasonic is listening, please redo the headset, fix the earpads, switch to APTX Codec, use type-c, have a 3.5mm option & make the buttons more user friendly
Slight hayfever in this video... I tried my best.
Mine won’t charge or turn on. Any ideas?
Hmm i was kinda indecisive about getting these or the beats one, but after watching ur review I'll probably get it! XD thankyou for the reviews
Thank you wery much. This video is very helpful for me!
These headphones are fantastic I use them when practicing snooker and out and about and hypnosis recordings!!! Quality sound, 6 hours use and quick charge!!? Nice black pouch earphones are comfy
is the suond quality similar to sony walkman series headphone sony ws623
Bought these from 'Catch of the Day'. Doesn't charge or switch on.
After 2 month it became mono...and worst of all, i really cannot use the little switches without extreme difficulty.
Thanks for the review...
thanks! how about bass?
about bass?
Devesh Chandr
Adam! You should do more of these review vids!!! Your voice, speed of your speach and the tone of your voice is great for even not english speaking people. Thank you! The things that you have highlighted are the things that most reviews doesn't tell. I really appreciate your help.
Mis auriculares no encienden
Excellent review, very nice quality, very intelligent, thank you. jeff
They retail for around 50 to 70 dollars on Amazon. I caught some on clearance for 21 and they are the Spartan red versions
Thank you for this review, very helpful ..
Thx for the review. I just ordered a pair of these after watching your video :-)
bass is good ?
They have L and R?
BEST EARBUDS EVER MADE. LOOK AT THE SPECS, THESE ARE 100€+ SPECS 10Hz - 24kHz 16ohm 9mm driver 200mw power 97db per mw
I did buy them today !!They are great
Presumably they don't sound as good as the S4A? You didn't really talk about sound quality except that it's great sound "for the price".
Using same RP-TCM 125 for almost 3 years now (and going strong), never ever had slightest of issues with the sound, jack, cable or whatever you can think of. The sound will not satisfy an audophile, it is a bit bass-heavy, but very clear for the price and beats competition at 5-10 times higher priced. This headphone is a no brainer. I've been using it heavy everyday, careless, bending-throwing and nothing happens. Built quality may feel cheap but nothing happens to it! The only change i made was the silicon tips, the bigger ones were better sealing the ear, so absolutely no sound leaking in. As i said, this is a no brainer, period.
bull shit
there should be a headphone protector.
I can buy four of these for 20pounds in India.
I had the old version without the mic for years and I love them! I went through a lot of headphones before, I destroyed all of them. but these ones fit perfectly in my ear and they NEVER break. I through them in water, pulled the cable a million times and bit on it :D I recommend them to all my friends as the indestructible headphones :D Unfortunately I loose them all the time, so I still keep buying new ones, but their liability has still improved my live big time :D
I own Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, and Klipsh and I still usually reach for the Panasonics, they're the most comfortable, sound great and I wear them without fear of them getting damaged or lost cause they're so cheap.
So, how's dzat df-10 compared to these panasonic tcm 125? I need help please
As much as people seem to love these, these are garbage quality wise.
Yes, cheap, in price aspect, cheap. So you can buy 10 of these instead of the also breakables Klipsch
these sounded awful to me - and the earbud caps are near impossible to get back on
just under 20 pounds? M8 you wasted your money its on ebay for less than 10 pounds
hi guys, i have acquired these in-ear phones about a year and a half, i enjoyed them a lot and like them too, but today, it sadly start a malfunction in the right side. I didn't want to trow it away and buy a new one cuz i dont have the time to go and choose another pair, and instead i researched a little to find the way to fix them, can i get some help? The only problem is the right ear, wich now have a weird bass-enhanced sound. Thanks
you can send me the broken klipsch headphones
I have a $300 headphone and $10 Panasonic RPHJE120K both have 100% same sound
This was an excellent detailed review.  Whatever the price of headphones there are basic things each of us are looking for.  I like noise isolation as well and really liked your detail about thinking more noise got in due to the cheap plastic.  Thanks for your detailed honest review.  You have a new US subscriber!
Panasonic 605 - its a piece of broken junk after 6 months of use, because the design of brackets and earplugs is not reliable ☹️
Which ones are better this ones or the taotronics soundsurge 55?
Not related, but I have a weird obsession with products that are less popular. Objectively this might not be as good as Sony or bose at noise cancelling, but somehow I want them because of how rare they are
Whatever happened to these ones anyway? They’re even unavailable on Amazon.
Love the look of the headphone of this, is this still a good buy at ~$120
What about latency on tv?
Ordered a pair for $100 today!
I was about to buy this but Amazon reviews were filled broken headphone cases, I choose pxc 550 as it was costing me only 150$ and I'm pretty happy with it
I used this product and was very satisfied. You can get from this link:
It looks good in spec but the design is like alien.
what about Panasonic RP-HD305BE-K ?
Kindly do an update on the HD610
I have get these few days ago,brown color,bombastic headphones,very sleek design,very comfortable,and the sound,silky smooth,very deep,clean bass,eats jazz for breakfast,and the noise canceling,i don' care.Just play music and enjoy.
Damn! I just bought the Sony's today! 😢
Do you know what the difference is between the HD605N and the HD805N is?
Been reading a lot about the build quality on Amazon, that the headphones break after a very short time. Any issues like those?
Is this just a us product ?
I think the reason that so many premium headphone companies still use Micro-usb is that the average consumer doesn't care about USB-c and it's only us nerds that care.
I remember Panasonic being a top company there with Sony but their products left America to uk. I just bought a pair the none anc .
It's okay for useing as a wire option instead of noise regards ismail

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