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Buy Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera online at Amazon. Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera Colours: Black

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The lowest Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera Price in India is ₹105,900 ₹94,500 at Amazon.
Buy Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera online at Amazon.
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Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera Colours:
  • Black

Panasonic Lumix GH4 16MP Digital SLR Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Panasonic
Digital Zoom 4
Has Image Stabilization No
Image Stabilization No
Included Components Digital Camera
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number Lumix GH4
Item Weight 2.7 Kg
Max Resolution 16 Megapixels
Min Focal Length 45 Millimeters
Model Lumix GH4
Number of Items 1
Optical Sensor Resolution 16 Megapixels
Optical Zoom 4 X
Package Dimensions 21 x 15.2 x 14.4 cm
Product Dimensions 21 x 15.2 x 14.4 cm
Resolution 16 megapixels
Screen Size 7.62 Centimeters
Viewfinder Type digital

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Is the Panasonic GH4 WORTH IT in 2019?!  5 YEARS Later!
Is the Panasonic GH4 WORTH IT in 2019?! 5 YEARS Later!
Unboxing the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 16 MP Mirrorless 4k Ultra HD Camera with close up detail
Unboxing the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 16 MP Mirrorless 4k Ultra HD Camera with close up detail
Panasonic GH4 4K Camera with Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 Lens Unboxing
Panasonic GH4 4K Camera with Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 Lens Unboxing
Panasonic GH4 vs G7 Video Review
Panasonic GH4 vs G7 Video Review
September 2020, possibly a GH6 being released soon, and the GH4 is still an awesome camera, especially considering its low price, and brilliant ecosystem.
Any camera give away 😭😭😭
What about now? Gh4 or G9?
I'd say the GH4 is still worth it. Even in 2020. Just get it with a good constant F2.8 lens with OIS like the 12-35mm and you will get very, very decent results. It's internal processing and recording mode for 4K (100mbit - 4:2:0 - 8 bit) is a bit limited though compared to the newest kids in the block. But don't let that fool you. As long as you get the picture correct in-camera, the codec isn't going to be a limiting factor. Just don't use some super flat low contrast de-saturated picture profile that needs heavy post-processing. That just doesn't match with the codec since it wasn't designed for that. CineLike-V with a tiny bit lowered contrast, saturation and noise reduction gives very pleasing neutral images with good skintones. Also this camera has very decent audio pre-amps, amazing battery life (much better then GH5) and a flip-out touchscreen. I even got mine with unlimited recording time! (non-EU model) The only real drawback is that auto-focus in video mode. It's slow and unreliable (just like the GH5 and GH5S for that matter) I own two of these camera's and even in 2020 i find it hard to replace them. Other camera's either have worse audio pre-amps, sucky battery life or are still limited to 8 bit H264. Some even manage to combine all those drawbacks in one camera... Only the Fuji X-T4 comes very close, but for some reason it's 16-50 f2.8 is missing IOS. Luckely the X-T4 has IBIS, but I would rather have it in-lens because I've seen some weird image warping from IBIS. If the audio pre-amps on the X-T4 are at least on par with the GH4 (and definitely not an step back) I might finally say goodbye to the GH4's
Planning on buying this, what is the music tho that you use almost every video, the first song :)
im still using a hacked gh1 in 2020
Please do a video on the GH3 for us budget content creators😭😭💀
I hate this camera, ugh extremely bad in low light... my old iphone is like twice better
This is excellent! Thank you :) I still aim to use it this year. If you have another camera that you'd recommend over this one (at this price point), please suggest it! I have big dreams to be a cinematographer :) This is how i'm starting - Best wishes to you and family, especially with Corona.. ;/ <3
you like slash huh?
Does it have 24fps at 1080p/4K?
Is good for short film?
I’m an everyday dad as well and I approve this video. Lol. Thanks man.
would you be able to get 4k 60 with external recording?
I bought a GH4 when it first came out, with a lightening fast Nokton Voigtlander lens. But people didn't take the GH4 seriously. Probably because it's so small and is (a little too!) lightweight. It was assumed to be just another mirrorless toy. Many videographers had no idea the GH4 could shoot in 4K or the other great features it had/has. Ultimately, too many videographers were using Canons after so many years of Canons leading the market in DSLR-style video and Canon kit is also very expensive, so many videographers didn't even want to know what the GH4 could do as they didn't want to invest in MFT. Therefore, it never seemed to take off really. It doesn't surprise me that used GH4's don't sell, as it's the same situation today more or less. People also scoffed at the Voigtlander lens until it was apparent that it could still shoot clear images in low light with comparatively minimal gain while their low-light images had turned to snow. if forced into such a situation I'd rather obtain an image that's a bit soft but clear rather than a slightly sharper picture but infested with ugly high ISO noise. Looking forward to upgrading to the GH5 eventually.
What lens are you using for it?
Been using it since 2016 and just found out you can adjust manual focus from the screen! LOL!
If someone has a gh4 I don't think it's worth it to replace for the gh5
Ye dslr ha Kya ya phir ye digital camera
GH4 is still a beast!
GH4 is still a beast!
Come on guys rig it out and make our GeekyRanjit to reach 1M mania.. in next few weeks we will see the Gold Button for 1M subscribers..
Can you please review go pro camera.. pls pls.. and where to buy from in india..
which one to buy canon 80d or panasonic gh4 photography is the main priority
Are you going to buy gh5?
How good is the kit lenses?
Mr. Dhananjay also bought same camera with same story ..i think this one is paid video...
which is the best for photography nikon d3300 vs canon 1300d plz answer me
What lenses to use on gh4 since it has small sensor ?
I plan to exchange my Nikon D800 to this one. Will I hate the still picture quality of GH4? How can I compare them????
why don't u use canon 5D MIII?
awesome unboxing video...tq
Which mac are you using
Why don't you go for a office tour with your new camera
@Ranjit Kumar You just said "canon gh4" while telling thank you 😂😂😂
Waiting for videos from your new camera . :)
Awesome upgrade Ranjit ...
Hi Caleb, first I want to tell you how much you have been helped me in my gears acquisition and also that you are my inspiration for all my cameras I've boughr from the first one (T2i) till my last g4h and very lastly Olympus m10 ii... that been said, no mather how fantastic are theses tools I want you to tell more about how to use them as mid level prosumer ... also Ive bought your GH4 course but I have no Idea on how to log in again thanks Caleb
Bro Please Make A Video On Which Camera To Buy. 1.Lumix G7. 2.Lumix G85. 3.Canon Eos M50 Iam Suffering Here
Works well very light camera compared to my Canon 5D Photo quality is quite good. I would buy it again. I mainly bought this to play around with 4k video.
Thanks so much for this review!! Super insightful. Just ordered my G7 for a 500$ deal Can’t wait!!
Hey Caleb, Thank you for providing a comprehensive review of both products. As you can already tell I'm commenting nearly 5 years after this video was created. Yet I wanted to know if you still view the G7 as a great buy for a Budget Filmmaker? If so, or not haha, what camera(s) would you recommend or are comparable performance and price-wise? Hope you're staying well and healthy during this unprecedented time!
7:06 Sounds like a chomp sound effect
the kit lens is great, hating on the name is asinine
Will we get a g7 standalone review?
The GH4 has an update now that lets you record indefinitely :D
Disliked for the promotion of your products
20 bucks for a guide to tell me what to buy? Bro, thats beyond grimey. Lol
Is the G7 still worth it vs the Canon M50?... I'm leaning towards the G7 for the price, but not sure if I should spend the bit of extra for the M50.
I'm falling asleep a little bit but this is good info
For vlogging, GH4 or G7 ?
Which is really bad..
starts at 5:20
What’s a decent Nd filter for the G7 with 25mm lens?
Somone should buy the PDF guide and sell it to us for $5 bucks. 👍
amzing analysis!! thanks!!!
Why do you say you cannot record output over HDMI? G7 absolutely has clean HDMI out at 8 bit.