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Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Features

  • New 24.2MP ultra sensitive full-frame CMOS sensor
  • 6.5-stop 5-axis Dual I.S. 2
  • 4K 60p/50p video recording
  • 4K 60 FPS FHD 180 FPS high speed video
Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only)

The lowest Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Price in India is ₹142,493 at Amazon.
Buy Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) online at Amazon.
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Hello folks! Good to be back (sick for the last 3 weeks). I'll post the link to the rig breakdown soon!
I love my S1. Ive had it for about a year now and its a beast in every way. So happy with it.
Would like to know if you used a lut to grade the example clips? Really like the look youre able to get with the camera and I havent seen a lot of footage on par from this camera.
How are the photos with this? What Lumix can match the photo fidelity/quality of Sony Alphas? I want to stay in Panasonic cause I love them, lol
the firmware update apparently made this better
Should I get the S1 or the GH5s? I cant decide, Im just looking to film some short films.
Does the recent firmware upgrade of this change your view about this camera in any way?
How does this compare to the R6?
As usual, great video Caleb! PS need some help! Are there any speedboosters L mount to EF lens on the market
Hi I have a s1 same camera when I use the camera in the sunlight it's not like a display view why if u can give me ur what's up number it s good to talk with u
What are the difference between this one an S1H?
Great video - thanks for sharing. What do you think about Panasonic S1 vs Fuji XT4?
Absolutely love my little S1! A great upgrade to my GH5. Its actually my favourite purchase of 2020. If you want to hear my opinions, feel free to check out my quick review on it! (Shameless plug, I know... I'm on about 36 views so I've resorted to this!)
What model is that small tripod?
I debated for SO long as to which camera to buy for video. I'd decided on the GH5s, 'cos the S1 was out of my price range. Then an S1 came along at a one-off crazy low price. I am so glad I got this. Yes autofocus isn't as good as others. Yes it's heavy! Yes - native glass isn't cheap. But my job requires it to be on a tripod at the back of concert halls etc. So quick auto-focus not required, and weight not an issue. And the quality! And ease of use! And the lowlight ability! And the unlimited video 4k 60p 10 bit 4.2.2 recording time! (No overheating here, Canon!!). I'd love to step up to the S1H, but that's a pipe dream for now. Amazing camera.
Hi Caleb, when does your video guide for the S1H come out? Excited for this one :)
hi, do you think this the best Panasonic camera for photography? I am not interested in video. thank you.
Actually, I want this camera just for the tilt screen.
Hello where can i find that little Tripod that you have on your video?
What kind of mini Monopod is that for the s1? Nowhere in the info.
I have an S1 but have not explored all Its features yet. Can someone explain to me how to use the multi shot mode and what its good for
DPReview TV, please make new test after firmware update program for S1 in end of 2020. After update S1 AF must have the same level as new S5 has, at least Panasonic promising this!
Did he say it will not replace GH5 in the video department? Would GH5 be a better choice for video at this point late 2020? All suggestions much appreciated.
Is there any one to tell me how can i record slow motion in this camera without light flickering in 125 shutter there are flickering the light. Any solutions? Please help me
Great video as always guys. I was wondering if you had any info on why the S1 focus peaking during video dims significantly as soon as the record button is pressed. I installed the v1.5 firmware in the vain hope that this glitch would be addressed. Alas, no. It still gets super dim even with sensitivity turned all the way up during recording. I read on a forum somewhere that other S1 users have had similar complaints and that, oddly, it isn't an issue on the S1H. What gives? I love my S1 but this is annoying. Do I have a faulty body? It's a real pain when trying to use vintage lenses and manually focus. Advice please!!!
A year and a pandemic later and I still held off buying this. I still can't decide which full-frame mirrorless I want. I definitely don't need it for video. But the AF is important special with the price tag even a year later. Who thinks different? Comment below....
I understand this camera has focus peaking and would like to know if it works well. By that I mean only comes on as various parts of a scene come into exact focus, not start coming on when it's miles out of focus, Leica M Monochrom gets it right, and Sony A7Rll does it very well. Focus peaking is brilliant to use with manual focus lenses, such setting up a tilt-shift lens.
my dad's name was Wayne... hehe
I so badly wanted a Nikon Z6 but then comparing image quality between it and the Panasonic S1 I could see from both JPEG and Raw files downloaded from the DP Review pages of sample photos that the S1 has more detail as well as the same amount'ish of noise as the Z6 at high ISO. I know the Z6 is capable of 12fps burst nbut using AF-S the S1 is capable of only 3fps less at 9fps. I used to have a GH5 and never used continuous autofocus or focus trsacking but still got excellent photos from moving subjects using AF-S in burst mode. All I did was move the camera to track the subject instead of the camera being stationary and letting focus tracking try.
you guys are hands down my favorite reviewers :)
NIce review, Chris and Jordan! As a landscape and product photographer (stills only), I had considered the S1R (and the Nikon Z7), that is, until I read about the "High Resolution Mode" of these two Lumix cameras! In this mode, the S1 can output something like a 98MB RAW file, which is way more than I need, even for large 30" x 40" prints. Thus, I cannot justify the extra cost for the S1R, despite its' larger native resolution sensor. Coming from a Fuji X-T3, I think I will see a major difference in overall image quality from even the 24MB FF system, don't you agree? (Not that I wasn't obtaining very sharp results from the X-T3...just for large prints I think the difference would be noticable. Thanks!
Im new to photography but been using a cellphone have the money for a premium camera what should I get leaning toward this camera more
Autofocus, uh, finds an eye.
At 10:00, a conveniently placed fig leaf.
If you are about to head tot he beach with the fam and you could bring this camera, Nikon Z6 or A7 III, which would you bring?
Panasonic found a way, huh, except to autofocus
The Panasonic Gh5 and Panasonic Gh5s are on my shopping list.Also the Panasonic S1H and Panasonic S1 are also onmy shopping list alongside the Sony A7iii, Nikon D750, Nikon D780, Nikon D5600, Canon 80D, Canon 90D and Canon C200 and Canon C500 I have a four year plan.
Discovered after purchase that The S1 does notoutput Trigger signal via HDMI, and also doesn't output timecode. Therefore the Camera can't trigger recording to an Atomos Ninja Unit which is a Big Flaw in my opinion... Maybe you could suggest this feature added in the Next Update... Cheers!
I'm curious how the S1 is for landscape and astrophotography (nightscapes). Everything I'm reading seems to point to this camera being great for astrophotos. I'm hoping the multishot can work well for landscape. Any thoughts? Feedback?
What tripod is it?
The most sophisticated and full review on this camera I have seen in the internet. Thank you, Gordon!
Add canon adapter and flip touch screen and sensor shutter protector on s2 and it be great!
Hi Gordon, the A7RIV or the S1R? Which one would you choose for photography? The lumix colors are also nice out of the box...
Very thorough, detailed review of the S1, Gordon... thank you! As a landscape and product photographer currently using the Fuji X-System, I'm strongly considering going FF because I print large posters, and though my X-T3 with some very sharp Fujinon XF lenses does give good results at 24" x 36", I believe that I could get even better (sharper/more detailed) prints with a FF System. My big conundrum, is deciding between the S1 with the 24-105 f/4 Macro, OR the Nikon Z7 System...although after your video, I now think the S1 (with the High Resolution Mode) would serve me well, and having several more features than the Z7, including the superb Lumix/Sigma/Leica lens options! Thanks again!
You did not state what the wifi config was 3g 4g 5g
A vlemyem:
Nah, still happy with my G7
Sir, I need help.I am wedding photographer in India I am looking for a new camera.It has two cameras in front of meLumix S1 and SONY 7MIIIWhich of these is the best camera for the weddingphotography?Please help me.
Nicely done.
Anyone think this guy sounds like Daniel Radcliffe?
Great review. You manage to add in a lot of information without any annoying fanboy nonsense. If you don't mind some advice, please try to stop down the aperture in your videos (try f7-f8). The wide open shallow depth of field really doesn't do you any favours. A lot of the video is out of focus and the autofocus is quite slow to catch up with the subject. Hope you don't mind the helpful advice.
I'm looking for a camera to start doing fashion photography I been looking at the EOS R and the S1, the S1 has everything but I have a gut feeling I should invest in canon glass even though the EOS R isn't up to scratch. What's your thoughts much appreciated, also I can get a steal ofa price for the S1 1300. Thanks
I do wanna stay a panny boy.
This camera is a BEAST!!!
Hi Gordon, thank you for excellent review as always. Currently I am deciding between Panasonic G9 and S1. Do you think that it is better choice to pay more for s1 at this time? I am not Pro and will be using camera mainly for walk arounds, travel and some family events. Dont have any lenses at this time so I will be buying fresh system. Previously I had Sony A7iii, but didnt like the colors/output that much. I will mostly do small prints time to time and will be using 2k dell monitor for photography with full adobe coverage
FINALLY! A review of this camera for the still photographer!
Gordon is the bulb mode programmable on this camera like on some Canon ones? Can I set up the time in bulb mode - e.g I want the shutter to stay open for 2 min can I program it to shut itself after that time?
Thank you very much for this. This is by far the most comprehensive and informative review of this camera that I have seen anywhere. Keep up the great work! And a couple of coffees are on the way, of course. ;-)
Gordon this is the bestand best reasonedcamera review Ive ever seen. I cant imagine how many hours you have in this!
Brilliantly through review. Panasonic Lumix S1 should compensate ya!
Best panasonic cameras
I got the S1H!
i want buy one lumix zoom camera/2020
I don't like Sony, this camera has to be better than a7.
SIGMA...Sigma balls
in the words of mr. Miyagiinoio bad camerrrAONLY bad FatographA
like he's going to say to be honest the overall feel is shit
I have to buy lumix s lenses? I cant just adapt or use my gx85, g7 or gh lenses?
Well somebody likes copying sony.
5,000Are u kidding me, the owner off this business, please contact me, i need to talk to u
The lenses are hilariously huge, for mirrorless cameras, I use M mount and L39 lenses.
Could you send me one for review purposes thanks
You were able to get it for a few hours? As if it was some close call
I think this camera will be just as popular as the Panasonic Eva1.
We went to B&H yesterday , and saw the camera , played for awhile and I liked it so much . Me and my friends also played the others mirrorless FF camera from Sony , canon and Nikon to compared with . One of my friend asked ; why Panasonic body is bigger than all of them ? I said ; maybe because Panasonic didnt have their DSLR version to compared with or to compete ,but others have it , and they feel ashamed if their new mirrorless body is bigger or has the same width with their DSLR
I cant wait to sell blood to get the s1
Price ?
2 second hand held shot? Jesus I need that
5000$ gone when you drop that bitch cuz you aint got a strap
Cool but im not rich

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