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Pack of 2 Black and Grey Plain Shorts For Mens Reviews from YouTube

5 Short Wearing Rules ALL Men Should Follow!
Best Men's Gym Clothes? IS ASRV WORTH IT 2020?
Let's Talk About Shorts for Summer (4 Types, Men's Streetwear & Fashion)
Best Shorts For Men | A Man's Guide To Shorts | How To Wear Shorts | Mens Fashion in Hindi
His intro
Nope just nope.
Incredible illustration
All those shorts are ugly. And who made up that dumb rule about not showing socks? I hate those feet condoms that you showed.
Who cares what you wear and how you wear it.
I avoid wearing shorts like the plague. I'm 6'3 and have ridiculously skinny calves/ankles.
When you have small calves its better to have hair on the legs it makes it look bigger.
What % do you get?
i wear shorts the wrong way all the time but i dont care i love it
Ya no
This dude is insecure as fuck. Holy shit.
I didn't know you're 5'6 you look tall
How am I suppose to wear shorts that must be above the knee if my knees are dark?I'm so concsious with my dark knees, how to get rid of it guys?
Why does this guy remind me of Casey niestat
Stop being a salesman
No guys should wear shorts once they become a teenager unless you are at the beach, pool or doing a physical activity. The reason for this is no one wants to see a guys knees or thighs.
And there are men with one leg.
real men don't care what you think
You gotta wash the sweats inside out
The sweatpants are extremely durable Ive had mine for over 3 years and theyre still holding up strong after many lifts and washes
You got good eyebrows bro.
Quality of ASRV is almost on par with the quality of your videos
Hey I was wondering how was the shipping for you
I assume your shorts and joggers are also a size Small as well? Im exactly the same height and weight as you.
Great review !
All I want for Christmas is an ASRV that you wore
im like 57 135 should i get a small or medium with the 2 in 1 shorts?
Hey bro, great video, its help.Are you wear Size S on the shorts and joggers?
Was searching for a long time for good workout clothes and found your video! Went ahead and bought some stuff. Thanks for the awesome video!!
Great vid. I just scored 2 pieces (shorts & tank) today. Can't wait.
Even short people like me 5'1" feet there brand fit and perfect with me. The quality is so amazing! I bought ASRU material at the first time make me really satisfied and love. It's really different with other I felt .I want to buy it again and again it came to my mind but I can buy it only in discount event day
What are those pants called?
[ ASRV ] are beautifully made and thought out fit, the couture of sportswear.
Do u mostly just wear asrv?
ASRV has had issues with quality for years now. They fall apart pretty quickly considering the price.
Shit a rip off
Does anyone know the song that start at 6:11? Great vid btw.
Fellas please dont wear Jean shorts
What size are ur h&m shorts
What kind of cargo shorts are the ones you have in black and white
How about the boardshorts bro
Denim shorts are played out imo
Athletic shorts for gym .?
Hello Bro,which size of h&m shorts are u wearing?Im 185 cm and 70kgI want oversized h&m shorts but I dont know which size should I buy,I like how they are looking on uHelp me please
What hoodie is that? That dark grey one first in ur rack bro?
Bro thanks for this , amazing video man .
Great vid man! Been watching since that first Supreme brand history vid back in the day. Keep up the great content

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