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OSR SR-262 Basic Calculator Features

  • Basic Calculator
  • 12 Digits Display
  • Powered By: Cell Battery and Hyper Solar
  • Model Name : SR-262
  • Warranty Summary: 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defect
  • Basic

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OSR SR-262 Basic Calculator Reviews from YouTube

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Great Explanation !!
Sir can you explain space and time complexity . How is it O(n)
Sir when u are planning for a live session on YouTube to solve our queries related to placement program batch
Haath main bhi comfort hain..but yeh jyada chota hain...
Sir yeh mainey aj kharidne ke liye goya thaaa but isme persentage tik sey ataa nahi ,,,badh main HL- 815L ley liyaaa..wo accha hain..
Toooo small this product is..
Buy All types of Calculators - https://www.rhaelectronics.in/calcu.../cid-72263905-72263905
Can I get calculator
Bro best calculater for commerce students
Ap mujko ak calculator gift karoge sir
膜拜大神。Salute to the Master
Very helpful and your notes makes it easy to understand. Thank you !!
isn't there a Stack based solution for this, as interviewers might perfer iterative approach
Great video overall. I felt that some parts (eg. tracing with example) could have been more clear, nevertheless, it's a great video!
Really appreciate your hard work.. especially speaking English without being native speaker
Here is the converted Python code for 227 since this one has a special handling needed for the division: class Solution: def calculate(self, s: str) -> int: from collections import deque q = deque(list(filter(lambda x: x != ' ', s))) q.append(' ') def backtracking(q:deque)-> int: pre, num, place_holder, pre_op = 0, 0, 0, '+' while q: ch = q.popleft() if ch >= '0' and ch
I'm glad that you are doing this. Very helpful!
Although it's a bit difficult to understand some of the words at first. But the Algorithm and illustration is so easy to understand as well as it's lucid and general. Glad to find this channel. Hub of hard leetcode.
So if input is only number, for example 335, solution breaks?
Absolutely awesome! Thank you
What is the time complexity for this ?
It took a couple of attempts for me to understand this code, but this is a wonderful solution! keep it up.
Sorry if this is stupid (and I blame NYE celebrations) but why do we need to remove whitespace?
Can you do Basic Calculator IV also? https://leetcode.com/problems/basic-calculator-iv/
Can you also please explain how to handle negative integer values.
This is genius! Happy girl makes me happy as well!
Thank you for the solution :-) If you loop over String s and remove one character at a time, you will save that extra space used for queue. How much space is used by the DFS recursion call ? What is the time and space complexity ?
Thanks for your videos. Can you help solve in your next videos . https://leetcode.com/problems/paint-house-ii/

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