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Orpat fx 100D Scientific Calculator : Amazon.in: Office Products

Orpat brings to you this FX 100 D Basic calculator which comes with standard keys so that you can easily type in your numbers. This basic calculator comes with ...


Amazon.in:Customer reviews: Orpat fx 100D Scientific Calculator

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Orpat fx 100D Scientific Calculator at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our ...


Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator: Buy Online at Best Price in India ...

Buy Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator online at low price in India. Shop online for Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator only on Snapdeal.


Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator Reviews & Ratings Online ...

Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator: Reviews on Snapdeal. Check out latest customer reviews and ratings for Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator.


(Renewed) Orpat fx 100D Scientific Calculator : Amazon.in: Office ...

Buy Orpat Scientific Calculator fx 100D Online Price of 349 with Free Shipping in India Orpat Scientific calculator fx 100D is a result of technology and ...


Orpat Fx-100D Scientific Calculator (pack of 20): Buy Online at Best ...

Scientific Calculator · Brand: Orpat · 10Digit Calculator · Runs on Battery · Dimensions:78.2 mmx105.5 mmx21.5 mm · Pack of 20 calculators · Product Code:20PAC-BULK- ...


Orpat fx 100D वैज्ञानिक कैलकुलेटर : Amazon.in: कार्यालय का सामान

Amazon delivered "Orpat fx 100D Scientific Calculator" on time. 2. Packaging was good. No complaints. 3. After unboxing it, the first impression of the ...


Orpat FX-100D Scientific Calculator Features

Adding to Orpat’s credence, the fx 100D Scientific calculator is a result of technology and excellence and is a vital, go-to option for students, college-goers and professionals as well. Equipped with the ability to display ten digits and powered by a battery source, the calculator also displays up to two lines with ease. In addition, this scientific calculator by Orpat is equipped with a convenient folding cover and comes with an independent accumulating memory. In order to save power, the calculator automatically switches off and is built with an aluminium panel, making it a handy, user-friendly device.

  • Scientific Calculator
  • 10 Digits Display
  • Powered By: Battery
  • Model Name : fx 100D
  • Warranty Summary: Warranty applicable on manufacturing defects only
  • 10 Digits Digital Display
  • Function Command signs ( A symbol ( + , - , * , / ) on the display indicates the status of operation
  • Hard Cover: Comes with attached Hard cover for extra protection and durability
  • Aluminium Panel: Tough cover stands up to rough treatment
  • Plastic Keys: Designed and engineered for easy calculation
  • Come with 1 Year Warranty
  • Scientific

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Orpat FX-100D Scientific Calculator Reviews from YouTube

How to do percentage on Orpat fx-100d
Recommended Pocket-Calculators for Engineers
how to operate scientific calculator In hindi | scientific calculator kaise chalaye
Scientific Notation on a Calculator (Casio fx-260)
I recently got the fx-115D but it doesn't have the hardcover. Can someone advise where a cover or pouch for it can be purchased?
How do I use it in mathematics(complex numbers, definitly and sequences)
what's the big deal for them to add more rows for the buttons? there is no need for shift at all
10:58 There is quite a difference between "not ideal" and "unusable"...
The Casio fx-115ES Plus has 12 of your direct access functions. It is available new for less than $20 US and its the calculator that got me through the FE and PE exams. I have many calculators and it is the one usually grab first.
Thanks, but please kil-ohms not kilo-ohms.
Hello, i`m an engineer in industrial vibrating machine technology; i started with a HP-11c (1986-2003) then switched to TI 84+ with the Zilog Z80 CPU because for me it is important to see the history of the calculation on the display and i need approx. 20 small basic programms for my daily work. Approx. 2008 i switched to the TI Voyage 200 CAS system which was a massive improvement and a radical departure of everything i tried before (superb keyboard, variables as you want them, solves differential equations...) and i am still very happy with it. It has a Motorola 68000 CPU; and it connects to PC via TI USB adapter. For calculations in very dirty enviroment (in foundry basements...) i use the symcalc app on my smartphone which is also a fully functional CAS system but, of course, i hate the "keys" of this one. Importance of pocket calculators decreased in the last years because all calculations related to a projects must be stored as an excel file in the project file folder to allow any collegue to have a look at where a solution comes from and how it was calculated. Anyhow, wonder why you do not recommend any TI calculator, have you ever tried a Voyage 200 ? If not, you should try... Best regards
These may be of use to *some* electrical engineers but certainly not all of them. Other engineering disciplines would find them of little use. A *general purpose* scientific calculator has much greater utility across a much wider range of engineers: mechanical, industrial, chemical, mining, civil, systems, architectural, construction, etc. Among the older ones, TI made some excellent slim and small LCD display models from the early 1980's through the 1990's. The TI-30-II and TI-30-III from the 1980's and the TI-36x (Solar) from the 1990's are two extremely useful examples. They easily fit into a shirt pocket. Casio precision among their vintage models, with the transcendentals in particular, is spotty. Error on some accumulates quickly. The severity of this should be one of the criteria for calculator selection. For those OK with HP's RPN entry, the HP-15C is a classic (along with the lesser HP-11C). SwissMicros now makes a DM42, a serious and thin HP-42S clone that's easily put into a shirt pocket - but wouldn't want to bend over and have a $230 calculator fall out onto a concrete floor. They also make the DM-11L and DM-15L clones of HP's Voyager series. These can be less expensive than finding the actual HP models, plus they're much faster with lower battery drain and USB connectivity. Even so, I wouldn't want to drop a $130 calculator onto a concrete floor. I learned not to stuff a calculator into my shirt pocket even if it fit there a very long time ago.
What is the difference between a Casio fx-115s (which I have) and a Casio 115d? Looking at the keyboard in the pictures I can't deduce it. Does anyone know?
The Casio fx-450, fx-451 and fx-451M are not bad if you can put up with their unusual fold-out, membrane keyboards.
A very good video. The fx-61F is a specialist calculator and it was made specifically for electrical engineers, and hence in limited quantities. Personally I think, the D series were some of the best designed Casio scientific calculators (fx-100D, 115D, 570D and 991D). One downside: You cannot input complex numbers directly in polar form, and cannot take conjugates quickly. The F series and the D series calcs are not easily available in countries where people do not trade such items on eBay. The fx 100MS, 115MS, 991MS are also good engineers calculators which have more features than the D series (plus some downsides), especially engineering symbol input. There are newer general purpose calculators (like the fx- ES series or EX series) with many memories, and one can use the appropriate formula, but of course there is no long term formula memory as these are meant for students and are allowed in examinations. The ES and ES plus series do not have the engg symbol input, but the MS series do have them. The newest EX series do not have the direct symbol input on the number key, but have an [OPTN] menu key. The fx-991 MS has engg symbol input and is a calculator with an optimum balance of functions. On a last note, I guess you forgot show the imaginary part of the impedance in the R//C calculation?
Maybe the Casio FX-991DE X could be an option. Also not perfect, but better than some of the others i guess. On a phone i'm using that one right now. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nstudio.calc.casio.business
Unfortunately the 61F has no regression calculation mode, which is very common and important in engineering practice. BTW, the 50F from the same era is more applicable for engineering, because the LR feature and two independent program area. I have both, I like 50F better. And you can noted as you can check eBay prices, the rare CASIO fx's prices higher than the HP's, therefore more better solution to select a 15C (if you needed a full complex arithmetic including matrices) or cheaper but little limited 32SII - which is the best from the 90's.
Great video. I still have my fx-991D after a couple of decades and it's still my go-to for everyday work, despite only having a one-line display. A word to those who purchase this calculator with the included #202c manual: There is an error in the battery replacement specification. Page 14 of the manual specifies the GR927 lithium battery. This is incorrect. The silver oxide battery #399 is the correct choice.
I had an fx115D since the 90s, then the battery connector started playing up - I think it was a flexi with a conductive layer which contacted the batt., can't remember whether it was one or both batt. conn. that were like this, but I concluded that it would be a lot of trouble to try and substitute another battery connection arrangement - it got binned I'm afraid, and now, with a more recent Casio substitute which is not as good, I regret chucking it out :o( It WAS a fantastic calculator - my replacement won't even convert hex/dec/bin, and has some almost impossible to understand memories ! Thanks for this vid about the Casio alternatives to look for on ebay. You got yours very cheaply, I must say. Fx61 is obviously the one to have - I had never seen one until this video. Parallel component keys - fantastic !
I'm curious to know if anyone has found a phone app with the same electrical engineering functions as the FX-61F? Sort of unrelated: Is a calculator's layout and operation patented/copyrighted/trademarked? Can someone just make an exact copy of a particular Casio for the phone and not get sued?
I used to have a TI 35X; the nice thing about it was the set of inbuilt physical constants (Planck's constant, gravitational constant, charge of electron, Stefan-Boltzmann, etc.). Clunky with complex arithmetic, though. Now-a-days it is all scilab/numpy.
thank you for the wonderful video. I am not an engineer, but love calculators as if I were an engineer. do you happen to know what the Casio suffix letters mean? (S, ES, MS, W, D, EX) I wish I knew, it would make me understand what other models were suppose to be.
Is calculator me 7 ka power 45 likhna ho to kaise lijhenge
This video helpful for all . Thank you.
sir route kasa nikal tha hain calculater par
Sir p(z=2) kese nikale plz btaiye
Zero press karne par minus zero display ho rha hai kaise thik होगा?
sir esko dasmalav ke bad 6 anko tk kse set kre mere caculater point bad ak hi ank aa rha h
Nice one
Reset ki video dalo
1.4*f(0.125) ??????
Likio ni zimo ha gakon aqi
Amazing that an 8 dollar calculator can do better than my 80's era TI-55...
You saved my unit test Thank you
thank you:) you helped me
After getting your answer, why didn’t you simply hit the 2nd function key and then “ENG” key? That would convert your long answer to an easy to read engineering notation.
Thank you so so much, we had a test earlier and I got 1/5 it's kind of like a test that tests if you're listening to the teacher, now I know how to use it! Thank you again!
thank you
i want same modle culclater money is no problem please contact wattsup 00971528812443
thank you so much
Thank you so much, without this video I have no idea how I would've figured out how to use this calculator!
Cant stress how much this video helped. Thank you very much!
Thank you! This helped a lot.

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