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Organic Cotton: Is it a Sustainable Solution? (Textile Science and Clothing Technology) Book Reviews from YouTube

Organic Cotton - What Is Organic Cotton & Organic Textile & Apparel Products #Organic #OrganicCotton
World Ideas in Sustainable Textiles
Is "Organic Cotton" Legit?
I really appreciate your impact series and it has helped me to make a lot of changes in my household. If I could nominate a topic - although it may be a bit taboo - I am not confident about how to choose the most sustainable types of wine or liquor. I am fortunate to have access to package-free stores and farmers' markets for most of my purchases, and I don't buy bottled drinks; just tap water and tea leaves. Alcohol is basically the only thing I purchase that is a liquid, in heavy packaging, often shipped overseas, and (depending on the type) heated or distilled in some fuel-consuming way. Plus, I don't know whether to favor organic bottles shipped overseas or local products. And then there's all the greenwashing! I'm nervous to learn the truth but very interested in your analysis.
Amazing information, also I want to take you out for dinner
I knew I liked vintage clothes before this video but now I really love vintage!! 😂 I'm here leading the pussy bow and circle skirt revolution! Thank you for showing us all how important these things are
Really good video i am trying to promote the shearing industry as i am a genderqueer shearer
Very good
the enviromental impact of stupidity
You sound fiercely intelligent
If you live in Denmark, so you well acquainted with agricultural production. After many researches it was found that conventional production ( f.exp. pork meat) has less negative influence on the klimat then eco-meat. The same with organic cotton, with the right regulations for using pesticides in the conventional cotton production it will have less environment influence than organic cotton. What do you think about water consumption for the production of one kilogram of cotton (eco- and regular)?
U r eyes my god really god is the greatest artist..
Thank you for such a good video. I wish more people could take up basic skills like sewing.. there are so many simple ways to repurpose reuse clothes and our planet would be so much better for it. Jeans cut in to squares sew together for a couch cover or pillow throws. tshirts can be cut up with pinking sheers and used as cleaning cloths instead of using paper towels or buying a "eco friendly" cleaning cloth, use what you have instead of creating a demand for something to be produced. Old shirts could be cut in to squares and sewn together to make "new" blankets, quilts, even curtains. Think how our older generation did it every tiny little piece of fabric was saved and made in to quilts or used as patches on clothes to make them last longer. I hand sew everything while I'm watching you tube I am sewing the produce bags I mentioned in another post here and making cloth toilet paper out of old flannel sheets or flannel pillow cases that I bought at the thrift store or old ones we have here that I don't like anymore. Recylce Reuse Repurpose. I washed out last night a glass bottle that cocktail sauce came in and will use it to hold something in later?? I repurposed a small jar that held olives in it to put mustard in that I bought that the flip top lid broke and you couldn't get the mustard out without taking the cap off. I'm working with Krogers right now trying to get them to carry French's mustard in glass jars which they sell (French's) in Texas but not in Ohio. Anna In Ohio.
Tote bags... look at buying them in the thrift store instead of new. I have never bought a new tote bag except to use as a gift bag one year. I use mine over and over again. I'm also making produce bags out of old lace curtains and a table cloth that I bought in the thrift store.. all my friends are getting produce bags and Misto oil sprayers for Christmas this year. I hand sew them with needle and thread super easy. Anna In Ohio.
liked and subbed
One of the very descriptive and useful video for people who should know about organic cotton. We all should support and promote all these organic clothing brands for our sustainable living and contributing towards our environment and mother earth. We should make a right choice to act sustainable. We KAASHYA as an organic cotton clothing brand are soon launching our 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) products for kids as they are one of most sensitive parts of our living. DO support us on instagram and STAY TUNED WITH KAASHYA!!
I emaling you about organics produce,the thing is Have I understood that if after several conventional 100% cotton made t-shirts or whatever piece of clothing made of this fabric,the washings then the chemicals are washed away ,especially if you wash that t-shirt before wearing it for the very 1st time?
Love this series,i am learning so much about sustainable living
gathering data to use for a research paper I am writing and came across your videos...I love the content and thank you sm for citing your sources!!
I got an ad for H&M in the middle of this video. Hilarious and outrageous at the same time.
Nice video! Good to know and learn new things about these topics! Do you recommend Wituka? Because Im thinking about buying some shirts there, because I actually need a few new ones 😂
I absolutely love what you do and find confort in you delivering me the knowledge ( and the amount of research is intimidating most of the time) I need to be a better version of myself with every decision I make. Especially this series, as it is a deep consideration of the roots of our major problems. Thank you so much for all your work and for choosing this life-style. Off-topic, I am extremely curious about your hand tattoos, the little dots, and whether they have a higher significance you could share.
Hi Gittemarie, An other ask for advice. How to swap for nail polish removal? I'm afraid the reusable make up removal pads will be ruined by the nail polish or the removal liquide. Thank you
Kitna paisa meter mil jaye ga
Masha Allah Boss
dyeing k lab process k bare me koi video bnaen
sir ye ebook mile gi kese??
BCI cotton ?
What is BCI cotton ?
+ fabrics are expensive as hell. Sewing clothes costs just as much as buying some
Was on board until you mentioned nonsense like "CO2 emissions", and the scam pseudoscience of man-made climate change.
The difference is like night and day. I switched to organic cotton and I am not going back .
If cotton is natural It is worth it
BEWARE! Bhumi Organic Cotton puts the burden of returns on customers. It costs hundreds of dollars to return items that don't fit, etc if you live outside of Australia. Bhumi has all comments turned off on YouTube. So there's no way to post my warning directly on their channel.
7:29 *because they are the pesticide, and conditioned to not have the effects of herbicide, that becomes present in the plant.
I rather have OCS in the US, if it showed it's organic percentage.
I know someone that's growing regenerative cotton in California. Integrating practices like cover crops and livestock grazing. Real interesting to see how this farming practices will ramp up
Good video thanks
Which is worse plastic clothes or natural fibres that use pesticides and water
You’re cute!
Great video. Very informative. Thank you
Amazing content, keep going!
Hey I have seen a brand on instagram who sell underwear made of organic cotton with gots certificate should I buy underwear from them basic in india. Plz help me out with this
hi! great videos, are you on linkedIn?
GMO seeds are usually like hybrid seeds and can’t self pollinate and produce seeds, sop would not cross pollinate

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