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Organic Chemistry, 9ed Book Reviews from YouTube

Unboxing and Review of organic chemistry 2nd edition by Clayden,Warren || Hemant Sir
Organic Chemistry 1 Final Exam Review
Organic Chemistry I, Final Exam Live Review (Dec 9th, 2018)
IGCSE CHEMISTRY REVISION [Syllabus 14] Organic Chemistry
Login kaise kare book ke question ke liye
Sir pls post more videos
Sir ye book chahiye
Wait is weight of this book
I'm preparing for iit jee and bought this book This book is amazing explanation of all the things.. Nice book 📖
Sir incho chemistry olympiad ke liye padhna hoga kya clayden plss say sirji 😓😓🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sir ye book concept buil up keliye hai ya question practice keliye?
Olympiad level ke liye kon kon sa topic padhna chiye
Bhaiya price bhot jyada hai almost 2000 ki hai apne kitne me li thi
Nice 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️ sir
Sir iska second addition he ata h
Nice book for both bsc and msc
Maine bhi kharida tha 2009-10 me 1800 ke ass pass ka pada tha colour ka tha front cover ...
best book for organic...sir main subscribe kar diya
Maine bhi ye book kharidi book ko study krne ma thori help chaiye... Sir ap hume isi book ke kuch chapters ka tutorials dedo to iss book ko study krne ma thora easy hoga hume..or thora guide kr dijiye ki kis tarah se is book ko easily and thoroughly study kre humsab
Ha ye vdeo ma contents clear dikh rha h..nice Sir
Direct Link to The Full 6 Hour Video:
I'm a math graduate and I am watching this
Your videos are the very best
Hello, Dauodi's class. Panicking, are we?
Who eles is watching this as a kid lol
Thank you so much for everything you do!!! I don't know what I would do without your videos. Watching your reviews for my Organic 2 final, bright and early tomorrow!!
I just learned organic chemistry overnight thanks
sir you are awesome, the way of explanation is very nice. every part of basic chemistry u r clarifying
The 4th I guest it’s wrong, cacbon just have sp sp2 sp3 only, I haven’t seen any s before
Professor: nooooo you cant just use the organic chemistry tutors video on YouTube you have to use my reviewsss Me: haha orgo tutor go brrrrr
Grate movie!
Let’s just take a moment, pause the video and take our hats off for the mum that delivered this genius. You sir deserve the best, I’m speaking on behalf of all of us struggling because of “less good” teachers.
Aced my final exam and my class LETS GOOOO
Me watching this the day before my final
Who narrates this? Thank you! 🙏
It is 2:30 AM. My ochem final is at 10 AM. I am going to watch this entire video. This is my last hope
Used to love your channel but there are too many ads now. Unsubbed, peace homies
Hello, Dauodi's class. Panicking, are we?
Can you take my final for me
Don't mind me, just scheduling the chaos I'm a part of. The time right now is 10:12 PM. I have an exam at 8:30 AM tomorrow, in the morning. So that is in about 10 hours. I plan to sleep for about 3 hours, so I have 7 hours left. I need to commute to my university which takes an hour and a half, so now I have 5 hours. Since I'll be rushing, I'll get ready within 30 minutes. Yay. now I have 5 hours to study. This will take me 2.5 hours to complete, but I'll stop in between (most likely) so it'll take me like...3 hours (maybe 4). I'll go sleep, and revise a practice exam quiz thing tomorrow for that one extra hour, and hopefully I'll be prepared enough that I finish the exam and PASS (not even gonna look for an A at this point) Orgo 1. I am a senior so it would really suck a lot if I stayed another year because I forgor to pass.
Watching this for my final exam in 3 days, thank you! Edit: just realized I’m watching on a Sunday 😂
legend, thank you!
This review was so helpful! But just a note on the E1 @ 31:20 - when you add heat, the rxn will produce more E1, but it will overall still favor SN1
32:14 Time stap for myself :)!
Exam in 45 minsss
Going to give my may June series today, going on bare minimum prep for chemistry hoping to not so terrible
Hi in your diagram for the fuels, Naphtha fraction was missing. Isn't it before paraffin and after Gasoline?
my teachers werent able teach me this topic in 2 weeks, you were able to teach it to me in 40 minutes
I have been stressed about my IGCSE exam ever since I signed up for it. I have finished the syllabus but some things are just too confusing to remember. However, after watching your entire playlist, I can confirm that I now understand everything from every chapter. The way you explain everything without making it "look" too hard is mind-blowing. Your channel is really underrated and so is your teaching. I thank you for these revision videos.
My IGCSE exam is tomorrow. This video has been really useful. Thanks you.
Tomorrow is the p2 exam and im found here 😫 thank you so much for thiss!!!
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best video best best best
Reviewing for May june 2022 igcse exam
Watching this video a week before my actual CIE exam... and it has actually really helped me!
mate i mean i rate the effort but you stutter a lot and make some awkward pauses and it kinda drives me away from focusing
Thank you so much i don't know how I will survive the exam without you😭
thank you so much!
0:15 Naming Organic Compounds 8:02 Fuels 9:02 Homologous series 12:00 Alkanes 17:40 Alkenes 28:06 Alcohols 31:02 Carboxylic acids 37:49 Polymers
studying for the may/june 2022 exam, tysm
Bro you saved my mock exams. THANK YOU
Who else is reviewing for the upcoming May/June IGCSE exam?

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