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Orbital Mechanics and Astrodynamics: Techniques and Tools for Space Missions Book Reviews from YouTube

Space Flight: The Application of Orbital Mechanics
Spacecraft Class Source Code Explained in 1 Video | Orbital Mechanics with Python
and if you want to get to Duna, you should launch when a line drawn from kerbin to the sun to duna forms an angle of about 45 degrees
This is what I think of first when I hear someone say that they believe the world is flat. Orbital Mechanics.
The earth is flat!!!!
Can someone help me understand @3:52 better. It states that the orbit path and speed can be exactly the same for a small light satellite as a large heavy one.But also the larger, heavier satellite would have a greater mass...thus shouldn't it have more gravity itself?
Earth is flat
"Naval space command" jesus christ the fucking usa is the _worst_
Is this for children?
can the angle between orbital plane and equitorial plane be 0? is it not ideal to have that situation while launching satellites
Eratosthenes proved the world round, not Aristotle.
3:38 Correction: the closest point to Earth is periapsis. Perigee is the time at which this occurs.
Did you know that the TLI burn is simply adding enough energy to increase the semi-major axis of the orbit from roughly 100 miles to approximately 250,000 miles!?
Orbital rendezvous was made possible by Buzz Aldrin. He understood the physics behind it. He wrote his doctoral thesis on it.Early on in the Gemini program, they tried to rendezvous with the Titan-II second stage booster, but failed. They would do a burn to add velocity and found themselves getting farther away from the booster!They didn't realize that by adding energy to the orbit that the semi-major axis INCREASED and they went higher and actually slowed down with respect to the booster.Aldrin calculated that you have to decrease the orbital energy, drop into a LOWER orbit, then you travel faster than a higher orbit object! Then once you are almost under it, you add energy back to raise your orbit to the booster's orbit and then rendezvous!!!This was one of two major things that Aldrin contributed to the space program that got us to the moon. The other was putting a capsule under water and showing everyone how to work in zero G!
Circular orbits are extremely difficult to obtain. Orbits are all pretty much elliptical to some degree. On Apollo 11 you hear Armstrong call out the "circular" parking orbit's semi minor and major axes as soon as the S-IV shuts down from the orbital insertion burn--101.4 x 103.6.As you can hear, the two values are close but not equal. Thus a near circular orbit, that's a true ellipse.
I love these old videos. They seem to get right to the point and assume the audience is not an expert but able to grasp complicated concepts. I think today most information is filtered to make it as simple as possible and that is fine I understand they want to be able to reach a wide audience but you lose a lot of what I call fun details in the process.
Did anyone else understand all of this and actually knew most of this because of Kerbal Space Program and Scott Manleys KSP tutorials?
Holmes is sherlock
I graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering (astrodynamics focus), and this 36 minute video is just as useful as the entirety of my Orbital Mechanics class was ALL semester, and there wasn't any homework!
Bruh, just add more boosters-Jebediah Kerman
Nice one
Hi could i kindly know what software you use for python
I can't believe I've finished this video and can say I understood 80% of what was going on. Thanks Alf... Can I call you Alf?
i get this error when i try to run groundtracksTraceback (most recent call last):File "C:\AWP\AWPRepo\example_usage\groundtracks.py", line 46, inpt.plot_groundtracks( latlons,File "C:\AWP\AWPRepo\src\python_tools\plotting_tools.py", line 656, in plot_groundtrackscities = cities_lat_long.city_dict()File "C:\AWP\AWPRepo\src\python_tools\cities_lat_long.py", line 74, in city_dictlines = f.readlines()File "C:\Users\Hussenat EttiBalogun\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\lib\encodings\cp1252.py", line 23, in decodereturn codecs.charmap_decode(input,self.errors,decoding_table)[0]UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte 0x8d in position 120: character maps to
i cant find the orbit propagator file in python tools and the j2 perturbation video doesnt give me the access to comment on that video
the sapcecraft document you are going through is not the one I found in the cloned repo document,, I started editing it accordingly but saved as spacecraft2 cos I was worried I probably messed something up
the mnay_orbits works perfectly but when trying to propagete the spacecraft hello world file it says no module named spacecraft, same for groundtracks
do I have to have the desktop version of github before I can clone a repository?
I don't know what kind of window you have open when inserting that github url.And yes you might recognize me, and I still have not figured this out...
Huh my first comment got deleted I thinkHey Alfonso thanks for this content, it's pretty niche but it's exactly what I needed.I'm having some trouble getting stuff running though. I'm using WSL just like you, and I believe I've correctly followed the instructions for PYTHONPATH by modifying bashrc. When I try to run manyorbits and Spacecraft_hello_world, I'm getting:No artists with labels found to put in legendWhen I try to run groundtracks I get:ImportError: Cannot load backend 'TkAgg' which requires the 'tk' interactive framework, as 'headless' is currently running.Any idea about either of these? I tried doing this all through PowerShell instead but uh, that has its own challenges.
hello @alfonso am so new to this so i cannot clone this repository in python .. need some help
This is awesome! Love the plotting style. Keep it up
Hello, how you set up the environment so Python will find the python_tools directory in Spyder?
Only 1.55K subscribers? you indeed deserve at least one million. Please, for the sake of humanity, keep producing these videos.
no module named Spacecraftwhat should I do to fix this?
why can't you do in matlab
There is a lot of information in this video and its quite long, so please let me know any and all questions that you have! (especially if there are any errors in running the scripts after cloning the repository)

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