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Buy Orator College Hockey Stick online at Amazon. Orator College Hockey Stick . Orator College Hockey Stick available in Colours: Black

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Orator College Hockey Stick Orator College Hockey Stick available in Colours:
  • Black

Orator College Hockey Stick Specifications

Length 36.5 inch
Ideal For Senior
Type Hockey Stick
In the Box
Sales Package Stick

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Blind performance hockey stick test - Big Manufacturer vs New Small Brand
Blind performance hockey stick test - Big Manufacturer vs New Small Brand
Almost 10k subs, anything helps guys! Hope everyone had a good long weekend :)
What about a 2N Pro with this on it “brose” “2nprose” ....what does the brose mean? And what does the SE mean? I just am trying to decide between this and a retail version.
hit the net you muggle
hit the net you muggle
I see a dent in the neighbors shed man lol
R u in Calgary?
Your supposed to use gloves bro
Should've got a Ovechkin pro stock stick
this doesnt make any sense? at least compare same manufacturers
To Canada
How much did you pay for that prostock stick plus shipping??
The 1X lite
gotta bend ya knees bud
cool vid and nice jumpcut in the beginning
Dang you look like you should be using at least 85 flex but I guess it's all preference.
Does anyone know where to find a rh pro stock 1x lite?
sweet video sam!
You should do stick collection 2018
Nice vid Sam
Best channel ever
Love that OU jersey
more blind tests. cheap sticks please. 3 or more a test. thanks
Bauer and ccm
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best ice skates *scafe.shop/tbis2019?AO* hope it helps you out too!"
Do high flex vs low flex
You should do these: Bauer Supreme vs Bauer Vapor CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY vs CCM Ribcor Reckoner Warrior Covert QRE vs Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Bauer Vapor 1X Lite vs CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY Bauer Vapor ADV vs Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Bauer Nexus 2N Pro vs CCM Super Tacks AS1 Warrior Covert QRE vs Warrior Alpha QX Bauer Nexus 2N Pro vs Easton Synergy
177 flex?!
Panther - yellow warrior-green
Could you blind test a Bauer vapor 1x be a Easton synergy htx
get a pop guard for your mic all we hear is the constant click of your tongue
It’s funny to see how brits talk about hockey. Also no offence but they’re not that good, they true do these skills to look cool but let’s be honest this is what 10 year olds do, they’re stick handling and skating (in all fairness they weren’t trying to show off skating speed) was painfully slow. The one thing I like about they’re play is NO ONE uses the back handed which is a great shot for quick elevation and unpredictably. I always used my backhand cause my slap shot is shit and my wrister until recently also sucked
Should have used spray paint
How do you play hockey in the UK? Does it end in a tie and both teams lose or 0-0 double losers. Anyways I'm sure your efforts really aid your country on the international stage.
You should’ve just spray painted them
You should do a thin layer of plasti dip instead of the tape, with the full tape job your adding almost 20% additional weight to the stick, and the plasti will peel off at the end as well
Is that a Oklahoma sweater
If u put a long strip on tape vertically down the shaft you’ll use way less tape so it’s lighter and you still can’t see what it is
This was a great idea! I'd be interested to see the CCM Trigger 3D vs a comparable PAMA stick.
True vs bauer
I miss baueryt tho
Hey bro im a lefty if you have any twigs you are not using please give me a text. Thank you
how tall are you
So many stick for 1 season
Where’s the videos
What team does he play on?
Start posting again your so good and cool your my favorite channel and we are the same I pay hockey in a very small state and hockey is not popular please start posting again
How much sticks bud
why do i love hearing him kinda stuggle with english then fix it fast during speech
Du är ju svensk
Witch team you play in
Another part of life of an junior hockey player pls
You should send me the RBZ P30 curve please
i have like 20 fischer sticks
Trigger 4 pro
I buy the ccm super tacks AS2 PRO, good choise ??
Random question, what do you use to wipe your tiles (a windows cleaner stick) I saw it in earlier videos and I really wanna know where you bought it from
You should cop a 2s pro
Why you have 16 sticks I have 3 sticks and I am good with it
are you gona buy the trigger 4