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Opti-men by Optimum Nutrition 150 Tablet Opti-men 90 Tablet High potency 75 ingredients. Dietary supplement. Five Performance Blends.


Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Price in India - Buy Optimum Nutrition ...

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men (90 No) · Multi Vitamin Supplements · Capsules Form · Suitable For: Non-vegetarian · Pack of 1.


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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Supplements (90 Capsules) Features

  • Comprehensive nutritional coverage
  • High potency 75 ingredients
  • Amino-Blend key
  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins

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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Supplements (90 Capsules) Reviews from YouTube

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin | Science-Based Overview
Opti-Men Multivitamin Review
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamin Review best vitamins for men (bodybuilding)
Optimum Nutrition Opti Men MultiVitamin Supplement Review
Great premium product. I’m using for a Month.
Does it helps to loose fat from the body also?
Oh baby seriously
Can it accelerate hair loss as it raises testosterone level ?
Thanks optimen , I am very much satisfied
Thanks for the great information :) Best wishes.
Madam, it's contain natural or synthetic ingredients?
do this has biotin ?
What do you think of "Dr" Jim Stoppanis "4 reason why you shouldn't take multivitamin" @Bodybuilding
When are they gonna release opti gay
Can you drink alcohol with these?
Why is like every ingredient 10xs the recommended daily dose?!?. Isn't that a bad thing
Is it good for hair growth?
I can eat it this Hala Opti nutrition men
My question would be on the fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, E D, K I believe in these areas I've found that the multivitamin contains more than 300 percent of the daily amount? So my question is should you be overloading your body with nutrients? I've seen some people complain about feeling sick and my concern is that's what's happening they're starting to develop toxic levels of the fat soluble vitamins. Im no expert but I would think about it before you start taking these every single day and 3 times a day. Maybe just 1 a day if you're eating well, and taking other supplements. Be careful
Some any side effects
How many capcials have per day
Mam you are very cute
Dear madam, I m taking from Bangladesh,. I want to know, Opti men have any side effects? And my age 30 year so can I take it?
Finally doctor talking about science, not some body builder
Multi Vitamin - wasn't gonna comment on this review but I just don't understand why people are dividing the doses when it clearly States on the bottle take 3 daily with food
The change of color in the urine is due to the Vitamin B2, or one of the vitamins B, it will happen with any suplement that has B complex included, I think 3 pills in a day is too much, it should be just one a day, Im very curious about optimen suplement
I'm 66 with heart attack, CRT-D, insulin dependant diabetes blah, blah, blah. I've been on Opt-Men for about a month now. My results have been very similar to yours. Some days I feel great and other days not so much. I was concerned these were focused on just body builders but I believe normal guys benefit greatly from thiem too.
Does this make anyone else kinda tired or sleepy? I'm getting full 7-8 hours of sleep I'm 31 ft5.11 I'm taking 3 a day.
Can i take only 2 tablet per day ?
Hello friends please tell me about sleep mode when i take it with breakfast or dinner. I feel so slumber in my eyes for 2 hours.I am taking 2 pills daily morning and evening. What should me do ?
Thank you
Love this product made some lean gainz in these past two months and it gives me the extra boost i need living a active lifestyle
Am a cardiac patient with diabeticsI take three tabs per day I went skinny after my surgerynow am 85 kg.I workout dailyit gives me ample energy and vitamins I need on a daily basis. Overall a superb product. Now whether your urine colour turns yellow or white is not at all an issue. Are you really matters. Optimen gives you vitality and overall health.
Why didn't you open it? To show the product size and color?
This is for the bodybuilder and intense training and athletes. If you want to use common vitamins for the daily purpose for overall "WellBeing" and active, use other brands which have lesser ingredients. Like 1 a DAY or others.
My piss is neon yellow. Looks like a rave coming out my peepee hole.
amounts mentioned behind the bottle is amount per servingdoes it mean for 3 tablets or per tablet
I´ve been using this multivitamin for a week and I get lots of leg acne, I never had leg acne before.
does this multivitamin "Tablet " change color due to expose of air tablets colors not pee color
does this cause acne? coz I've been breaking out since I took them and I've not been under any stress
I took 3 at once now it hurts to pee
Hi First of all thanks for the review but i have 1 one question and i hope someone help me out ? i was wondering whats the best times to take is it 1:- All in one time in the morning. or 2:- Two in the morning and one in the lunch or 3:- One in the lunch or 1 morning and 1 lunch and 1 in dinner? Thanks,
YOU: Why does my urine turn bright yellow when I pee? FACTS: Your urine will turn bright yellow or orange looking due to the presence of Vitamin B2, better known as riboflavin
ON Opti-Men Vitamins great deals from Ebay
They carry it at Walmart I always get a bottle
Does it cause or accelerate hair loss as it raise testosterone level ?
Which one is the better option? (1) ON Opti-Men or (2) One A Day Men’s Multivitamin Still a little skeptical on which one to buy on a long term basis as my diet is not so good.
drinking water has nothing to do with the color of the will just diluted it more, but the amount of vitamins in the body does not change
I take Opti men in morning, is it safe to take zma at night?
I m not doing physical workout can i take this 2 capsul a day?
Herbalife the best
Yellow urine means not all the vitamins are absorbed. Try taking 2, one in the morning, one at lunch. Plus, for me and most, taking vitamins at night = insomnia.
picked this up for free at Walmart at self checkout. Definitely recommend
Is it good for hair growth
✔Real effective powerful supplements here✔ / Use code - FIRSTTIME5 if you're new to site.
How many bottles of water is sufficient for 1 pill
I'm looking for a good multivitamin for my low calorie diet and lack of veggies and fruits. Seems like I found it after your review.
Can I take it with fish oil?
am patient of epilepsy can i use this
Every time i use this i have dark yellow urine . One of friend is also having same issue .
I've been taking this supplement for quite a while now and personally have noticed a benefit from taking two in the morning with breakfast and one more in the evening with dinner. The two in the morning time is great as it provides an additional boost of energy, mental clarity, and overall Improvement of mood. Reducing the dose to one pill at night aides in my end of day recovery from the gym after a hard day at work.
can someone help me understand why it only has 20% of your magnesium. do you get a lot of magnesium from foods or should/could you take a magnesium supplement as well as this one?
I want loose weight Tablets or anything
Soo boron increase estrogens as well in guys ?
Is there a prime time to take this?
How I know if that multivitamin is not fake?
Raw oyster concentrate? Whaaaaaaat
I wanna know can a athlete use these vitamins ? Are they safe from positive doping
it looks like hes infront of a green screen
I dont know if im the only one. But i feel this make me hungry. Im i the only one
Already got it and I feel fuckin good
Entertainment WorldGuys never be mad, Never do wrong like me. i'm suffering from many problem after eating this 30 tablets only. i'm having now urinary problem, chest pain, Heart problem and also big scycological problem for this. Before i was so fit to exercise. These supplement and vitamins ruined my life. plzzz don't be silly like me.
this guy can sell anything
Opti Men have "Silica" in as other ingredients - is this silica bad for health ?
Shouldn't 1 tablet a day be sufficient enough?
It's not by any means perfect, but provides a lot for the price and it's quality multi for sure. I'm gonna try out few others like Now Foods Adam and Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men and if i don't prefer them over this, i'm definitelly gonna come back.
Before meal or after ? And Can I take it with cla core from muscle pharm !
Hi. Can i use Opti men without training/workout ?
what's a good multivamin for men with high blood pressure?
When will I see increase n my penis
Hey I want to begin taking multivitamins just for overall health. But I'm currently trying to loose weight, will this affect my weight loss in anyway? Thanks.
Optimen , animal pak or orange triad? hard to choose

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