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Optimization Models Book Reviews from YouTube

What is Optimization Modeling - Introduction to Linear Programming
Introduction to Optimization: What Is Optimization?
Introduction to Designing Optimization Models Using Excel Solver
"Models: Attract Women Through Honesty" Book Review
Thank you, you explained it very well and in an easy to follow format, with a practical example. Keep up the great work!
Hello, I am looking for a tutor regarding this subject. Can you provide me a way of contacting you if you are interested. Whatever your hourly rate is I will pay sir
Need Urgent ppt plz
thanks you really explain way better than my prof.
Excellent explanation! The illustration is clear and easy to follow and understand the optimization model. Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable materials. Keep going on!
Thank you
thanks for the vids! it'll be great if you make a complete series regarding optimization modeling :)
bro can you share the ppt
Thanks, very simple and clear
Good faith videos that keep things concise and to the point. Thank you
amazing youtu.be/5vnw1YA-gmI
Thanks alot. The best explanation
Thanks sir
Very good explanation..thanks
Om pure white House
U done great work in short time. U help to introduce. Optimization in best ways thanks sir
Thanks!Mine area is structural optimisation
Extremely great videoThanks a lot for beautiful illustration
Wow great work please give some reference to improve your work
hello... sir, what exactly the main function of a computer in optimizing can you tell me what is it? is there really the main function in optimizing please I'm searching for an answer for this manny times but no one can answer my question...i think there is no such a main thing function on a computer in optimizing..
You would not believe me but I have been looking for an interpretation of why do we use derivatives when we already have a function and can plug in any value to know the output and finally a video that answered my question I have been looking for an answer for months
Thank you so much for the transcript. I needed it for my homework. I'll put you in my references ;)
Quick question. How can I find the Domain or Interval of interest?
Kindly solve problem like 5 central warehouse and 9 regional warehouses and 2 plant. It is minimum cost type problem. Also please solve in excel solver
it's very helpful thanks
I just came across this video, played the whole list and excited to know more about Optimization. Thank you...
fantastic explain
I watch this channel for programming, and I searched for the book Models, your chanel popped up.
This book is actually very PC, which isnt a bad thing. Being compassionate doesnt equal being soft or simping bcuz simping is all about doing what others want you to do for approval. Being politically correct is simply communicating in a compassionate manner that doesnt have to compromise your views. Its just respectful language. Of course, someone will always be offended no matter what because not everyone will understand. Id like to chalk it up to misunderstandings instead of calling them soft since Ill never really know what theyre dealing with and the goal always is to come to an understanding. I agree to disagree with them and move on. Let em deal with whatever they got going on.
How good is it?
subbed man. ur smile and energy is great. made me smile
Bro Your Biceps Looks Great!
which books cover the more darker elements you say this one lacks?
You're handsome man
superior book on succes with women,underlines the emotional foundations behind your interactions with the opposite sex,so you finally know when and why you fucked up with girls in the past.PUA techniques are important,but having a fundamental understanding of women is more valuable in the long term.
Hey I loved this review. I feel like Mark Manson has a lot to share in this book and your review summed up the main points pretty well. I have saved your review to read after I re read Models again to enforce the main points. Here is another book review I recommend: the point of having a book review that doesn't contain any useful advice?
I have been improving Myself by focusing on an exotic mix of electronics hardware and software and combining both in a way that makes myself valuable. My company makes Hardware descriptions of all the circuitry in their electronics and also have opportunities in software development. Currently their most urgent need is someone that understands Java, while I don't know Java I do know C++ and I am working on learning Java and also understanding their electronic circuitry as described by their circuit descriptions. I work as a technician and there is a lot of button pushing and very little component-level repair but when the component-level repair comes I'm right on it because I understand the circuitry. I am very new at the company and I know more right now then the oldest technicians that are already there comma because I am the only one who reads this Hardware description that the engineers write. I can repair things other people can't and I understand software and I think that I can also work on their java and needs. After I learn Java I hope to keep learning embedded programming and understand programming microcontrollers with c. it's a big list of things to do but I think that I can do it. Someday I hope to develop a plan and a series of YouTube videos based on tutorials named at teaching people to program microcontrollers with the c language. I hope that the end result in this is that I eventually become an engineer of some type. After all of this I will study Advanced algebra and continue on to calculus and that I hope will solidify my position. I believe that I can do all of this and this is my goal. Without a degree.
I've never seen the author with a Victoria Secret model. For all we know he might not be that good with women. Anyone can write a book and pretend to be an expert. Let's see videos of him meeting and hooking up with attractive women
All that works - only if you're Brad Pitt.

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