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On the Home Front: The Cold War Legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Site Book Reviews from YouTube

The Area: A Journey through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation
A Culture of Silence at the Hanford Nuclear Site
Radioactive Scare At Hanford Nuclear Site In Washington State | NBC Nightly News
Introduction to the Hanford Site
So all they do is pick it up and move it and contaminate somewhere else
Besides the flashy and editing effect stuff which ought to have been omitted - it contains valuable information, and I concur with the reporter / interviewer - that lots of people are putting in dedication to get this work done. The comments from others here below are valuable read. For instance Little Tazz, who reports that the contamination is indeed still serious and that the radioactive pollution is extremely dangerous. If you turn down the volume, such that you do not get distracted by all the "jitter" from the voices and what they want us to believe - we see lots of very questionable practices. Try to use the arrow-keys and replay sections which you question, and you will be surprised to see lots of not-so-good ways of dealing with the radioactive and contaminated materials.
but still can not get rid of any nuke waste.
I enjoyed dis-I lv history-I hope Cameron is still workin away here an enjoyin his work...Tnx 4 d upload
I've always felt strange about people who claim to ''Return to their roots and practice their old way of life''. I'd like to be 20 again but the world keeps turning and if we don't embrace the present and the future we are lying to ourselves and our families. In Canada we now have a prime minister who apologizes to every tribe and ancient people for everything that was done to them which is impossible, consequently, Canada turns over 10% of GNP to tribes all over Canada. We must wake up and move on. Just my 0.02$ worth.
My grandfather actually worked at Hanford during the 1950's
the small scale reactors didnt produce anything........ except waste.
1987 is the correct answer. Thirty years later.............Mr. President can we have you attention?
The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 called for the President of the United States of America to recommend a high level nuclear waste disposal site by what year: A. 2020 B. 2017 C. 1887 D. 2001?
Nevada Test Site. Remote from human population. Arid climate with little or no groundwater generation. No chance of surface water contamination. Welded volcanic tuff, natures ceramic.
Great site. Fractured basalt capable of producing wells that will pump 1,000 gallons per minute with one foot of draw down. Close proximity to major watershed, the Columbia Watershed. Tricities metropolitan area close by.
I grew up there. This guy should have studied the history of Hanford before making this film. I think he mentioned that the B reactor was named as a homage to the Alamo? Also, the contamination of the Columbia accounted for many illnesses of my generation and the workers. That aside, I am proud to have this in my history.
Why can't people just enjoy the document?
haha i love the old clips mixed in with present.
Atomic city
Larry Bogart quit the pro nuclear PR gig in the mid '60s to start the Citizens Council; an anti-nuclear power organization. He realized after a close study of nuclear power, how dangerous, expensive, and inefficient (considering the saftey and disposal issues) nuclear power plants are. Unfortunately there wasn't enough wide scale momentum world wide to halt further nuclear power plant construction and have new ones decommissioned. It was reckless and poor judgment of the highest order to go nuclear when 1) no one had any closely researched and verifiable plan on how to store the waste and 2) it's an insanely dagerous way to run steam generators. Would any parent leave their five year old child home alone with matches and unlocked cabinets full of house cleaning fluids? Humans are amazing at science and engineering but in most cases are absolutely awful at understanding how to truly utilize it in the most efficient and best way for the betterment of humankind; and thwarting the attempts of sinister people that only seek to profit from it for long term financial gains and power. Now we're totally screwed. Fukushima, the Hanford plant...and so on.
They 'clean it up'. What does that mean? That it is dumped in some other place. You cannot clean up radioactive material. The Colombia river cleaned itself? As long as you don't disturb the riverbed it's no problem.
Yes america ......your manifest destiny was all worth it , every little bit..
I appreciate folk's determination to "make it right," if that is even possible. But making it right starts with STOPPING the insanity of nuolear power and weapons. Despite billions invested and billions of profits, trillions will be required to undo the damage -- barring any natural disasters like a Cascading quake. Business as usual won't get it done and fluff pieces like this video amount to feel-good fraud that our children and grandchildren for 200,000 generations will pay for or more likely die from. Whatever God, Great Spirit, or human values one attests to, the time is now to make them real.
Great Info from the past to learn for the future
oh my God Marisa Elene Nadieja Wants to raise billions of dollars to save the planet she’s gonna do it but I’m not sure she can see the freaking planet this is horrible right in our backyard
picket line @ Hanford, people holding signs exposing what's happening to the workers
plutonium separation process resulted in the release of radioactive isotopes into the air, which were carried by the wind throughout southeastern Washington and into parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and British Columbia. Downwinders were exposed to radionuclides, particularly iodine-131, with the heaviest releases during the period from 1945 to 1951. These radionuclides entered the food chain via dairy cows grazing on contaminated fields; hazardous fallout was ingested by communities who consumed radioactive food and milk. Most of these airborne releases were a part of Hanford's routine operations
national and international media, get them involved , investigating
wait didnt the Green Run happen there? why would anyone want to work there!
A country that does this, knowingly, to it's own people, is basically suicidal.
My dad worked there and died from cancer shortly after a few of his co workers did. I'm extremely upset about it. He was only 52, I'm only 21. It's unfair.
Smells Like Burning Metal Or Crossed Electric Wires Burning!
Up until 20 years ago, PPE was a joke to most workers. Subject to ridicule, it was often worn improperly when used at all
Additionally, my supervisors at the Washington State Department of Health misappropriated funding away from Hanford to violate my Collective Bargaining Agreement. I find it dangerous that Bob Ferguson wants MORE people to speak out. I have not been able to work since February of 2014 because, after reporting this violation, Bob Ferguson's office keeps trying to deny me Whistleblower protection and is now doing so in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Was this particular worker harmed by Carbon Tetrachloride? I analysed the dust collected on air monitors on the Hanford site. I was advised that, in addition to an underground plume of radioactive waste headed toward the Columbia River Gorge, there is also a Carbon Tetrachloride plume in the soil, heading for the river. Similarly that pollen gets Caithness's on the surface area of diesel fumes, alpha radiation can get electrostatically attached to Carbon Tetrachloride. Additionally, I have also worked on the charcoal and silicon badges and tubes that were worn by farm workers to test for chlorpyrifos exposure when working at the University of Washington. I also performed testing of charcoal and silicon badges and tubes worn by Abbott Laboratories in North Chicago, IL (badges are "passive" monitors and can be used by workers without breathing apparatuses whereas the silicon and charcoal tubes are used for workers who need to wear breathing apparatuses). Both active and passive filters from workers are analysed using Carbon Tetrachloride.
So where was your PPE? You knew what your into
faux news must be loving this
Well, land should be cheap around there then...
Finally the 1982 Nuclear Waste Acts call for the President of the United States of America to recommend a High Level Nuclear Waste Site was accomplished by President Donald Trump. Better late than never. It was supposed to be done in 1987! Congratulations to President Donald Trump. The first President of the United States of America to fulfill this portion of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982! Thank you Mister President!!!
Dishonest news!

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