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Buy Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) online at Amazon Flipkart. Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) . Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) available in Colours: Black

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Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) price at Amazon - ₹154,999 ₹199,999

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Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) price at Flipkart - ₹159,999

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Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Olympus PEN-F Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) available in Colours:
  • Black

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I bought this camera with 3 lenses and I never use it. :(
Owning many film and digital cameras as an amateur shooter, I purchased a pen f because of the creative selector on the front of the camera..RAW images have been my choice for the past ten years. Lately when using Fuji X series cameras , I have noticed my RAW processed images have been nearly matched by Fuji JPEGs in many cases. I purchased a almost new Pen F in May 2020 to explore whether pre-customized JPEGs via the front dial could reduce my post processing. It is almost October and my “walk abouts” have been very limited because the the current Covid-19 situation. So far, I have observed that using the Pen F front dial has reduced my need to process RAWs by about 30-40%. The monochrome images are very nice. I typically manually bracket shooting by using the front mounted “ creative wheel.” The pen f shooting experience has added an element of enjoyment in addition to my intentions. Shooting with a goal of getting useful jpegs has reminded me of film shooting when shooting for a perfect finished image was necessary as post processing was a major expense. Cheers, Henry
To me, is the very first time since film era that I done a picture and with the pre-adjustments (save it in Customable dial menú and in combination with the creative dial) I do not need to post-process it, especially in black & white photography. A camera for "slow” photography. Also , it was my first Olympus camera and convinced me to incorporate the micro 4/3 system in my gear. I love this camera, but it is not for everyone.
Looks great but the creative dial is a gimmick, hence why no other Olympus since has one. And there is a good reason why this camera is no longer in production and there is no Pen F ii, it’s a disappointment. I had it for a year and sold it. The focus was slow, images always seemed a bit underexposed and really was not up to the E-m5 ii. Oh it’s also very overpriced for a camera without weather sealing.
lovely video, really nice camera, glad i have it. thanks so much.
Someone please help me getting a pen f ...
This was the gem that my father was presented when I was born in late sixties... for decades it was part of the family, double the number of frames others were getting from their Pentax with a roll, and flash speed capability that is still to be seen in my nikon d810 ... almost five decades and I want pen f but here in Saudi Arabia no where to be found even amazon fails ... I feel so sad , broken seeing The Olympus falling into sleep... pray it wakes up before I sleep...
Where on earth did you find a NIB silver model? :)
I want one😄👍
Beautiful video. Keep it up👍🏻
I am confused between EM5 mark II and PEN F as my first camera..what would you recommend. I don't do much street photography though
Great video. During your review, does the front filter button comes in the way of your middle finger?
Looking at the Pen f, and the panasonic GX8 which do you think is the better platform thanks
Hi, thanks for the video, so ilustrative. Im thinking to buy that one..(black) and the 12-40mm PRO + Grip. Do you think will be a well balanced kit? Thank you for your advise.
Thank you for the shutter sound demonstration.
Great Video!  ... my next camera :-)
I am so sad Olympus is selling its company and the Pen-F has been discontinued :(. At least I have the camera :D
Almost 99,9% shoot Jpeg now,Raw is so old time photographer art crap..........LOSER! ;)
Is this camera still relevantnt to buy 2020?
Always great quality reviews with these guys !
What confuses me about the Pen-F is that it has nearly the same footprint as the OM-D 5 and 10 series cameras, and weighs about the same too. If the pen managed to add a dial, some custom buttons, and an EVF while maintaining the size of the preceding digital PEN line, It would be the perfect camera (Olympus could completely get rid of the LCD, and save on weight, space, and battery life too). Instead, they've made a product that costs more than their OM-D line which is also just better on most dimensions, and upon failing to sell enough copies due to undercutting their own flawed product, they give up. I'm really rooting for a small form-factor, EVF M4/3 camera such as the GM5. There is no reason a stills camera like this couldn't be produced and sold at $500-$600 and find a good deal of success. The a6000 does it and Sony fit an APS-C sensor in that thing back in 2014 (granted it has no ibis).
I do like the look of Pen-F and dials. Have they fix focusing issue?
You don't buy a camera by what it looks like. Good looks don't mean good photos
Eine sehr empfehlenswerte Kamera die Olympus PEN-F Kit https://amzn.to/2RjBj3L .Macht shr schöne Bilder.
If only it did sell really well.. I was really looking forward to a mark II 😭
Pen-F is probably the best street photography and back up landscape/architecture photo camera.
I´m using it for almost 3 years: nice look, lightweight, small, creative - a little bit slow in focussing. It´s good enough, nice photolook, interesting bracketin-ART-functions: not he best camera in technic - but the  I own but th mot beauiful one - sympathic to use...you dont`have to use RAW - and that´s fine because it makes evraythin easy and simple; you have enough possibilities to handle with creative filters...gerat for beginners who don`t want to make RAW development. GREAT! LIFEQUALITY - not to spend hours and hours in front of the Computer...
Look at that ridiculous 900mm lens (sarcasm) and then complaining about the continuing auto focus. Also, bemoaning a camera design that doesn’t comport to your own tastes, as in the front dial is just plain silly...become a design consultant because anyone can critique. As far as JPEG-centricness of the camera, again, foolish criticism. Where can I find your award winning portfolio or do you just review for a living? Just saying.
Great review , I just got one. Olympus dropped the price so it's good deal now and I love the camera. With 17mm F1.8 it is perfect working tool. I have it as the backup to my E-M1m2. The art dial, well I just love the BW settings, good contrast images ....
is it using wifi to transfr to phone
Now that Olympus has confirmed that they are discontinuing the PEN-F, did Olympus fix the continuous autofocus problem in a firmware update?
Jpeg's rock.
Your pictures inspired me...not sure if it's being a creepy guy or do more street photography. I think I already accomplished the creepy guy part. I was so focus on a macro photo of a spider that I didn't realize it almost looked like I was sneaking a shot at the neighbors on their porch. Probably wouldn't help if I show them pictures of the spider.
Yeah... I'm sticking to EM1. Once I spend $850 for a 12-40 with a PenF, I might as well spend $150 more for the EM1 package deal. I already got two prime lenses. Much bigger gains and my focus is not street photography.
Love the double sweater look on Chris.
Fantastic report I know it was a while ago any changes see ya