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Buy Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III 20.4 MP Mirrorless Digital Camera ...

Take mesmerizing shots through this Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III (Body Only) Mirrorless Digital Camera. It comes with a 20.4MP lens with Live MOS Micro Four ...


OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark III Mirrorless Camera Body Only Price ...

Featuring a 20.4MP MOS sensor and a TruePic VIII image processor, the E-M5 Mark III offers quick continuous shooting up to 10 fps with a mechanical shutter, up ...


Olympus OM-D E M5 Mark III 20.4 MP Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Features

  • Colour: Black

  • This is a durable product

  • It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period
    Olympus OM-D E M5 Mark III 20.4 MP Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Colours:
    • Black

    The lowest Olympus OM-D E M5 Mark III 20.4 MP Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Price in India is ₹99,799 at Amazon.
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    Olympus OM-D E M5 Mark III 20.4 MP Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) Reviews from YouTube

    DPReview TV: Olympus OM-D E-M5 III - worth the wait?
    Olympus OMD EM5 III review: IN-DEPTH field test
    Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III | First Hands-on Review
    Olympus E-M5 III - Hands-On Review
    I took a couple economics classes, perhaps these wizz bang features offered in the upmarket OM camera that cost more than 2x aren't offered in the EM5iii because... well it costs less. Kinda like VW vs Audi, and Chevy vs Cadillac. Call me silly, anyway, some good information, other than the "wishing" the better features were offered on this low cost camera.
    I'm an Aussie and I used to live in Edmonton...Love your videos!!
    Sorry, but this review is missing out on the main achievement of the em5 mkiii: it has the ability of the em1 mkii in a tiny and light body, at a nice price point. My em5 mkii in silver shows ugly wear on the oh so missed metal parts. So now a manufacturer makes it lighter and probably with the plastic also more durable. This em5 mkiii makes me think that it would fit me better than my G9. Often battery life is mentioned, but nobody indicates that I can stuff 3 em5 batteries into the same space that 2 g9 batteries take. In short: the em5 is a tiny (even with additional grip smaller than G9) weather sealed camera with a 1/8000 shutter, awesome stabilisation, the best MFT sensor available and hybrid phase-detect autofocus. That is a niche nobody else offers in any of the available camera systems and it makes the em5 mkiii a mind-boggling machine despite its many shortcomings in the small detail. Like 90%, I am an enthusiast. Would I shoot for a living clearly a G9, an Em1 mkiii or a fullframe would be a necessity.
    thanks for the footage, i have zeroed-in on this camera due to IBIS, had bought sony a6400 but it was so so so bad that had to sold that...which lens would you recommend for this one..i am a travel vlogger, so sometime we speak to camera while walking, mostly try to capture cinematic scenes and low light performance will be also helpful, any recommendation?? Thanks in advance
    You forgot the advantage Olympus has with long exposure photography this is where Panasonic sucks !!
    Mark ii better package. Too much plastic this revision.
    how many cameras do you have?
    these two guys are funny, i enjoy their banter and small personal clips. "Thats a IKEA" haha
    It is states the video was shot on a GH5, but what were the studio close-ups of the Olympus shot with?
    4:34 Yes to make you think the pro camera is more pro. Nice move Olympus!
    I have the Oly PEN EPL-5. How awesome is that?
    If you want a heavier camera buy a dslr, not a mirrorless! Other than that, I see no issues here. I am sure with a firmware update they could include olympus log file shooting, then we go it all.
    I am jealous of all that thick dark hair, oh yeah, great review! 👍👍
    Still got the em5 original. Great cam.
    Sounds like the 5ii it’s a better buy and prob in the real world just as good , Shame
    After seeing reviews in youtube, I bought money to go local shop to buy the em5 mk3, but after holding it for a while, I came back home with a Nikon Z50 kit. EM5 is too old fashion and feels like a toy omg…..
    Thanks for letting me know that the Quality is not Excellent. It is unfortunate what Olympus has done. Might have to go with the E-M1 Mark II instead.
    I still shoot on an om-20, it’s disappointing the bodies aren’t metal anymore, but they still look gorgeous I suppose.
    I want this in a rangefinder similar to a gx8/gx85 or Pen-F, and under 1000$.
    If Olympus doesn't get their shit together on the em5 mark 4 or em10 mark 4 and removes features and makes them feel even cheaper ( plastic) I'm abandoning the system. This is ridiculously. Are they even trying anymore??😪 Also other systems have cought up to them I'm terms on size and features, minus the IBIS...
    In-depth field test review of the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark III! Check price at B&H: https://bhpho.to/2MoMYeS or WEX: http://tidd.ly/f84937bf Buy Gordon a coffee: https://www.paypal.me/cameralabs Gordon's In Camera book at Amazon: https://amzn.to/2n61PfI / Amazon uk: https://amzn.to/2mBqRVZ Like Cameralabs? Get the T-Shirt: https://redbubble.com/people/cameralabs/shop 03:24 - design, controls and build quality 10:58 - composition, viewfinder and screen 15:02 - stabilisation for stills and video 20:55 - lenses and the Micro Four Thirds system 23:26 - autofocus and burst shooting, action photos 28:22 - bulb modes, image processing, compensation 30:32 - image quality, high res mode, noise levels 33:57 - movie mode, video quality, slow motion 38:02 - final verdict and compared to rivals
    very impressive, interesting, fair and detailed review. I am going to buy one on the strength of your review, so thank you, I will also let Olympus know, (in writing), they need to thank you or acknowledge you.
    Just seen your review of this camera and really impressed with your reviewing style and presentation skills. So many other reviewers don't come across as confident in front of a camera and flow with knowledge of the product they are reviewing. Well done.
    Very detailed review 👍👍
    is there a list of all the hardware you mention in this video? I was looking for the Leica 15 and 12 mm lenses you were talking about but I can't find them
    Thankyou for a very informative& easily understood review. I’m considering changing to micro four thirds shooting & this video gave me lots of good advice. Would the 75- 300 Olympus lens be ok for this camera . Ilove shooting birds.
    I Realize you don't have Answers On Serious Technical Questions Best Answered Maybe By Olympus But I'm going to Try Once More looking Forward You May have just vary busy OK On This Olympus OMD EM5 III (( Does It have a HYBRID SENSOR?? Meaning Being Dual Pixel AF => Both Contrast & Phase Detection AF Sensor? I'm Thinking NOT....Because in The Past Seemed AS Something Only Incorporated Into Their Flagship EM-1 EM-1 MKII //EM1 MKIII .., Otherwise I Really Love The EM5 Size and Layout and Well Placed Buttons & Dials, Nice Classy Looking in the Two Tone Silver with Black, THANK You In Advance, ..ALSO For Yet Another Great Gordon Laing Video ChevyPowerToGo
    All these nifty ai features only work with jpg though?
    sounds like a good mic what mic was it
    There is auto-iso for video. You have to go to movie mode then go into the control panel.
    Hate Olympus menus and there is no my menu feature to quickly access your favourite settings at this price it is dissapointing.
    too bad it's capped at 120fps/no sound and a bit limited during this mode
    I like the detail in your reviews; it makes comparing options easier.
    I have used previous Olympus OM-D cameras and I found the menus and some of the controls to be very frustrating and difficult to use. Has Olympus improved that?
    Mark ii better package. Too much plastic this revision
    Best review of this camera on the 'Tube. Thanks Gordon.
    Pentax S70 comes with high end inbuilt Gyro Accelerometer IBIS and APS-C sensor. Cheaper older model kills all the latest greatest. Plus weatherproof too.
    Hi. Are you sure Olympus pioneered IBIS? It was in the Minolta Dimage A1 hybrid camera back in 2004.
    Best review ever
    Always love your reviews. I'm wondering if you could weigh in on how the EM5 III would fare for astrophotography (with a 7.5mm f/2)? I'm debating between it and an APSC like Sony. I still use a camera primarily for hiking and travel so I don't think full frame is in the cards. Do you think the bigger sensor provides noticeable improvement? Worth forgoing the smaller size, better weather sealing, and better stabilization (I love that I can hand hold water long exposures) of Olympus? I'd really appreciate your expert advice
    Em5 Mark ii better package + better looks. Too much plastic this revision. Tripod mount failure common problem.
    Thank you. I appreciate your review. Would have liked a few mention of negatives too.
    Very good video, on point, interesting and without extraneous waffle. 10/10. Thanks.
    Great presentation but I'd love to see some video stabilisation samples or photo samples? :(
    Good video, very useful.
    Smashed it
    good vid
    EM5 Mark ii better package overall + better looks. Too much plastic this revision. Tripod mount failure common problem. Avoid and do not buy.
    Olympus will become a serious “photographic camera” makers when they will ditch that idiotic flip out screen in favour of a tilt screen. Photographers take phots BEHIND the cameras. Shame, as I like Olympus but I’ll never, ever buy again a flip out screen camera. I’m a photographer not a blogger.
    hate the classic look ... prefers modern and unique
    On my view, choosing polycarbonate was not a smart move. It is difficult to justify losing built quality/robustness for a negligible 55g weight loss. Do you really think a polycarbonate body will last in the same way the Mark II metal body does? Especially if we are talking about portability and a fantastic travelling camera - which means occasional knocks and drops... Another point is the battery. While I was not expecting a Nokia-like battery life-time, I am sceptical that switching to a lower capacity unit (pursuing weight loss) will keep the same performance (or even improve it). All in all, was there any Mark II user complaining about the weight of that camera? I don't really think so...
    Thanks for the review. Loved the information density and lack of a soundtrack so I could play some other tunes. I wish Olympus would make a high end Eye-AF system. That would make me jump ship instantly I think.
    Do you have a display model in the Melbourne shop for testing?
    Really want to like this camera but as a Canon DSLR shooter, I find it difficulty to choose this over the 90D. Especially at the price they are asking for this camera. Would of expected it to be no higher than $999. I might be in the DSLR camp for a bit longer.
    Olympus is dead. What is with the plastic? Over priced and worst quality than the mark two. Way over priced for what it is.
    Are you in China? Looks like Hong-Kong.
    What’s wrong with you guys , asking $1,900 for this camera which lists for $1,200?
    EM1 mark II or Em5 mark III? Em1 mark II seems cost cheaper with a bit high quality Wanna upgrade from epl8
    sold !
    The iPhone 11 seems better. Cameras are dead now.
    Is it cropped in 4K video?
    You guys consistently offer excellent hands-on reviews. In this video, I particularly like the side-by-side size and shape comparisons with the EOS R and Nikon Z. Seeing these cameras in that way provides an excellent frame of reference. All of that said, it would be really interesting to see how the Olympus bodies compare to something like the new Sigma fp. Given its reported diminutive dimensions, that could be a very interesting comparison. All that said, as a longtime Olympus and Canon user, I would really love to see an in depth comparison with the EOR R, especially in terms of weight, performance and image quality in different lighting circumstances. There are, unfortunately, a lot of reviewers on the net who simply dismiss Olympus cameras due to "image quality issues," without elaborating on what that actually means. My personal experience is that for the most part, m43 cameras are capable of exceedingly excellent image quality. So, I am always left wondering... Anyway, enjoyed your video. Thanks.
    Looks like a fine camera. I’ve a Sony a7iii with great low light capabilities. But I wouldn’t take it caving. In fact I’m reluctant to even take it out in drizzle.
    nice shotsin the review too; It helps to be a true photographer when reviewing gear :)
    Its raw photos is 12bit instead of the common 14bit. However the 1/8000th sec shutter speed for its category and its sensor stabilization are impressive.
    Bad hair day?
    Would you say that a stabilized lens would further improve the stabilization with this camera? And if so, would you be torn on getting a really good non-stabilized lens to pair with this one for vlogging or would you want to stick to stabilized?

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