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Buy Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) online at TATACliq. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Le...

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Black Body with M.Zuiko Digital ED 12 ...

... Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Black Body with M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO Lens ... Olympus OMD-EM-1-Mark-III Mirrorless Digital Camera Body Black.


Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Interchangeable Lens

Amazon.in: Buy Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro ... Olympus OMD-EM-5-Mark-III Mirrorless Digital Camera with Lens 12-45mm F4.0 Pro.Silver.


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Check out Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II 4K Mirrorless Camera Body, 20.4 Megapixels, 5-Axis is, 60fps, 3-Inch Touch LCD, Black reviews, ratings, features, ...


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Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Interchangeable Lens ... OM-D E-M1 & E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Camera, Replaces Olympus EP-13 EP-12 Eye Cup.


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Mirrorless Camera, Body Only (Silver ...

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Mirrorless Camera, Body Only (Silver) : Amazon.in: ... Olympus M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Interchangeable Lens.


Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) Features

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) Colours:
  • Black

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera (12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens) Reviews from YouTube

Review: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II w/ M. Zuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 | It is NOT good
Hands on Review of the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO lens
Olympus E-M1 MKII 12-40mm f2.8 PRO KIT - [Great deal with a DISCOUNT code]
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II Hands-on Review
For people that still think this camera is somehow good for its price. Then by all means buy it here: at the thumbs-up-thumbs-down version you are clearly suffering from the "I make a negative video so I get negative feedback" phenomenon That said, your review is fairly unique about this camera on the negative side and I don't agree with most points (if at all), but not every camera suits everyone
Very under educated attempt at a review on a decent piece of kit.
You are clueless
Typical Olympus user error. In low light or indoor u should use an fast cheap lens like the sigma 30mm 1.4. 2.8 is just too slow ( 5.6 FF EQ) U will get much better results even with the em10 mk 2 (the budget one from Oly)
Dude, this was uttermost embarrassing! Do you have the slightest idea what you are talking about? I don’t know what your profession is, but it has certainly nothing to do with photography .even my wife thinks so :-D
You are not a photographer, Sony without Lightroom is nothing. Fanboy.
"It looks like a Sony" lmao Yoshihisa Maitani designed the original classic OM series. OM-D's design are a homage to his work.
clueless awful review
Do you work for Sony? This video is not very believable. I'm sorry I feel that it was something that needed to be said. Just for the record, I use Nikon.
Your sony was hunting for focus during your video. Maybe next time learn how to use a new camera you are unfamiliar with before you post a review on it, I can understand why you have so many down votes for this video, as this was like someone complaining about a soft serve they got from mcdonalds and drove 40 min home before eating it and doing a review saying it was melted, so it was not worth the money you paid for it.
With M43 you need fast glass for low light. The 17mm f1.2 is the go to tool for indoor lowlight photography for me. The advantage I’ve found moving to M43 from full frame, is shooting wide open to get enough light also has a decent depth of field. I always found 35mm f2.0 on my RX1RII too shallow for documentary style photos in low light. Obviously fine for a portrait, but I now love that I can shoot wide open for the light and still get equivalent depth of field of f2.8
Troll or just plain braindead
So much is wrong with this video. First, of course your B-day photos sucked, the room was a mess, you didn't use any lenses that could afford any sort of cinematic look, even your video was crooked and sideways half the footage. Every camera has strengths and weaknesses, you simply don't know how to use the strengths of this camera. and IQ is more about the lens than the camera nowadays. No mention of of the features it offers like 18fps, super rez, or the 237mb/sec video codec, compare that with your Sony. "Testing" out a camera with a single slow lens, and judging based on a shitty birthday party, that's just dumb.
I get very sharp photos from my Panasonic G9, which has the same sensor.
The brutal truth can be hard to digest. IBIS is the only saving grace on Micro 4/3 cameras (for low light conditions). Sony is not perfect either, far from it. I owned a few and sold them Anyway, Olympus has bowed out of the camera world. R.I.P Olympus.
You really should not do camera reviews. This was just embarrassing to watch.
The image quality is the same as a smartphone? Wow. That’s a pretty disqualifying comment. Of course I mean you, not the camera.
.' this was the first time I ever used a micro four thirds camera' No sh#t Sherlock. Like a guy driving a 911 for the first time after driving a Bentley.
@blinsaff which would be an good nd filter. Can you please help
Does it have built in stabilisation for the lens?
Definitely usable at pretty much any location! Superb lens for the light travel kit
What type of camera stabilizer would you recommend for a GH5?
Not a review - just a recommendation.
Is it par focal?
Hi Blindsaff is there an option to this lens for an a7III ? Im seeing all your reviews and the lenses are amazing but I have an a7III and I need to know if there are options for me camera
Hey! I'm early in my research of this lens, but it's right at the top of my list currently. I just wanted to find out if it's possible to add Nd filters to this lens? Does it have threading at the end of the lens for filter attachment?
As I'm in the research stage I found this video really helpful. I was wondering if you used this lens for the entire time of the video, excluding when you were showing us the lens? I will be moving from a Nikon D80, which I purchased in 2006/07. I'm moving as I've been really impressed with the technology, price and weight behind the mirrorless cameras. I plan to use purchase a OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The motivation is to be able to take large photographs of my artwork, make use of the video for blogging and for outdoor work. Money is tight so this will be my only lens for a while, till I can afford further lens. What do you think of using this lens as the basis of my work?
Lovely review: beautiful, cinematic, shows off different light conditions, usage, feel, features; super calm and pleasure to watch! Voice is stable, smooth, footage helps to understand performance of the lens. Deem! Thanks a lot for this input. Lot of Panasonic 12-35 f2.8, but I guess Olympus is less popular with the video crowd (E-M 1 II: kinda overpriced (but massive features)? Bodies seem to be rather photo-oriented considering variable framerate/awful pre-amps on the cam I wonder if that was fixed with the 3.0 update? Let me know if You know). But the clutch - the clutch on this one is a bomb move! Now it's kinda "budget" Leica 10-25 f1.7! What I would also love to see, if there is any focus breathing during focus pulling (as footage example; dunno tho, if that's your shooting style), how long the throw is and feels to you (again, if that's your shooting style). Also it would be great to hear that it's "f4 equivalent - fullframe terms" for all those spec nerds to see, what can be done with m43. It would be also lovely to hear, if this review was also shot on the same combo; hope I didn't miss it Back to the vid - even the thumbnail straight away looks really pro: really neat footage was so clean, I was hesitant to click! Thought it would be boring "I talk" vid, but turned out to be really balanced between Your personality (+specs) and "look how it works". Great! Loved the review! Should be out there, when people research for Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 for video! Cheerio! Dzhai
I love this lens, it's my go to lens for my GH5
Outstanding - and short - review. Liked/subbed. I use this lens nearly constantly, only going to primes when I need a faster f stop. The ruggedness of the camera is one of its best features. Shot a little short on the GH5 to test out a the fly-cam nano, and for the exterior shot I needed a shot in the rain. No problem - threw on the Oly 12-40 and out I went, never having to worry about the camera or lens. Keep up the good work! Link to the vid (it's super short), exterior shot with the Oly, interior with the Panny 20mm 1.7: , maybe some kind of ritualistic sacrifice having the Olympus lens on a Panasonic camera, that said I do get a bit confused about whether you might choose the creative aspects of the 1.8 Olympus primes or just going for the easy as Olympus 12-40 2.8 zoom, what do you think?
I almost always have this lens on my camera, it's definitely my go to lens. The focus clutch is one of the best features of the lens especially when shooting in low light. I really enjoyed the images on this video, great work - I subscribed!
Yup! Me too! Excellent images in this review, imo!
It was the goto lens until the 12-100 f4 pro came out. Still have them both
I agree it's a gem of a lens. subbed!
Hi just ordered in UK EM1 MK11 with 12-40 pro £1019
I'm planning to get used E-M1 mark II. How about the shutter it is somewhere around 60 it still ok to use?
This is selling in Japan for 1320 USD.
Just bought mine.
Excellent camera and lens! last week with different deal em1mark2 with 17mm 1.2 pro only body price.
Not in Italy
Why would anybody buy into the Olympus system now with all the uncertanty hanging over there photo imaging dept? don't get me wrong I love Olympus cameras and the mft system but mft users will flock to panasonic to get all the benefits of matching lens and camera body features. So much doubt over there future of Olympus! Having said that I will carry on using my olly omd mk3 for along time to come but will not invest anymore in the olly system!
Really enjoy and appreciate your videos. I shoot Canon, used to run a camera store back in late 70s, where I also sold Olympus. They always were “cream of the crop” features and dependability, having my great admiration
Something should be said about firmware 3.0+. With this firmware, this is a video BEAST! I've moved from the GH5 to this exact combo. What blows my mind for video is: 1) Improved autofocus, we now get Phase Detection in video. It works very well! 2) Clean shadows at all iso's up to 6400. Yes that's right! This thing is like a GH5S! Obviously it's noisier at 6400 than 2500, but you get the point, it is way cleaner than I expected and definitely cleaner than the GH5. There is also no color shift or purple gain all the way up to 6400 iso. 3) The OMLOG400 is like Cinestyle for Canon, it's "flat" but not log flat and more Rec709-like flat, without being too contrasty. It's really good for a quick turnaround, but still keeps things on the cinematic side. 4) Fixed the odd white balance shift with the older firmware 5) Fixed pinkish red's. 6) The world class IBIS is still the best in the world! 7) The rear LCD screen, even though it has a low dot count, is very bright and very crisp. I would estimate the brightness to be about 1500 nits. And it looks crisp because it appears the LCD substrate is very close to the front glass element. 8) Incredible weather sealing! This can be rinsed in the sink! 9) The battery life is expressed in minutes remaining! 10) Super Control Panel allows for quick adjustments. NOTE: #1 to #5 is due to firmware 3.0+ However, it does have a few quirks I wish Olympus would address. 1) The only usable video mode is DCI 4K 24.00fps 2) Video files are broken up into 2 minutes 25 second chunks 3) 29 minute limit for continuous video recording 4) Touch screen is disabled when using an external monitor 5) The face tracking box disappears during video recording. 6) Object tracking doesn't work very well (no tenacious AI like in Sony mirrorless cameras). 7) Cannot switch between Autofocus and Manual Focus while recording video unless you have a manual focus clutch lens. There is also an AF Hold function that can be assigned to the function button on Olympus lenses, but that's it. It's too bad we can't use the MF assigned function to a button on the body to dynamically switch between MF and AF while recording video.
Thank you Peter. This is exactly the combo I am using every day. I was never frustrated or disappointed by the results, on the contrary. And due to the incredible solidity of both the camera and the lens, they will last for years.
Hello Peter, please read this > highly recommend the EM1 MKII 12-40 and the 40-150mm also the incredible 60mm macro pro
Can I please get a discount code for their 7 - 14 mm wide lens? Thanks
I wish I could, even with the discount that's still £1230
I've been watching and enjoying your channel for a while and am an Olympus user who loves their products, but I think it's dishonest to say that if you're not an Olympus user now is a good time to invest in Olympus products. I can't predict the future better than anyone else can, but considering that both Panasonic and Olympus dropped the 4/3 system without any announcement, and now that Panasonic has gone full frame and Olympus is selling their imaging line, it's pretty likely that micro 4/3 is dead. That is a shame. It is a wonderful system, and for me makes photography fun due to the small size and "good enough for me" image quality. I just bought a used EM5 ii for myself because I love that camera. I'll probably only live another 20 years or so, so I'm hoping my current micro 4/3 bodies and lenses will last that long. But I wouldn't recommend micro 4/3 to new users.
Great combo for travel photography. I bought this camera and lens used and saved a lot of money.
That is a fantastic price. I use this combo every day. In fact it’s always set up and ready to go.
Like you, I still own and use my OM 1. I bought an OM 4 back when, to do news paper work, freelance. Camera got soaking wet in a rain storm here in Oregon. That ended that equipment. Most of my other work was portrait and wedding photography. Hence, medium format film. Instead of investing in the ever changing digital equipment. I held off until I retired. Now going into it from a creative purpose, Olympus is the only way to go. Reasonable costs and excellent imaging capabilities. Full frame is expensive to invest in and still not fully developed. Micro four thirds is! The capabilities of the Olympus system is amazing and the spectrum of lenses allows one to custom purchase costs and variety anyone can grow and develop skills and vision.
I am very happy with my new em1 iii, but this offer is really good for those who are thinking about buying a new camera. In my case, the new features of the mark iii added to the fact that I already have a Lumix 12-35 f2.8, indicate that the new model was the perfect choice for me. My wish now is to buy the 8-25mm f4 as soon as it is released.
Sorry, everyone (and your ears) for the audio levels! Yeah, it's way off.rushed everything a bit (wanted to get it out before flight) and neglected it. Will have it sorted for the next vid. Cheers, K.
Thanks for the review brah just picked up a used one in excellent condition for $400 usd
Is this camera still worth it in 2020?
great film
Hi Kay - this is Me from the future from 2020, Olympus is closing their camera busines. - and me making a SADface
Shall I get this camera with the 12-40mm pro lense or the Sony a7ii with the standard lense?
The last Olympus review from Kai Good times.
Any review to M1-mk3
Hey Kai .what backpack is that
With firmware 3.0, the C-AF is vastly improved!
Huge gear with such a small sensor.
I bought one last summer. A real pleasure to use. I love this little Oly which made me forget the heavy back breaking equipment and reconnected me with the pleasure to capture still photographies.
This is one of my favorite camera bodies!
Firmware 3.0 fixed movie AF - really good now.
Not from definitely Grindr
I enjoy your sense of humor and it seems like you know your stuff butoh shit-burgers I see you already responded to my audio, especially the "music" is irritating.
More work of Tim he is good :)
This is a beautifully built camera with supreme capabilities. Nonetheless, that all goes to waste as, even with firmware version 2.3, the camera randomly freezes and you just cannot rely upon it.
What happened to Tim?

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