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Buy Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens online at Amazon Flipkart. Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Colours: Black
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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Features

  • Yields 50mm (35mm equivalent) equivalent field of view
  • Macro focus range: 0; 24 m, focal length: 25 mm
  • Seven blade circular diaphragm
  • Aperture range: f/1; 8 22
  • Micro 4 Thirds mount; Close up shooting performance Up to 25 cm away
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Colours:
  • Black

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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 25mm f/1.8 Lens Specifications

Additional Features
Other Specifications Micro Four Thirds System Standard, Focal Length: 25 mm (35 mm Equivalent Focal-length 50 mm), Dimension: Diameter 57.8 x 42 mm, Minimum Field Size: 144 x 108 mm, 35 mm Equivalent Maximum Image Magnification 0.24x, Zero Coating thoroughly Eliminates Ghosts and Flares
Water Resistant No
Compatibility Features
Designed For DSLR Cameras
Lens Mount Micro Four Thirds
Suitable For Art
Weight 137 g
Brand Olympus
Color Black
Filter Attachment Size 46 mm
Lens Type Wide-angle
Minimum Aperture F/22
Model ES-M2518BLK
Prime/Zoom Prime
In the Box
Sales Package 1 Lens
Lens Features
Angle of View 47°
Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 9 Elements in 7 Groups
Performance Features
Aperture with Max Focal Length F/1.8
Aperture with Min Focal Length f/22
Maximum Focal Length 25 mm
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.12
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.25 m

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1:13 this gives me anxiety.
Let's say we are out walking in an unknown city and photographing 😊 suddenly some rain comes. How safe is it to keep shooting with this lens? 🤔 I tried to Google water tests of it, but it seems like nobody dares to try it 😬
Have this on my E-P5 with a VF-4, simply great. Not sure why I took so long to get it.
Good review,but a little tips,try out the super ceap sigma 60mm 2.8 Art lens,you will get shocked ;)
uuuh "its how most humans see things in terms of compression" ??? Not it isnt. Our depth perception is 70 mm.
really like your presets, can you make a tutorial on how to get that look on lightroom?
Loving my 25mm f1.8
Hi. I really enjoyed the colors of your photos. You did some processing in Lightroom or is this a Olympus' color mode?
Hello, can you please tell me if it s good also for portrait??
Which Pen model are you holding?
You insist that lenses compress perspective which is false. You position relative to the subject and background is what defines perspective. Lense simply frame tighter or wider. You could shoot something with tele lens and then with wide angle lens and crop to match the fov. If you dont move between shots, perspective will remain the same.
Right in the middle of the road lol
Which more value for money this or the 45/1.8?
Have you ever used the Panasonic 25mm 1.7? You can frequently find it brand new for less than half the price of this lens brand new
Next question: "which lens hood should I buy first?". I watched this and the 17 v 17 v 17 video and the premium lenses are at a distinct disadvantage without hoods.
Your silver lens looks ok when it is attached to the black camera body. I have a silver Olympus 45mm F1.8 & black Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk I, and both of them look ugly when they are attached together (based on my taste) 😅
I trained my eye on the 14-42mm set at 25mm. It was great, for a while. Being an f4 lens it really loses functionality in anything but the perfect lighting, plus the chromatic abberation and poor focus speed made it unsuitable for my needs. Once I got the 25mm prime, I just leave it on the body 😊 I also enjoy the look it lends to filming, too. Thanks for the review, hope this lovely little lens gets into the hands of more people.
25s intro is way too long! Rest top
Hi Jimmy, mind to share the setting of taking those pictures around 6:58 - 7:42? it's the taste I like for city snap, thanks.
Do you think the 25mm f1.2 PRO is worth the extra money if compared to this lens? The price difference is quite a lot here where I'm from. The f1.8 retails for around $400, while the f1.2 PRO goes for about $1800 brand new. Your thoughts?
good lens,thanks for sharing
I recently bought an OM-D to resurrect my old Zuiko glass! I own full frames too and Canon L glass but I seriously prefer the bokeh on ZUIKO glass more. It’s so smooth. I was trying to decide on a 25mm for m43. I’m choosing between this and the Mitakon f/0.95. I’ve struggled with getting the Mitakon sharp on my Canon but I think you totally sold me on the ZUIKO 25mm! Cheers!
Excellent review... amazing shots as well 👍🏻
I was considering the 17 mil ... now you've ruined my day. (But on my limited budget, perhaps you've really made it ...)
I just love Bunty's energy it's possibly refreshing
Nice review! Thanks - have one on it's way now and looking forward to owning one! Great review! -Duane
review the 25mm 1.2 =3
great video man! i have a panasonic GX85 and love it. still not sure between panasonic 25mm F1.7 or olympus 25mm F1.8
beautiful lens indeed love your wok sir :)
You're a champion reviewer mate! Definately getting this for the EM10ii.
What camera did you use to film this on? Would you recommend this as a good 4/3's starter lens for movies or is there better options?
superb. thanks 👍
Thanks Blunty.  To the point and I've added this to my get list!
Straight to the point- thank you :)
Your photos are beautiful. I really appreciate you showing them as well as the lens being used for video footage. So many reviewers either show no photos at all or take rubbish photos that no-one would take in real life. You have a new fan boss
Your reviews are contagious!
bought this with my e-m10. awesome lens.
I bought one a week ago. And I am happy to report that indeed, it kicks ass ;)
is it mountable on the lumix gf2?
I'm looking at your review not because I'm planning to buy one, but because I will be buying one tomorrow! Excited! ;)
absolutely ...top notch, for the record you must have used the 7.5 mm one time! & lovely dog hat in a manly way of course.
You sir. do not have enough exposure... see what i did there
Faktiskt bästa recensionen på det där objektivet jag hittat!
I thought you were David Harbor! LOL, nice review, thanks!
Best review
4:44 то что ты ищешь
best review for this lens Thanks man,respect from Turkey !
My friend, tell me please, on which camera and lenses is this excellent video shot? Is it really Olympus 25 1.8?
Чувак, ты очень крут, продолжай дальше!! Люблю тебя))
What even is an "Engbo"?
That 25mm 1.7 from Panasonic is very good lens, especially considering how cheap it is. Bit plasticy, but still durable. My favourite lens right now and very usable focal length. And it saved my ass when I filmed some BTS for horror short in pretty dark conditions with GH4.
my favorite lenses reviewer.!! please do more mft please sir
This is very entertaining & you should review more stuff. Thank you for sharing.
the production value of this video is 👌
review if you can , laowa 9mm f 2.8 zero d 500$ and laowa 17mm 1.8 150$
if you're a Panasonic owner, DO NOT BUY THIS LENS or ANY non-Lumix lens! you will always run into weird bugs. my cam makes this loud noise when doing AF while tracking my face which records it on the footage. this only occurs when I record in any quality BELOW the 4k. Non of my Lumix lenses have this issue. only this Olympus one. I wish i would've bought the Lumix 25mm 1.7 instead which is 2x cheaper...
Excellent video. Very informative. Thanks.
Awesome video. Does this lens work with lumix G85? If yes Do I need a adapter to connect the lens??
If only they made a 25mm f1.8, with the 60mm quality 😊 weather sealed, but still tiny and light 😊
Glad a Olympus Visionary Addressing f1.4 holy trinity that's cater hobbyist not always Professional. Hobbyist won't shoot in rain or dessert, we don't mind f1.4 with poly carbonate body.
Отличная линза, у меня она есть! И камера такая же! А что ещё нужно фотолюбителю?..
Thanks Peter, I told my wife you said that we all should have a 25mm lens. I got one, it is great, goes well with my 45mm. Love your videos...
Super helpfull and interesting review. Excellent work. Thank you!
How can i get that shirt 👚 1.2 😋😋
Hi Peter and fellow fotografers, on my e-m1 i use one of the front buttons located next to the lens to switch between auto- and manual focus. The other one enables the magnifying function. This gives me the ability to switch very fast without the focus clutch. Focus peeking is on Fn1.
It is a causeway. As in: The Johor–Singapore Causeway, is a 1,056-metre causeway that links the city of Johor Bahru in Malaysia across the Straits of Johor to the town of Woodlands in Singapore. It serves as a road and rail link, as well as water piping into Singapore.
Tempted to buy this. I am using a cheap 7artisan 25mm f1.8 manual lens. It is surprisingly good but it is sometimes a hassle to use manual focus
Will this work with my panasonic gx85? Do i need anything to make it compatible?
How about versus lumix G 25mm f1.7?
Another excellent revue thank you Peter 😊👍 I agree the 17mm f1:1.8 25mm f1:1.8 & 45mm f1:1.8 make for a easy pocketable walk around kit. I just wish Olympus had a ultra wide prime not a fisheye which they do have or the ultra wide zoom maybe a 5 or 6mm f1:1,8 in the future? Who knows ? Thank you once again for your review and time 😊👍
Greetings, Mr. Forsgard. I own an E-M10 MIII with the kit lens. I want to improve my gear and cover as many focal distances as possible but with good quality. Would you recommend to get the 25mm f 1.8, the 45mm f 1.8 and the 40-150mm f 4-5.6?
Not a bridge, maybe a causeway? Excellent as usual, many thanks.
You guys should also consider the Panasonic 20mm f1.7. It’s a really sharp lens, sharper than this and offers quite a bit more wide angle than 25mm (50 on full frame) but it’s not a boring 17mm (35mm on full frame) either. So it’s a very interesting focal length beside the 2 mentioned standards but serves both very well in it‘s own character :)
I use both the 25 and 45 mm lens with my olympus camera and inspire 2 drone.
I would really like "upgraded" lenses in the 1.8/2.0 aperture range (also I already own them all, 12/17/25/45 mm), and I would have exactly one wish: Weather sealing for a much more affordable price than having to buy pro lenses. Oh, and an accompanying affordable weather-sealed camera with a 20 MP sensor and the "simple" high-res mode (like in the Pen F, which for me is only lacking – weather sealing). It does not have to be on the level of the E-M1X, being on the level of the E-M5 MkII would suit me just fine …

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