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Buy Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens Online at Low ...

The Olympus BCL-1580(JUG) BLK Body Cap Lens 15mm f8.0 is an all-in-one body cap and lens that provides the perfect snapshots. The 9mm slim lens also serves ...


Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 बॉडी कैप लेन्स : Amazon.in ...

Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 बॉडी कैप लेन्स ... With the "body cap lens", the PEN becomes even more practical as a pocket camera, ...


Body Cap Lens 15mm 1:8.0BCL-1580 White : Amazon.in: Electronics

Maximum Aperture, 8 f ; Manufacturer, ‎Olympus ; Model, ‎V325010WE000 ; Model Year, ‎2014 ; Min Focal Length, ‎15 Millimeters.


Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens Features

  • 9mm slim lens also serves as a body cap
  • f8 aperture lends depth-of-field to shoot clear images even in bright outdoor conditions.
  • The lens is capable of taking close-up shots as close as 30cm.
Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens

The lowest Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens Price in India is ₹15,762 at Amazon.
Buy Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens online at Amazon.
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Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Olympus
Colour Screen No
feature 9mm slim lens also serves as a body capf8 aperture lends depth-of-field to shoot clear images even in bright outdoor conditions.The lens is capable of taking close-up shots as close as 30cm.
Has Auto Focus No
Has Image Stabilization No
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number BCL-1580
Item Weight 23 g
Manufacturer Olympus
Min Aperture 1.8
Min Focal Length 15 Millimeters
Model BCL-1580
Model Year 2012
Optical Zoom 1 X
Product Dimensions 8.4 x 8.5 x 4.6 cm

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Olympus BCL-1580 15mm F8.0 Body Cap Lens Reviews from YouTube

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The Worst Lens In The World? Olympus 15mm f/8 Bodycap Lens
Ok, to clarify a couple of things. 1) This lens is a 'Body Cap Lens' not 'Lens Cap Lens' I mentioned in the video, though did correct myself at the end . 2) Thumbnail doesn't count, only whatever is in the 'video' . You can leave your answer either on the comment section or in our Facebook Page!
It's kinda crap lense but a really really good body cap lol I don't mind it, it makes shooting more challenging
I commented because I have the biggest crush on you. Lols :(
FYI: subliminal advertising, as you have in this video, is illegal.
Great vid....thx. Going out shooting with mine today on an epl7
I love this review. I have both the 9 and 15mm BCL. They make my E-PM2 truly pocketable.
would rather go with the Olympus 9mm f8 fisheye body cap,or maybe one of those sub 70 8mm CCTV lenses ,bit soft in edges but more options
Hi. Will the lense work on Olympus E PL5? Thank u
15mm and 15 Olympus logos... fingers crossed!
Great video...
Any defishing during post process?
Does this and the the Fisheye Body Cap Lens work on the E-M5 II?
I stuck this on E-M5 II and filmed at 1080p 24fps and the image is even on par with the Olympus 17mm 1.8 at f8.So ridiculous and crazy and quite a surprise as well.
That Olympus subliminal messaging, didn't know that still existed!
I just ordered a $19 tilt shift adapter Nikon F to MFT on eBay. Just for fun got to have fun right.
Love your enthusiasm Jimmy! I just bought one one these...great fun
Oh I love this lens! Its one of my most favorite lenses. I love this for street photography if I dont care that its not as sharp as a pro lens. I use it for mood shots.
I love the 9mm fisheye version
I have the the 9mm F8 FE bodycap. it is very similar to the 15mm, except much larger and distorted field of view. I bought it as the most low risk way to get a fisheye lens and try it out that way. I loved it but f8 is seriously limiting in the end.I upgraded to the godly 8mm f1.8 FE PRO. My second most used lens with m43.
There is 15!!!
I had this lens included in my purchase camera (Olympus OMD EM 5 mark ii), always think what to do with it since I just started. But I do love the way you use it with the black and white filter to make it more tasteful, I think no lens is bad to some degree but mostly on how you use it. However, I did think of buying a 14-42mm kit lens for my next second-hand purchase.
some of those pics seem Moriyama's...so great lens :)
I don't know why, but I find myself looking at this video over and over again throughout the years, I find it very relaxing
A very good educational and interesting video . It's not rude to point in my culture also . I got the intensity and the point .
I love the 9mm fisheye version of this lens: its great fun.
Very good photography
Nice video . Thanks. Can we use this lens on canon?
It's brilliant I love mine and the 9mm version. Wish they made a whole fixed focal lens set with 20, 25 and 40. Great cheap fun very artistic.
I never used a cap lens and I didn't have any interest, but after this video I can buy one second hand just for fun and Holga style photography!
sorry but its very impolite to point at your audience like how you do at the beginning
Not bad. On my tiny tablet screen the B&W's don't look bad at all. Better than I expected, I suppose. Thanks for the vid.
I have also this lens, mine is a lot better than I expected. I love that it also works as a cap and fits in my pocket.
Glad you are having fun with the 15mm. I like mine, I seldom use it but do enjoy it when I use it. Aside from a Lensbaby or an old cheap unsharp film lens, this is a good way to learn to let go of resolution charts and pixel peeping. My favourite session was of some cheeky statues by Xu Hong Fei with passers by And a fond hello to Matti, he should have been say, 5 secs of your video.
I have the 9mm body cap lens, it seems to get better reviews
I've seen both this and the 9mm described as "toy" lenses, and I think that you're right, it's perfect to use with the art filters. I have the 9mm version and captures landscapes fantastically, especially with good light. Give that one a go if you get a chance.
It looks a little cool there Peter,we are having a cool change too, after a week or so of high 30 to low 40 degree temps, today at 9.34 am it is a pleasant 27 C. Greetings from the other side of the world , Queensland , Australia...keep up the good work.
Interesting, not sure I would buy unless I got a super deal, but it looks like fun. Always enjoy your content.
Looks like a great little lens for the money my friend is on his way to Singapore I will have him pick up one
I own both 15 mm and 9mm body caps.I think you are right.Have you tested the 9mm? It;s a different story.
If you own this lens share some photos you've taken with it!! It's such a crazy little dude. Even though it isn't perfect, it's still super fun and handy to have. And cheap. Did I mention cheap?
Your intro had got me laughing so badly, cause what you mention is on point.The more you mention pro, the more I question the lens.
Hello, I come from the future.I bought this for 20$. I bought this as I wanted to get a toy lens look using saturated colours.It is true that the lenses for the original price are not reasonable at all, yet Im having a lot of fun.(as well I have a 12-40mm f2.8 that is a piece of art, but heavy and huge for a small body).PS: Do not pay more than 20$, because it doesnt worth it.
When one thinks portrait at mid day, with 30mm, at F8 (times some wretched crop factor), one should probably ask What can go right?
I don't know about the 15 mm but I bought the 9 mm semi fisheye and I love it!
Do you still have it?
Great educational video . I just bought one , great for travel . Love your accent . Manchester ? United or city ? I'm from Yorkshire but I still like your video .
I've been considering the Olympus 9mm lenscap lens! .. maybe if I get a great deal on one like you!
"If you like vignettes!" ... who doesn't. LOL
"Finest plastic made" haha haha.. hearing that, I thought this should be good!
think I'd run with the 9mm fish eye version for around 79
Not sure I'll get this one... Love the 9mm version, with its near fisheye look. Perhaps if I can get one for less than $50 USD. At least I got my 9mm with the original box, used. Otherwise I'll stick with my 17mm f1.8 which I love a lot.
Good educational video. Love your northern accent. I'm considering buying one for travel . Your from Lancashire. I'm from Canada but I was born in Yorkshire. Still friends...?
That intro tho
I own it. It costed only 10 euros on some Black Friday. I have used it with my oldest and smallest camera body E-PL3.
I purchased one of these earlier this year. I paid..... 18.00..... for it. It came complete and in its box.
is your picture jpg? if it is, would you let me know which preset you used?
I've never seen a camera reviewer struggle harder not to wet themselves laughing.They should have just made it focus-free (i.e. set up for hyperfocal distance) and left it at that. Even my (half-frame, film-era) Olympus-Pen EE-2 does better.
Love the lens snobbery. I can't even get a sharp image corner to corner with any lens. In my 3d world some things are in focus and some are not. Most of my images never go to print and I don't view them all at 100% all the time to check lens performance. I'm happy with how they look at PC resolution. For those of us who love photography but have little money this lens is fun. As Arthur says, 'isn't fun the best thing to have?' Yes, it's fun to take the pi## but let's not suck the joy out of low cost kit. We can't all afford the good stuff.
I have got one and I get great shots it just uses the shutter speed only but I use panersonic G80 and I get great shots on my Olympus fisheyeand it was amazing to use!
Gonna use this on an a7siii
Do you still have this "lens"?
The focus lever is kinda like on the Olympus XA
Cheaper that a leica body cap . LOL and smiling.
I just bought a 9mm fisheye body cap lens made by Olympus . 125 Canadian dollars. I like a lens for travel , light , sharp and wide .
6:17 great photo and you barely even took it. Just goes to show you how the romanticism that we ascribe to great photos is often hindsight excuse making.... alot of the time it's pure luck what we get.Great review, thank you.
Its gone in (Thats what she said)
I like it...
I think the idea is to be able to pull the camera out really fast and start taking pictures when you don't have time to put a lens on. But most people just leave a lens on their camera. If you don't have room in your bag for the camera with a big lens on it, then you would be better off just getting a pancake lens. I mean, what are you saving by using this instead? One and a half centimeters?
I've got this and its 9mm fisheye cousin. I use the fisheye quite a lot and it's acceptable IQ for my needs. This? Not so much.I'd sell it if it wasn't so cheap! Its only redeeming feature is that it makes my Pen camera genuinely fit in my pocket.
There are no bad lenses. Only bad photographers.
It's a lovely lens with a film-style feel to it.
So it's interesting as a body cap but the Zuiko word is nowhere to be found. Why is that?
not tried this, but if I see it at the right price i might try it out.
Probably the BEST street photography lens in the world - on the front of an em5 mk2
Can u do a review of the Nikon D100
Three element is two more elements than a Brownie Box camera. Good evocative photos have been made with worse.
I got this lens on eBay for $20, threw it on a Panasonic GF3 I got for $40, and I literally just keep it in my pocket almost 24/7 and always have a camera at the ready.
I think this design is really brilliant for photojournalists because it let you use the camera right away even you don't have any lens on it in the first place. So if you are in a real hurry you get this out and...wait...actually that's what a phone is for..... I'm confused now.

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