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Hi My student visa expires on 15/03/2022. I applied for TR and got message to do my medical test. There is only appointment for next month that is 13/04/2022 in the medical centre near me. Can I do my medical on that day or do I have to do it before.
I currently have bridging visa A, as I have applied for student visa extension last year. But its been 2 months since the medical, and I'm still waiting for the new student visa. I have finished my studies now and my coe is till 30th june. I'm planning to apply for TR 485. My query is, Will I be on the same bridging visa A or it will change to bridging visa C when I apply for TR? And if it will be bridging visa C, do I still have working rights?
I'm confused with the health examination for the 485 TR visa. Do I need to wait to get an email notification to book a health checkup date? or I can see the option to book a health examination date in my IMMI account to book the date?should I book or wait until an email notification?
Sir I have completed Btech 2016 can i apply for this visa ?
Is there any solution if I missed lodgement date ? It's almost 10 months after completion of study. But 4 months passed of student visa expiry.
Sir agar tr mai student k pte score na Ane se refusle a jye tao koi aur chance hai ?
Pte requirements?
Your contact information please
Skill assessment pass ho jye te visa aa jnda
Do they ask for again AFP certficate 485 visa.. mine afp will be expire on jan 2022 but they ask again afp in request checklist thanks
Thanks for the heads up. Its gon help me a lot. Just a quick query, would you recommend to lodge our TR by ourselves?
I am onshore and married. I m going to finish my study in a month, its masters degree from Macquarie.. my wife lives in Hong Kong with her PR there. I want to apply my TR together with her, can I apply my TR with her in the same application?
Sir nowadays we have heard that Concession period is going on so now can we lodge combined application for 485 although the secondary applicant is offshore
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Thank you for your videoPlease make more video about student visa
Thank yo for the information. i love your videos
You need a good personal assistant!
I get similar products shipped to me from Europe and Canada with no duty, yeah! Pay plenty in other ways.
you should try for awesome stationary made in the UK and delivered to you around the world.
Wayminute. Let's talk about your LV pocket organizer that crept in that shot.
George HW Bush was a big note sender.
Why not USB business cards?
My business uses DHL to ship product worldwide. The Fedex price on shipping you paid (if I heard right) is about the same as sending my product to anywhere from Australia. Nomad product tax maybe? Decent courier system tax?Very nice cards by the way.
Non Marriott Hotel!!! Hilarious!!!
Link to your printer, please?
Andrew, if you plan to do these kind of video more often I would recommend to change the camera view to be as top view.Nice video
hey andrew can you provide a weblink to hoban press.
Couldn't you get all these locally and not order from the US.
I would be interested to see how you presented your business card, even if you (understandably) block your phone number out.
You cannot buy everything by going down to the store. We tried to get a gaming monitor running through all the malls when this was still possible. Lazada has them all. At the stores they have like 3 models. You can find the right store and sit in a grap for 180 minutes to get it the old school way, though. The time it takes you to go grocery shopping you can create an account at Tescos and order online. The first time it takes a little longer, but if you have done it once you can't go back. It is just not fun to go buy 10 packs of toilet paper in person ;-)It is also convenient to shop online like a week before you arrive somewhere and have everything delivered to your door so you don't have to go out after a long flight.Also, right now, it is way better. As the head of the family you can't even send your wife to go for groceries ;-)Love the videos which I have been following for a year now.Greetings from Johor Bahru.PS: Glasses are made in China and sent to MY or to the US (or to Germany, where I am from) where they must cost at least 2 times as much.
I like the red Buddha.
Envelopes, is it 1950? Gotta hate all those countries where you can't buy envelopes.
Andrew get your team to call me back. I've submitted an inquiry and want to take my business offshore, fast.
The Nomad Tax is too real. Getting a book shipped from home can cost as much as a plane ticket
Do you need help with preparing and planning for STEP 1 or 2 CK, check out our one-on-one USMLE advising plans:Check out my research courseCheck out my statistics courseFor Match and Residency advising, check out my website: Check our new blog on the Best Resources for USMLE STEP 1 you so much
So helpful information Dr.Asaad
Much appreciated this video Dr. Assad. Would you please, tell, how long should we take for review UWORLD 1 block during dedicated period and how many blocks per day. Thanks ahead.
Is it good to start building my basics from uworld just to shorten the period of time of preperation .? Because i just need to finish step 1 as soon as posible .
I had a doubt .. if pass all 3 usmle exam ... Do we have to pay tution fee in usa for pg
Nice idea thats what i am suggesting to students to strong your basic before touching FA.
Sir I am from india and I have Complete M.B.B.S. March 2020 .After that I have not done any working or experience and so 18-19 months gap period has been generated .Am I eligible for USMLE ?Or should I prepare for USMLE Now ?Sir Please tell me
The USMLE test is really frustrating, I can't believe I failed again after studying so much
Very helpful MashaAllah
Where are you from? I like your accent and helpful video
Do you think step 1 dedicated can be combined with a flexible part-time job?
Thanks for this.
This was really helpful
How to stop making silly mistake?
I wanna ask if lecterio app is useful or not
Hey Dr Asaad, my scores are stuck on NBME i have done uw 2 times and fa many times now i don't know what to do? please help
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excellent video . can u upload share ,video regarding gynae match in USA residency.

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