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Offshore Blowouts: Causes and Control Book Reviews from YouTube

Deepwater Horizon In Their Own Words (Full Episode) | In Their Own Words
Drilling Animation
Rachel Maddow in Conversation
Introduction to Well Control by Dr. Hussein Emadi, Lecture 01/04
I`m not sure but didn`t Transocean operate the rig ? it`s a helva lot harder to get oil at that depth than it looks , Rip men
There were already rules in place. The people running the rig failed to maintain their equipment and failed to use proper techniques that were there to keep them and the environment safe. And it had nothing to do with Trump.
Its just pitch black and fire and I hear voices
I enjoyed watching this video until at the last moment a gratuitous dig on Trump appeared. Keep the politics out please.
It is bad how much oil is leaking as I am speaking
Could you imagine Joe Biden trying to orchestrate vacating everyone safely from the rig?
So National Geographic had to take a dig at Trump at the end? Now look at our economy and fuel prices. Thanks Biden!
Thanks for bringing your politics in yet again, Nat Geo
Ok, That was intense.
Wow everyone should know about this...everyone should know how Americans put their life on the line do and how dangerous the job is so we can have energy! Same with coal miners!! My daddy was a coal.miner
None of the executives went to jail for ignoring safety concerns workers were talking about that were silenced of the threat of being fired. Corporate corruption at it's worst.
Hmmm so the deepwater horizon burned for hours with oil and gas as an excelartor and didn't collapse but the twin towers had a little jet fuel and collapsed in an hour? Ok
Too many ads I quit.
Always wondered why BP was crucified when the rig that caught fire and sank was not even owned by B P but a contractor and Halliburton had a hand in making sure this nightmare came into reality but BP gets in all the trouble
I like how they tried to take a jab at Trump for something that happened during the Obama administration. What clowns.
In 2021, the Biden Administration reinstated the previous regulations and eliminated all new domestic oil production nationwide, along with drastically scaling back existing wells in production. The vast majority of oil is now imported into the United States, resulting in the highest rise in energy prices ever recorded.
Figures someone would find a way to blame 45. Shame on you, N.G !!!!
I think the worse part about the disaster is that 11 people were killed and those Responsible were never brought to justice
Prayers for the souls and the families this nightmare caused. I worked my 45 ft trawler cleaning this oil which was orange floating sludge the smell of which I never will forget. This disaster was the game ender of the commercial oyster shrimp fish crab industry. It hasn't recovered and ruined a lively hood from folks who this all we know.Yes we got paid for the cleanup and for our losses, which was determined by BP well below what was needed seafood industry was destroyed yet to recover fully from this disaster.Praying this will never happen again.8
Hello gentlemen,Have a good business We are water well drilling rig machines manufacturer , we are producing best technology of rings and export to all country around the world .It will be our proud to cooperate with you if you are interesting , you might check our machines in our channelthanks and have a nice day
Biden hates this drilling, loathes it. Admit it! I would like to know why really old partly senile mentally compromised men who normally society pays little attention towards somehow get chosen to be in extreme positions of power. They must be puppets.
Sign me up
This is what propaganda looks like.
great video
Nice video but How do they even drill so deep though? 12km is the deepest
Good well drilling explanation
thank you so bad
but how does oil flow up against gravity?
what gets into the ground when oil and gas are taken up? what material has the ability to stabilize the subsoil as good as oil and compressed gas nothing can replace Oil and Gas so subsoil worldwide is and will be unstable.
Which company made the 3D animation? Well done
Whens lunch?!
Hey I found a good explanation video about SPT test here. Hope this will give you a good knowledge.Take what you want from it.
I am so hard right now
hope not
Loki Loki You should have ever known what was going on On the Loki That's where these fool's didn't even ever know me. How this is for Real the Og? Check What Strate laced game
19 in caronaVirus is supposed to mean?
This is timely
Well well well look what the wind blew in Great Journalist
Best Storyteller In Her Field!
Crippled and Lesbian?Cripian?Lesippled?
From across The Pond: I live in England and I wish that there was someone who could speak for beliefs as you do Rachel.!!!ps... I think that you are gorgeous... Devastated that you are gay ! xxx lol lol.
Head of the Ministry of propaganda.I hope she's around for the tribunals.I'd love to see her do a piece on those.
Bitter since seventh grade! Ask her why? When did she discover that men did not like her? When did she decide she loved obese women?
I might very well be in love with this woman.
Rachel, you talk with the intelligence we should expect from a president.
Rachel is truly one of a kind!
This lady is obsessed with Trump. She's no real reporter. Just another opinion giver.Shes the worst.
Qubec love you we are watching and wondering and judging. And we hope democracy will prevail.
Finally! Someone who understands what a Martini is!!!
I love Rachel Maddow. She is beautiful, brilliant & a badass.
: d?
Love you, too, Rachel Maddie, for your shows throughout your television tenure where your political insights, humor and unvarnished view of American history in the making are priceless and make keeping up with current events tolerable, rather than depressingly overwhelming. You tell compelling stories connecting the dots, as it were, representative of the acts and inactions of the characters in the global and national stories at play. Thank you for your noble and honorable service to humanity. P.S. You are welcome to read to us any time!
Great job Agha Dr.Emadi
Nice lecture by Sir Emadi
Great Presentation Dr. Emadi
Thanks dr. Hussain Emadi
Great presentation Dr Emadi!

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