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Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of ...

Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes : Jordan, William: ...


Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of ...

Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic System For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes - Ultimate DIY Guide 2021!


Buy Off Grid Solar Power: A Comprehensive Beginner's ... -

Off Grid Solar Power: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Learning, Designing and Building Photovoltaic Solar Power System for RVs, Cabins, Vans, Boats and ...


Off Grid Solar Power Simplified: The DIY Guide to Install a Mobile ...

Off Grid Solar Power Simplified: The DIY Guide to Install a Mobile Solar Power System in Boats, RVs, Vans and Tiny Homes : Smart, Will: Books.


Off Grid and Mobile Solar Power For Everyone: Your Smart Solar ...

It will show you how to design and quickly install the solar power system ... Off Grid Solar Power Simplified: For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes.


Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes Book Features

Find the best deal on Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes Book at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes Book Price in India is ₹2,035 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes Book we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
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Off-Grid Solar Power Made Easy: Design and Installation of Photovoltaic system For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes Book Reviews from YouTube

DIY 400 Watt 12 volt Solar Power System Beginner Tutorial: Great for RV's and Vans! *Part 1*
EASIEST Off Grid Solar Power System Battery Bank
Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything! - Revisited
2kW Off-grid solar rooftop system design ,sizing | Solar Off-Grid system designing / sizing
*Click "Read More" for Complete Guide/ Safety Instructions to this video below:* Part 2 of this video: Parts list for this system, and what battery I recommend: My Book: Video Table of Contents: Recommended Tools: 1:52 Recommended Components: 6:19 Arranging Components Strategically: 7:37 Mounting Components: 10:51 Mounting Circuit Breakers: 11:02 Wire Organization Strategy: 11:25 Measuring/Cutting/Stripping Large Gauge Wire: 12:46 3 Point Crimper Demonstration: 14:22 Hammer Crimper Demonstration: 17:40 Connecting Components together with Crimped Wires: 18:38 Covering Positive Terminals for safety: 22:38 Connecting the System to the Battery: 23:35 Testing Components: 24:05 Connecting Solar Panels: 24:34 Installing MT-50: 26:22 Attaching DC Appliances to the Fuse Box: 28:59 Cutting and Crimping an appliance to the Fuse Box: 29:33 Stripping 12 gauge wire for DC appliance: 30:30 Crimping 12 gauge wire for DC appliance: 30:39 Using Crimp connector heat shrink on a stove: 31:04 If you are intimidated by building your own system and want an easier option, check out my recommended solar generators: *Safety Considerations:* In this system, I sized the fuse for the inverter. In most off grid vehicle mounted systems, this is fine. If you are pulling a lot of current through the fuse box, you will need a larger fuse or circuit breaker. Technically you could take out the 175 amp circuit breaker, and only use the main bolt-on fuse, but thats up to you and what gauge of wire you are using, and how you plan to use your system. I did not ground the inverter or the charge controller in this video. If the manual of your inverter tells you to ground it, then run a nice little wire to chassis or ground. Just one extra wire. Follow the inverter directions. It may or may not come with the wire. The large 2 gauge wire that goes to the positive terminal of the battery is black because that's all I had on hand. I could not source it locally. I did not think that it would cause confusion, but some people commented about it. The main fuse that attaches to the battery and protects the 2 gauge wire is specifically a bolt- on fuse. You can use a similar sized fuse and fuse holder instead. Use whatever you have available. I did not use heatshrink for the 4 gauge wire because I ran out. Heat shrink is preferable. Use it if you can! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does off-grid solar confuse you? Check out my DIY friendly website for solar system blueprints and packages, and much more! / Join our DIY solar community! #1 largest solar forum on the internet for beginners and professionals alike: Check out my best-selling, beginner-friendly 12V off-grid solar book (affiliate link): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My solar equipment recommendations (Constantly updated! Check here first): 12V Lithium Batteries: Server Rack LiFePO4 deals: DIY LiFePO4 Batteries: 50-250W Solar Panels: 300W+ Solar Panels: 12/24/48V All-in-one Solar Systems: Plug-N-Play Systems: LiFePO4 Battery Cell Deals: DIY LiFePO4 BMS: 12V/24V Inverters: LiFePO4 Battery Chargers: Solar Charge Controllers: Solar Panel Mounting Guide: Fuses: Battery Monitors: Favorite Tools: 12V fridges: DIY Friendly Air Conditioner/ Heat Pumps: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Online Stores for DIY Solar and Coupon Codes: -Current Connected: SOK, Victron and High Quality Components. Best prices and warranty around: -Signature Solar: Cheap Server Rack Batteries and Large Solar Panels -CHINS battery: Cheapest 12V batteries around: -Rich Solar: Mega site and cheaper prices than renogy! Check them out: -: Cheap cell deals 5% off code: diysolar -Watts 24/7: Best deals on all-in-one solar power systems, with customer support and distribution here in the USA: question Will , would it be better to solder the cable ends?
how many watts does that controller have can you please tell meeeee
Electric is tough for me to understand but you make it simple for me to understand, may I ask what the difference in a circuit breaker and a fuse box?
Question, what about my existing wiring? Hooking up my solar system to an existing system? AC, and DC?
Would you ever get me pride if I need it
Question. I will be building a system in this way, but I also have an AC to DC Victron blue 15 amp smart charger (fused) that will charge the battery(s) when I am on shore power. Would I just connect the charger hardwired directly to the battery bank of this system and leave it in place full time? Or are there other steps I would need to do? (I am using a 100ah 12 volt LIFePO4 battery)
Amazing. thank you.
Thank you, Thank you Thank you.
If you are setting up the solar in an RV, Why wouldn't you just use the fuse block that's already there
Have you ever added a super capacitor in front of the batteries? Also how about wind power?
Great Job
omg, WHY DO I NEED A CAR BATTERY, WHERE, WHAT DOES IT DO, WHY DOES EVERY VIDEO LEAVE OUT THE FREAKING CAR BATTERY PART, this is about the 50th Video I've watched and asked about the Car Battery, I am an Elderly Woman trying to figure this Out, I bought the Solar Panels, but I'm loss now.
Cover those load terminals with electrical tape to keep clean, dry, and unused. Thanks, Johnny Watts. Graphics on your website are magnificent as is your overall presentation.
Please see Revelation 14:12 & 18:23, Run away from the PCR test is alarming what people have found in them.
Why are connecting the solar charge controller to the fuse then the inverter and then the battery? Everyone I have spoken to here in Finland does not recommend doing it like this. They state that the solar charge controller should be connected directly to the battery. I wanted to do it your way has that looked intereseting however I need to understand why you have done it like this. My set up is for and off grid cabin with just a 12v fridge and some lights.
Will this work for a small room?
This guy is a genius
Why not use the load to connect inverter ? I thought that’s what it was for , and the mppt or pmw stops when battery get low ?
For the complete beginner: What would be the optimal way to connect a Generator for those cloudy weeks? Thanks for posting these videos. I am appreciating your videos greatly!
☀️ *NEWEST UPGRADES TO OUR SYSTEM SEPTEMBER 2021* i was a little confused when you said you would have 48v 800ah pack , umm no i dont think so ,what you have is 48v at 200ah ,as you have two banks at 48v in parallel but the current output will be the same at 100ah per bank , if you wanted 800ah you would have to connect them in series but then you would have 12v @800ah , still sounds like it will be a good system completed though
Nice system set up.
where did you get the cables?
I saw your old inverter when you were showing your solar shack, do you want to sell it?
demolitia shirt?
I like your video but I do see some things you could upgrade first strap your batteries to the wall secure them some way. Put in a off switch on off twist switch like in the Marine industry to be able to disconnect power if necessary
Excellent video. Good explainer technique. I learned a lot.
Great job bro. I had to subscribe.
I got tons of sunlight during summer , a ton of batteries is what we need awesome!
Your system is not able to supply all the appliances working at the same time.
How much was the whole thing?
Anyone got birds messing up their solar roof? I got some birds sleeping underneath my panels. Any suggestions for solutions? Any bird repellents I can use?
Awesome. Thanks for making this so easy to understand.
Really ought to be breaker panels between the panels and the controller and between the inverter and batteries. Also “designed and assembled” in the USA means all the parts are made overseas, shipped to Nevada and put together there. Those batteries aren’t Made in the USA. Great system and it’s awesome being independent of the grid but you should add some basic things like the breakers to keep it safer and more convenient. Invest in heat shrink too for those crimped cables. Color coded and safer.
Dear Martin, An amazing video of a very important topic. I have reload and see this video for ours and ours. By the way, Is it possible to send me a Shopping List and where to get all these stuff. I have subscribe already in order to keep on track with the latest upgrades. Many many thanks. Hope to have informed you accordingly. Waiting for your soonest reply. Regards from Curacao in the Caribbean.
Great Work Martin - Keep it up!
Another thing is you don't hav enough air flow around that inverter charger, When it kicks into surge mode or charge mode It's going to heat up, that building is probably never going to get below 0 With that inverter in there, Should I drill some holes in the bottom plate and put some to narrower wood on top and put some holes in that side plate there for air flow, I have the exact same inverter and they do get hot Personally I would worry about the heat in the summer time more than the Winter time. A little bit of space between your batteries for some air flow. Way too much copper showing. It's not a bad idea to run those positive and negative going to your inverter right next to each other or give them a twist around each other, cuts down inductance
You got the spark because you did it wrong
When assembling Never hook up positive last always hook up negative last. When diassembling Always disconnect negative 1st, Then disconnect positive 2nd.
I love these re-visit videos, it’s so nice to see how these people are getting along after a long time in a tiny house. I’m trying so hard to convince my husband that we should sell our big 4 bedroom/2bath home and go tiny but no luck so far Bryce
I love how you are using different solar power systems. The water system is awesome.
Aww . all the tiny house couples, and heres me, 40 years old, 12 years single, unemployed in a flat share .
Bryce, that house looks really awesome. And very nice.
Thank you for your vigilance and willingness to do that which Our Father instrucks. on to the next step.
No monthly utility bills, no monthly rent. Maybe a monthly loan payment but Im sure it's not as outrageous as a mortgage for the"regular house". So, what's not to love?
Just curious here how’s the income with those who live in tiny house and far the city or are they working or no?
Thank you for the welcome and sharing of your Nice Vegetalized Tiny House !
Can they not look for an underground water source and drill a borehole I mean If they have their own land.
Thanks for this great vidéo !
Please make cute babies together.
You just deserve something like netflix series
This is awesome! I wonder if they got an EV yet, I mean with all that extra power, they may be able to provide their own power for the car!
I would love to see a tiny home movement retirement community built in Maryland~~~Currently, I am purging in my tiny apartment as to prepare to downsize for when I retire. Trying hard to join the perma culture living lifestyle!
I love how happy you both are and all that you've accomplished. I wish you much happiness in Japan is your travel. Continue to be very wise about what you do with your money I never take it for granted. So much can change in an instant whether it's your health or your circumstances or your finances so I am really proud of you for saving so much I love all your plants everywhere and I loved when you were asked what struggles you've had in the past year you neither one could think of anything it has been difficult this year because normally when you're building something new together especially when you live off grid there's problems and you both are so at peace with what you've been doing and you just seem so PEACE and who else can see that Not very many peopleI can tell you that I'm much older than you buy a lifetime of reflective sadness! You have everything I wanted with my husband and we were very much in love, In fact all of our life we continue to be in love but it wasn't enough… He became addicted to his anesthesia medication as he learned it young in school training is it anesthesia doctor and it destroyed our lives and don't be sad for me because we both learned our lesson and we also learn to live small from how we began trying to live large in societies definition of how you should live… But I would've given anything for us to have what the two of you haveLiving off grid and away from society because we both loved gardening and the outdoors and traveling and each other and it would've been nice to finished in a different way than we did and eventually he was unable to practice once he I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and such a sad difficult into his life. He was a proud man and we made the best of our time together and even in his last 12 hours we dance together and sang together you have to make your moments count and it seems like that's what you guys are doing. I wish you much happiness & I really love your tiny house and all the clever things you did and especially those big drawers in the kitchen and your Comfy Loft
Love the savings.
I love most of the houses featured on this channel but I rewatch this one all the time! So inspiring to make a move to renewables and tiny living!
Good vibe couple!
Beautiful house
They need to do something around around house. Plant some flowers or garden of veggies.
Please upload video of havells GTi 3300 NG complete installation and configuration thanks in advance
Very good
Sir, mere yaha 1760wp ke panels lage hai (445wp each x4). 2200va ka pwm pcu lagaa hai jo 1800 watts panels suports karta hai. system completely off grid hai. 2 Battery hai 200 ah ki. Aur load hai kareeb 7000-8000 watt hours ka. Toh kya aur additional 2 batteries kharidni hogi? Aur unhe kaise connect karna hoga? Aur saath me panels bhi badhaane hoge kya?
In this video battery bank capacity is calculated for complete energy requirement. but battery is required only when there is cloudy weather or night time.
Hello sir, muje, 2kw ka pump 24 hours continuously chalana hota hai, Uske lye kitna kw k solar system ki need hai
जानकारी बढ़िया है पर इतनी कठोर टेक्निकल भाषा समझना हर किसी के वश की बात नही है,,, अच्छा होता आप सरल भाषा मे इस इसको प्रस्तुत करते।
Thank you sir in hrs these battery will be charged and in how many hours it will be drained out if not used.
Thankyou Sir for sharing this useful information. Sir, I'm having one question - can we charge the battery & simultaneously run the load in day time? Can you suggest the calculation! current needed for charging the battery & at the same time current needed to run the load?
सर आप कमाल हो चार्ज कन्ट्रोलर पर वीडियो बनाएं
Sab calculation sar ke upar se gaya
Nexus solar off grid 2 kv ka lgana thik rhega sir
Wonderful information, thank you
Sir, Panels ko parallel me connect kyu kiya hai
Bhai upar seh nikal gya
Sir, ek excel sheet banakar description mai bandi jiye sir
Air conditioning ka nahi bathaya.
Plesse Sir, biracial solar panels informative video kept for our information

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