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Oakley Wayfarer Sunglasses (OO9135-09) · Lens Width : 56 mm, Bridge Width : 18 mm, Temple Length : 131 mm · Jupiter Squared Sunglasses · Oakley Plutonite Lenses ...


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Oakley Wayfarer Sunglasses
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Oakley Wayfarer Sunglasses Reviews from YouTube

Ray-Ban Wayfarer vs Oakley Frogskins
Watch This Before You Buy Oakley Sunglasses
Best Oakley Sunglasses of 2020 | SportRx
Ray-Ban Justin vs Oakley Holbrook
Oakley sucks.
They both have their pros and cons. Pros for Ray Ban: Classic look, sturdy solid frame, glass lenses. Pros for Oakley: Contemporary look, lightweight frame, plastic hinges better for the pool/water. Cons for Ray Ban: Heavy Frame, metal hinge can rust if around water environment often, glass lenses not good for sport related activities. Cons for Oakley: lightweight can be perceived as feeling "cheap", and plastic lenses can scratch easier. I have both and use each according to the activity I'm doing. Ray-Ban for dressing up and Oakley for active and sport activities. 😎😎
Are Oakley polarized?
I love both styles but lets be real...Ray Ban Wayfarer has been stylish for around 70 years. Hard to select something so stylish, so cool, and so classic worldwide.
i like better lenses
hmm. i believe the original wayfarer's look far more mature. the oakleys look like something a kid would pick out to look edgy.
once you tried the prizm lenses you will never go back to normal lenses like the g-15.
Frogskins for life because every man and his dog owns Wayfarers.
Thanks for your vid. Strong work. I rocked my first pair of frog skins in 1985. Witsh I still had them. They are more comfortable than the ray bans. I prefer Oakley. I prefer a bat wolf or a fuel cell or frog skins for better coverage.
Frogskins have a more modern look while Wayfarers are the classics.
Why do you slow down at the end of every sentence?
Are the oakley lenses no longer peeling?
I have both, the only thing that i dislike about frogskins is, the iridium coated crumpled, same goes to my holbrook,
For sure oakley valentino rossi
I swear by the frogskins! I've had mine for like 6 years now and only changed my lens once.
I like both and own both.
What is the model of the Frogskin ? Crystal Black/ Positive Red Iridium ?
Question I'm about to buy a pair of frog skins but on the right arm it says frog skin and has the id # on the same side is that right or fake?
Lmao you picked the cheapest frog skins get some polarized lenses and get the LX dumbass
Oakley is far more versatile. Try sitting on your ray bans it will break, sit on the Oakley and the arms just pop out which can be put back in place. Plus you can buy extra lenses for frogskin and change them as you wish, I don't think u can do that with ray bans.
Being a 20 year die hard Oakley collector I sadly have to completely agree with you. Lux has gutted Oakley and they are a shell of what they used to be. I stopped collecting when Jim sold the company.
I just bought a pair for $40 from Macy’s.....So yea.
Why did you pick the most boring designs for your video?
I wear sunglasses almost everyday, my first pair of Maui Jim’s still look brand new almost 3 years later. I used to buy 3 prs of Oakleys per year due to the poor lense quality. No more plastic lenses for me. Ever.
Once you outgrow G-Shock watches and flatbrimmed hats, you also need to get away from plastic sunglasses...
Thank you for the info, not buying these sad 😢
Definetly you are right! I have some different pairs of Oakley. The old ones, and some new ones. The last one I bought its the Oakley Clifden its on the way to be delivery to me. But yeah, unfortunately they dont have more the x-metal which were hard and well made, some others too the lenses were tought, now I have some Holbrooks which the lenses are so bad that seems to be fake sunglasses lenses. That's terrible. Even my wallet from Oakley is endind, I left a few time on the drawer and start to peeling off the leather... what a shame!
Totally agree with you. Oakley has reduced dramatically the quality of their sunglasses. My Last three sunglasses have been replaced by quality issues. Additionally, they're producing sunglasses with frequently encountered designs in other brands. Now, they don't nothing similar to Juliet, for example.
I rather choose to buy now class A ...anyway no one ask you is that authentic?....can I see it...same as shoes....
It's time for you to get juliet X :) you will fall in love again..
Bring back the x-metal Juliets!!
I've been wearing the same pair of Radar EV's for 3 seasons of baseball.They've had ground balls come up and hit them, they've been knocked off, and they've been thrown around quite a bit. And they're still in pretty decent condition, i did have to replace the lenses after being hit by a baseball a few times but the frames are still going strong.
The price is bs but I think the quality in the older ones is better and the styles back in the day were way better
It's the design and quality control, some of the USA made oakley feels like cheap plastic too, with a loose hinge.
Oakley is trash now glad someone made a video on them!
I want to buy radar ev path from probikekit but don't know if they are legit because they are 100$ less then in canada. If anybody bought from them please let me know
Everyone in the comments is so mad seeing their favorite brands be told the truth. The quality has kept going down since Luxotica bought them in 07 they don't even make as much metal frame sunglasses anymore and the futuristic designs are no where were they used to be pity I really like the prizm feature in their sunglasses
Dude, learn about objectivity. This is opinion.
So the point was a history lesson on Oakley???
Must watch review of Native Hardtop Ultra Sunglasses! https://youtu.be/8wP2vIWSnuw
What's your favorite Oakley of the year? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!
What color of frames are the flak 2.0 in this video?
Hello Sportrx, is the mainlink xl comes with extra nose pads(asian fit)?
My lady has small face I don’t know if I should get youth, half jacket, quarter jacket!!!
I want the Hoolbrook XL, with the splingshot cord, and the inside sports features of the portal X. LIFE, Y U NO EASY :(
Opinions on flak 2.0 prism
I like the split shots because they aren’t ugly like a lot of fishing sunglasses!
Caitlyn Jenner is a hero
if you play golf and baseball but can only get one type of lenses, which would fit each sport better? i assume that the golf and field lenses are very similar but i'm not sure.
The Holbrook XL are my favorite. I also have a pair of Holbrook Metal and Double Edge. I enjoy wearing all of them
Hi there thanks for sharing this video. My husband is having trouble driving due to the sun glare, what’s your take on the sunglasses for blocking these strong sun rays.. I wanted to gift him on his birthday can you please lmk ASAP thank you
the products were better when manufactured in 1 Icon, Foothill Ranch, CA, MADE IN U.S.A. Currently products manufactured in China,thailand, Italy, Brazil, etc. They are of very poor quality. It's like buying a fake. If you loved Oakley before Luxottica you'll hate it now.
Oakley : USA assembled, USA MADE = Made In China, thailand, Brasil & Italy = trash, garbage, basura...💩
Great video!! How do you get one of the SportsRx hats?
I'm looking for sunglasses which is best Oakley sunglasses for hiking and the same time lifestyle.
Can I have the RX capability with prizm technology if I have 6 on prescription?
These frames cost around $6 US to manufacture. Oakley is screwing consumers. Any polycarbonate lens provides full UV protection, even $20 sunwear.
Waiting for your list of best Oakley prescriptions... :)
Call it RayBan,sure looks like 1 ugly remake.gone are the days of unique design and are all made in China.
Which hard case will fit the Oakley Portal? I've emailed their customer support, but a week later and still waiting…
why compare the quality when these 2 sunglasses are made by the same company? Luxxotica
Holbrook VR46 i like this ♥️
I have a Holbrook, Juliet and Gascan Made in USA. Thank God I was able to purchase it before they decide to go China made. Thanks for the info. I'll stop patronizing Oakley.
Holbrook feels very light while on face whereas ray bans fit extremely well around temple area
I think it's an easy choice, if i was getting Wayfarer, Ray Ban is the definitely the way to go, and for your non wayfayrer glasses, i would choose Oakley
I am on the same Holbrooks for years never had an issue. My personal rule of thumb for what I like is if I can stick my finger under the glasses with them on my face and touch my eye with ease then they wont work for me too much light gets in.
oakley for the w ray ban needs some sort of their own contrast boosting like oakley prizm or prizm p blows ray bans lens g-15 or whatever the hell there called out of the water there just standad lenses for like 200 bucks ill stick with oakley and maui jm
Mauijim red sands 😎 better 🤙
Both Oakley and RayBan (and Persol) and who know what else, are under the Luxottica umbrella, so you're buyin exactly the same stuff.
Ray Bans all the way for me, proven years of quality and USA originality and Italian quality. Personally every pair of Ray Bans that I own are 100% Top quality. Thank you Ray Ban 👍
Got the Justins at Macy’s 2 years ago, the film on the lens are already peeling off. Not buying RayBan ever again.
I just bought both Holbrook and Justin and I love them both. I love the feel and look of the ray bans but the prizm lense that Oakley uses is phenomenal. That's the only reason I prefer the Oakley's just a little more.
why doesn’t oakley put lens sizes on their website so buyer can know lens size
Which one you prefer to buy?
very short arm stems on the holbrooks
holbrook is poorly built hinges are all plastic,
I recently became manager of a sunglass store and you have been a god send!!!!
In terms of the design, the Holbrook looks like a much higher class design, unfortunate they outsourced to China. But even with the Justins having a better build quality, I'm still gonna go for the Holbrooks because I hate how Ray Bans look (very boring and cheap looking)
Wow didn’t know Oakley are making their sunglasses in China now,that’s unacceptable they are heavily over priced so they should have at least kept the manufacturing in US.if Rayban can make them in Italy,there is no reason why Oakley cannot make them in US.
Bro are you European?

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