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Buy NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) online at Amazon. NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) Colours: Translucent
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Amazon Offers ₹851
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NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) Features

  • Soften the appearance of fine lines and pores
  • Lightweight, translucent finishing powder
  • Fresh and matte finish
    NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) Colours:
    • Translucent

    The lowest NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) Price in India is ₹851 at Amazon.
    Buy NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) online at Amazon.
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    Please go through NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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    NYX HD Finishing Powder (Translucent) Review + Demo + 12hr Wear test | Everyday Makeup Part 3
    NYX HD Finishing Powder FLASH TEST | ThePopHeir | PRODUCT REVIEW
    Does it have flashback.. 🙄
    Yu have used nyx powder as a compact but is this not supposed to be used for only baking I,e. only on top of concealer ? Can we use it on entire face as a compact too ?
    Я ни хрена не понимаю: вы– мужчина или женщина? Что происходит вообще?
    пиздец....это мужик
    u are cute and so nice
    Thank you for the demo and review! I've never used HD finishing powder, ever and wasn't quite sure how I should apply it (heavy, light, etc.) and you were very informative. Thanks! :D
    Great review! 😘
    Great video
    I have a little bit of slight wrinkles under my eyes. I bought this product, what can you recommend to use with it so they don't show up as much? 😊
    Thanks. I just bought the NYX HD powder too. And then I red on the Internet that if you should not risk white flashbacks, then use a translutent powder that is the same color as your skin. It is not often I get my picture taken, but I didn't want to look like some of the celebrites I've seen on pictures. But your video maked me realize it's not at all as bad as I was worried about. And if I blend well, and ust off the exess powder with normal powder the problems gone.
    I need this! I've been looking for a new and cheap translucent powder! I'm totally subscribing!💜
    OML you are so gorgeous😍 Going to buy it after watching your video...need a lil bit infoo about more product...have u tried yhe nyx gel eyeliner nd smudger??is this waterproof nd last all day long??nd hows the nyx matte buh not flat foundation??should i buy these two also??
    I love this product but in the loose, I'm 35 and new to foundation as I've never needed it but dark circles are creeping in so I use a tiny bit of foundation just to cover them and the loose powder keeps it in place SO well, I fell asleep in it and in the morning it looked as perfect as when I applied it, I haven't experienced flashback but I only dip the tip of my finger in it and dust it on then brush the very little excess off, first video of yours I've seen and love you 💖 new subbie here xxxx
    I already got it, but now I really know what it is and how to use it🙃thanks ❤️ you got a new subscriber, your are such sympathetic ❤️😘😍
    is this better Then The Elf One ?
    This was such a informative review and demo! It was so helpful, thank you! New subscriber:)
    hi may i ask if the lose one leaves flash back as i wantto use it for baking but if it dose guss i will have spend more for te laura mercier xx
    Very informativeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Would you recommend the nyx mineral "set it & don't fret it" matte finish powder?
    What's the other powder called that you used to dust it off with after you were done baking?
    can this be used to bake ??
    Any opinion on this versus elf's?
    Wow that was the shortest review I’ve ever seen in my life haha
    Cocaine effect hahahah
    So it's invisible in everyday use and I'll look more flawless, just no pics?
    Thank you so much for getting straight to the point I love your videos
    So to the point!!! I love it! 😘😍
    can someone tell an alternative which doesn't give flashback? I have my senior prom coming up and I want to look nice in pictures :)
    Im glad u said these things cuz i just bought it
    Which powder would you recommend most for someone with combination skin, which would blur pores and fine lines? Budget-friendly.
    It is literally the same product. 100% silica.
    Makeup forever powder is terrible
    I broke out terribly because of this powder :( I never break out
    LOL. Thank you so much for this review! EXACTLY the information I needed. Because I am looking for something to use on my wedding day... It won't be this!
    I have this powder that i payed almost 15 (Canadian) for and it's not very good. when i baked with it there was a white cast that would not go away and the powder just goes everywhere and i end up inhaling it
    Could you PLEASE review the wunder2powder selfie powder ? £20+ is a fair bit for a powder and im not sure about it but pores are a big problem for me and it claims to fill pores and stop oils.
    this oxidized my concealer and gave me cocaine face, not cute
    I love his videos don't drag on and onnnnnnnn. Short and succinct! The best
    I love how you just skip to the point haha so nice a quick, but good!❤
    What is the best HD powder for on camera use?
    So many people here complaining about it being dry or hard to blend, and it's like, "Girl, do you know what silica powder is meant for?"
    This is a finishing powder and not a setting powder... you can use setting powders for baking but not finishing powder cuz it will really create fladhbacks
    OMG!!! 😳❤️you are BEAUTIFUL! 👌🏾👌🏾
    What a stunning voice ...
    This is NOT for baking! It's. Finishing powder! Supposed to be BUFFED into the skin after other foundations, and powders.
    Love your personality
    It's true , this powder is NOT for baking . It will leave it's white mark to your face. Even in the picture , I can see the whole white mark of the powder. Spent £9 for just to look horrible.
    It says finishing powder?
    This powder looks amazing on my skin, I do have good skin though. But also how many people take that many flash photos? Also I’m pale af so it doesn’t show up with flash anyway, I took a photo just to see lol.
    This powders only bad because when I set my face it oxidises my foundation and concealer
    Love how it’s straight to the point !
    This ruined my foundation, horrible product
    I love this product xxx
    Baking doesn't really work on me 😭
    It makes me cough. Does all silica powder do that? Great video by the way.
    I found the problem with this powder was that it clings to dry spots and of course, the flash back. I looked ridiculous in some flash photos that I took.
    The worst product I’ve ever bought! It has horrible flashback! Now I use it just to set my eyelids 😞
    You're beautiful! x
    I bought this powder having high hopes for this powder. I wish I would've seen reviews on it before buying it. This was the worse product I've ever ever purchased. It also has a super bad chemical smell and lots of fall back. I hated it. Wish I could return it.
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one this didn't work for smh! My pics came out simular with flash.

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