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Buy NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) online at Amazon. NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender)
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The Lowest Price of NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender)

Amazon Offers ₹1,393
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Amazon Offers ₹1,393
FREE Shipping

NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) Features

  • NYX Color Correcting Powder - Lavender
  • NYX Color Correcting Powder - Lavender
  • NYX Color Correcting Powder - Lavender
  • This Item is Located and will be shipped from USA
NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender)

The lowest NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) Price in India is ₹1,393 at Amazon.
Buy NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

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NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender) Reviews from YouTube

NYX color correcting- HIT OR SH*T!?
How To Use The NYX Color Correcting Palette - Get a Flawless Look
How to color correct dark circles & redness with NYX Palettes | Does it work?
Demo | NYX Color Correcting Concealer
you are stunning
Think I’m buying this was between L’Oréal and this but I like the sound of this one better
Purple is also good for using around the eyes for brightness
My auntie works for NYX I have 2 of those color correcting pallete
When I use the green, sometimes it removes the redness, but then it just looks like a dark spot. Then I go over that with a dot of the peachy color and BAM. Gone.
What kind of brush is best to apply this corrector?
You're gorgeous!! It's like cole sprouse and taylor swift had a baby
I thought her make up was already done when she started......
You shouldnt use peel masks. It is bad for your skin.
Can someone tell me what concealer brush that is
Can someone tell me what concealer brush that is
Where do I get that color correcting palette
I know this vid is from 2015 but do you remember what highlighter you used? looks gorgeous.
I Just bought it and I really like it
Haw do you do all this
Sorry if ppl can't accept it but I have a right to my opinion.....NYX has an AWESOME corrector palette. I'm glad at least you acknowledged it was a hit. I use it myself and I'm picky about my concealers. I felt it was pigmented enough and for the price you are getting a bargain! Each square is awesome. The yellow/pale pink is great for undereye. The green really hides redness and blemishes well..the purple is great for brightening the sallowness and dullness of skin. The peach and medium squares are great as either concealers or eye bases. Honestly I felt you didn't actually need this product as you don't really need a lot of color correcting. They should use models that maybe DO need more actual color correcting but overall nice video.
Someone whos NOT sponsored? Who bought it THEMSELVES? YES please keep doing this bc I subscribed
Are you using different brushes for each color?
the correction portion was nice but oh my golly. her foundation is so orange next to her skin tone.
yeah keep doing these vids PPPLLLLZZZ
Any one here in 2021 to learn how to color correct No just me ok
Nora, thank you for the video and volunteering yourself. Took a lot of courage to do that. I couldn't. Is it possible to have you in a top that isnot see-through? I didn't like the black bra. It made you look awful. Hope to see ya' better dressed in other videos.
The darker tone is for contour on lighter skin tones or concealer for darker skin tones
Horrible! You don't need much color correction color to correct. And you need to blend it and not just let it sit on top of your skin like that! What a mess!
this was 5 years ago why did youtube recommended this to me
What's noras ethnicity
This girl doesn’t even know what she’s talking about lmao
Could have used to peach to cover the malasma but go off
I want to appreciate Dr.Okoro for his great deeds, I was diagnosed with type 2 herpes virus last year and was looking for solution to be cured luckily I saw testimonies on how Dr.Okoro cured Herpes Virus I decided To contact Dr.Okoro and to my great surprise he actually cured me you can contact him for any problem via email drokoroherbalcure@gmail.com
way too much product
Loved this!!! I've filmed a Colour Correcting Tips video on my channel too!!! I included some tips you may want to try too❤️
twelve dollars?? i’ve bought one not branded for 4 dollars
WAY too much concealer especially on the forehead!
She looks much younger without makeup
Ngl I once had my makeup done in a chanel place at the mall,They called out my acne and made me feel bad,and honestly I feel this..her face when the other lady called out her skin. :( I mean she is human and beautiful she doesn’t have to cover up💖
Does anyone know if this palette is more moisturizing or drying
she still looks yellow
What is melasma and now you look like you're wearing a mask
Not clear.....Too vague!
I just bought one of the corrector palettes from NYX and was looking for information and a demo on how to use it. Your explanation was very clear and easy to understand. The NYX went on brighter while the other side was more matte and blended. Tyvm for the help!
hyy whts your shade for nars foundation?? really liked it
I heard ( haven't tried yet ) that is best to add concealer after color correct but before foundation for blemishes ... I don't know though but that is what I heard to use the concealer on a blemish before the foundation
the orange is for darker skin tones. And that peach isn't just for fair, you can use it on medium and light tan skin
NYX isn't drugstore!!
I have no nyx in my drugstore in my country
The nyx in my country is an actual make up store....
NYX is a drugstore ???? You sad get it from the drugstore, the drugstore in my country have no color correcting shit
im maybe one shade lighter than you actually 2 but i have acne so redness makes me look a little darker which one should i buy out of these 2
You give off that genuinely nice person vibe!! :)
you have to set your corrector before putting on any foundation :)
Do you have to use face primer too? Or no ?
you are very good, love your techniques
Is this the light pallet or medium ? Xx
Great video! There not much of a difference with bold colour correction on you because you don't need it!! That face always beautiful :) I love how honest and straight up you are about the products you use really helps a lot; I use one or two drugstore products max so when people ask for them these videos are my biggest help. Thank youuuu!!!! Keep it up xxo :D
I will be on the look out for that mac orange colour corrector because my dark circles are sooo bad! Right now I colour correct with their pro long wear concealer but I want a true orange in the future. Awesome video my friend!
this helped me out big time! thank you 💗
You're reading my mind! I've recently bought similar palette and was actually searching for some makeup tutorials with it. Thanks to one of my fave youtube girls I'm saved!! Thank you so much! Love it ; ****
Loved this! Will purchase the nyx ones :) XO
Such a great job hun! You always explain everything so well whilst doing your makeup at the same time, skills! I don't think colour correcting is totally necessary for day to day life, it wasn't meant to be as I was taught in makeup school. Buts so much of stage makeup techniques are being incorporated into daily makeup routines now a days, it sure is a technique worth looking into. So you were really spot on on how it doesn't really make too much of a difference unless someone had a lot of uneven skin tone and dark discolouration. Another great video as always love! And your eyes and lip colour were so beautiful too! 😘💗💕
You should use the yellow and salmon pinky tone under your eye so we could see the difference if you use yellow under one eye and yellow and salmon under another
The foundation is a little light for your skin
what about eyebags?
is it available in Pakistan?
Anybody want to be YouTube friends??
i have a skin tone slightly darker than beyonces, do you think this product would work out for me?
Im new to your channel, i just subscribed, do u mind checking my channel? I also make videos!! 😜👍🏽 i have this pallete omg best ever
Love this video! I have been trying to find one for medium skin and finally found one! This may sound weird, but we could be sisters! Thanks again for this helpful video! :)
Should i use this for my acne??? I dont wanna new pimple .__.
Great demo! Looking to buy this and youve convinced me...thanks so much xxx
omg i love your accent. it's beautiful
I love this
Thumbs up for identifying WHY you chose each color of the palette.
Thumbs up for identifying WHY you chose each color of the palette.
Thumbs up for identifying WHY you chose each color of the palette.
Do you use this before foundation or after foundation ?
Great !! Sub for sub ? ♥
Hey girl! I just found your channel, and subscribed. I would love it if you could maybe check my videos out and subscribe if you like them? :)
Thanks for the demo! I need this now lol P.S. I love how natural your look is! So pretty!

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