NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender)

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NYX Color Correcting Powder (Lavender)

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How To Use The NYX Color Correcting Palette - Get a Flawless Look
How To Use The NYX Color Correcting Palette - Get a Flawless Look
Color Correcting DOs + DON'Ts
Color Correcting DOs + DON'Ts
Review/Demo/Comparison: NYX Color Correcting Powder "Banana" vs. Ben Nye Banana Powder
Review/Demo/Comparison: NYX Color Correcting Powder "Banana" vs. Ben Nye Banana Powder
way too much product
Loved this!!! I've filmed a Colour Correcting Tips video on my channel too!!! I included some tips you may want to try too❤️
twelve dollars?? i’ve bought one not branded for 4 dollars
WAY too much concealer especially on the forehead!
She looks much younger without makeup
Ngl I once had my makeup done in a chanel place at the mall,They called out my acne and made me feel bad,and honestly I feel this..her face when the other lady called out her skin. :( I mean she is human and beautiful she doesn’t have to cover up💖
Does anyone know if this palette is more moisturizing or drying
she still looks yellow
What is melasma and now you look like you're wearing a mask
Not clear.....Too vague!
Soo useful
She's feeling so uncomfortable..
What kind of FOUNDATION do you use???
She suggested covering bruises SOOOO MANY TIMES. 😂😂😂😂 SOMEbody's gettin'datAAAAZZ BEAT more than that face. #beatfaceProblems 😏💅🏽 I guess that's how it goes and those are the types of humans you attract when you prioritize western cosmeticbeauty over GENUINE innerbeauty. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Hi dear when to use normal concealer i don't know the word u use to describe it ,
Thank you for the tutorial. My friend gave me one but don’t know how to use it.
I just put green all over my face someone help me
Thank you :)
So you are supposed to blend it and then what???? just leave your face and go out???? (I m new to makeup)
im a very middle skin tone so i don't know if i should use a peach or orange corrector
Loved this!!! I've filmed a Colour Correcting Tips video on my channel too!!! I included some tips you may want to try too❤️
The don't side is so pretty
Im a female with a dark upper lip pigmentation and I wanna now what can cover that up because it’s honestly one of my biggest insecurities
Even her dont is better than Do 😟😂
Do you do face execruse for ur jaws ???its so beautiful
4:22 when I see ppl do this I can't stand it 😭😭😭 so cakey and takes away your natural beauty! 😝
This video helped me a lot!! Thanks :D ❤️
I’m so confused. Are you using the same YSL brightening pen for your face? And if so, you didn’t mention what shade it was. If you used different colors, once again, please mention the shades. Your skin came out amazing, but you didn’t even tell us what it was that you used! 😂
For vitiligo white patch, what color should I use?
The don't side looks good once blended but the do side does look more natural
Ur skin looks brighter without makeup
Really very useful for me
Can I use green colour correction for dark under eyes if I don't have any peach/orange???
Hey does anybody know ..... Plz tell me..... Did she ever tried for movies...... I am sure she would have got an amazing opportunity 😊
I mistakenly purchased an orange corrector today and I'm a light-medium skin toned girl :( I have really dark brown/black dark circles so I figured orange would do a better job. What will happen if use an orange corrector instead of peach?
she doesnt even have dark circles...
Liked the don't side better. Also you should have used the same products on the do side to show that if the technique is correct, the product does not matter that much. Hardly color corrected on the do side.
Dono same lag raha hai 😂😂
thank you so much for this video, really helped me!
Thank you for this video! Bought the nxy one today
What do you have on your eyes? Would you mind doing a tutorial for this eyeshadow look?!
I like your hair 😍😍😍 , also i think banana powder better for you 👌🏻
Loving your eye look!!!
Can you start something on YouTube , I never seen anyone do this before but you should do an opposite hand makeup challenge .. so whatever hand you usually do your makeup with you switch it up and do it with you opposite hand
Hello :) was this flash proof?
youre Videos are amazing i love the Quality of your videos. great
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.
Hello:) can you help me please? I want to buy a powder for baking, a cheaper one. i can not decide which is better for baking " NYX correcting powder Banana or nyx finishing transculent powder? Thank you very much! Sorry , for my english, it is not my native language:)
you're gorg! I'm currently trying to figure out the purpose of finishing powder, would you please explain it to me? Is this similar to finishing powder?
Very helpful thank u
Really informative. Thanks! Also ur eyebrows on point girl.
love it! My way to get NYX!
Very informative. Thanks
what type of skin do you have ?
Ohh my god when he smile.. I feel u r gvn me smile 😍... U r amazing
I literally love you!
Loved this!!! I've filmed a Colour Correcting Tips video on my channel too!!! I included some tips you may want to try too💕
But what colors of correctors do you use when you have dark skin?
I am a middle Eastern woman with melasma. Can you do a video about covering melasma? Thx
It’s for fun. But I think that we should be as a society bringing people up and not tearing them down and making them feel self-confident in their own skin because we’re not doing that as a society. Everybody in the magazines and on TV make it seem like you have to look this way when they don’t even look that way.
Do whatever you want, it’s makeup. Thank you.
You are awesome! This is the first video of yours I've ever seen and I came across it because I'm learning about color correcting. My skin is aging because I'm almost 40 now and I'm needing to learn different types of skin routines. I happened to come across your video and that was awesome. Anyone who says that you tell them they can't do something is a whiny gobshite and just wants to complain.
What about brown circles *above* the eyes? Between the eyelids and brows. I cannot cover with eyeshadow because it's too high (I have high eyebrows and the space is too much). I would really appreciate an advice! Thank you for your hard work ☆
I ❣️❣️❣️ your channel. 😁
In summary use in moderation and wisely if you really need it like for hyperpigmentation and abundant dark spot.
By the way you’re talking I’m assuming you’ve gotten negative comments on your make up advise as if it was an order? I’m so sorry. I’m can’t believe people really any age don’t have the common sense and are so irrational to act that way. Unbelievable. It’s a video not a military order while serving. The level of ignorance or immaturity on some people blows my mind.... who cares, just keep giving us advise 💕 it’s well appreciated
Well I have a black eye so.....
QUESTION!♥️ Love your videos, just subscribed a few wks ago tho (April2020) I have a light dark spot on my cheek but comes through foundation. I'm about to try twi full coverage foundations tomrw but if I just wanted to wear something lighter, I have light skin, do I use pink to cover it? Peach actually makes it look darker ☹️ HELP! Ty 😍🤗
Good sense of humor.😄
Would you put your primer down first then conceal?
I have a light complexion semi tanned but I have a very green vein around my eye. I’ve read red covers the green but I’m not dark skinned and I’m thinking if I use a salmon or peach color corrector, it will not cover the vein because it’s so green. What color corrector do I use to cover my vein or what do I do to cover it
I've just started watching you and up to this point have seen approximately fifteen videos. I have never heard you say to "stop" doing something because you don't like it. Are we back in kindergarten? Every thing a person says is micromanaged. Ugh. People need to get over themselves. I'm watching for your make up tips. And I enjoy watching you. And if I don't like something Im capable of changing the channel. Keep doing you Wayne!
Ure awesome... Always trust what u say... Thank you for being so straight forward!
What you want on the face Wayne Goss, makes me happy too!