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Nuggets to Neutrinos: The Homestake Story Book Reviews from YouTube

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Hey you do a really good job... Ur review seems to be trustworthy.. But i had a serious question to ask so where do you do Q&A
I love this Chanel ❤️
Books 📚 peace ✌️🕊️
Great video✨just came across your channel and they are amazing! And btw do you customise your book covers/dust covers coz your bookshelf arrangement are soo great. I love hardcovers but I couldn't find dust covers that are pretty😅🤪..
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Hi! Sankalpita, you're amazing! Love all your recommendations. When it comes to watching, I prefer fiction; non-fiction for reading. And, the irony is, I recently cancelled my order of station eleven just a day before its delivery as I had to prioritise and balance the money I had. I see myself buying the book shortly. By the way, I've been wanting to compliment you about your eloquence. Your English just flows like water. It would be great if you recommended some books to improve and fine-tune English speaking skills. Love and best wishes to you and your channel 💐💕
I feel that your channel is soo underhyped as deserve all the hype for bringing us such stunning pieces of content
please make on chitra banerjee books
Station eleven is one I've been meaning to read but haven't gotten to yet. One book I came across by chance/hadn't heard much about but enjoyed very much was The Book Hunters of Katpadi by Pradeep Sebastian.
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Immortalists, All the lives I never lived are in my TBR since long.
Sankalpita Dii you should read confession of a wife by Afroza Sultana 😇 trust me this book is a gem ❤️😇
Hello, so happy to see my book in the list.Thank you
Hi Nivea, Shalini here. Loved your review of The Murder Of Jay Shekhar! Thaaank you so much for your kind words! ❤️ Means a lot. 🙏🏻 You have a lovely channel! Do let me know how to get in touch. Would love to hear your views on my new books - When I Find You, another short crime thriller novella, and Confessions Of An IT Employee, an inspirational romcom novel. 💕
Thank you sis... For this you are going to shine soon ❤️
Metamorphosis. Animal Farm. Birthday Girl.
Oscar Wilde - Lord Arthur Saville's crime. It is a rather witty & fun read.
Great recommendations!
Let me admire your hunger for Reading
So which book would you recommend for me? Someone who's Peter Pan syndrom hence want's to be 'কচি ' once again?
She and her books are constant source of inspiration. Her works are timeless and priceless. I'm very grateful that my childhood was moulded by great writers who were ahead of their time. Thank you.
Ques...why dou you think Enid Blyton wrote series for children?
Write proper ans in two sentences plz.. Ques...why do children like to read the books in the series by enid blyton?
Enid blyton are my all time favourite..the naughtiest girl series used to be my favourite!
Half the pleasure of the old Famous Five books was Eileen Soper's exciting illustrations, which captured the atmosphere so well. These modern illustrations have no appeal whatsoever.
I watched this kid's review of the Famous Five book and want to read it now
I always loved the Wishing Chair but hearing about her life how terrible she was to her children and family makes me not like her anymore.
'Hurrah for the circus' was the first book i read of Blyton.
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Why isn't secret seven in this list?
I think st clare series good too... As good as malory series
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How right you are! Her Famous fives series enchanted my difficult childhood (in french translation as Le Club des cinq ) I confess that I still have most of them and sometimes still read one just for pure nostalgia. You of course must know that there is some controversy about them and role gender but I don't care about that in the least. And my own two daughters read some of them when they were younger. I also read a biography of Enid Blyton quite recently and I am very interested in your suggestions for my grand-children. Thank you very much indeed. Chantal from province of Quebec, Canada.
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the right pronounciation is ENAD blytoy
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