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Nuclear Power or a Promise Lost: A Policy Maker's Guide for a Future of Carbon Free, Sustainable Energy Book Reviews from YouTube

Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?
The Biggest Lie About Renewable Energy
Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia
Is Solar Energy Really Better Than Nuclear Energy?
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My suggestion is we should invest more in capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.
My brain learning about climate at school: hmm ok ok, i'll deffinetly remember this one My brain when watching about climate here: * automatic download in 4k has been activated*
kurzgesagt sekiro fans confirmed!
its not just fuels being burned but the products that we make from them and the waste that creates. nuclear also is alot safer.
I don't get how people don't trust nuclear, Chernobyl was so old that it doesn't count as a counter-argument today because we have regulations for it, renewables are too weak for the entire world
I wonder what will happen to our energy needs in the future…
Invest in new nuclear tech.
we should invest heavily into nuclear, then slowly replace it with renewables
Saying that they have methods of turning the nuclear waste into new fuel again is dangerous half knowledge
What about bio fuels? We could use our existing infrastructure and it could still be net or negative carbon.
I don't believe in solar and wind, b/c there operational life is too short, and inefficient to justify the waste produced. Nucellar is the future, until we find a better solution.
Not workingthose wastes has to be gone somwhere.
Now if only the governments made sound decisions.
I worked in the emissions monitoring field. Some facilities have multiple power generating units and even sometimes have wind and solar. What I have learned: Wind kills sooooo many birds each year. Solar is unreliable and only works under the right conditions BOTH wind and solar only generate a fraction of a fossil-fired steam turbine's output. End of the day if you want clean and reliable nuclear is the better option.
Nuclear Energy, Hydropower, Hydrothermal and Geothermal is the only type of energy that will save this planet in a Climate Change standpoint. No, I'm not a liberal. Calm down.
The use of fossil fuels has exposed all of us to much higher levels of radiation, than had we embraced nuclear 100%. CO2 is one thing fossil fuels release, but they also release various metals, including radioactive isotopes right into the air we breath. In city centers, a Geiger counter will record higher levels than right outside a nuclear plant, because of the release from diesel, gasoline (and coal in areas with coal powered plants).
nope, option X is our only option. cease all energy production and go back to stone age. or pre-stone age. gotta shut down big-rock too. we had a good run, but need a restart. we need a few million years more in the oven. lets use the last of our energy to bury all the fossil fuels we have and destroy the mines and tear down the cities. once thats done, tear apart the machines and build giant robots that fight each other, destroying any possibility they could be used again. lastly, delete all human knowledge and shred every source of writing. gotta make sure we get it all though, cant have people stashing a chemistry book or a nuclear reactor anywhere.
Undoubtedly renewables are not the future of electricity.
its okay my friend, the future is now. i will invent home power grid systems. i will establish world peace and begin a move to store the oceans water powered by electric robots powered by supercharged batteries. there will be no conflict meaning that we will work on expanding earth, use more of the surface area and blah blah blah this message was brought to you by( a7o26F w1 ar)
After you watch this video, watch Planet of the Humans and see the other lie being told to you as well.
8:38 We pay high fuel because here in California they tax the rich. The rich like amazon raises there products likewise. Guess who really pays. Poor people who can no longer afford to buy food or fuel to go to work. We have to leave these states. Because we mistreat the RICH. When was the last time you got a job from the poor. Taxing the rich does not work.
There are vast amounts of petroleum in the planet that will last well over 400 years with the current usage. This is only accounting the discovered ones and the ones already being drilled. Petroleum is not running out anytime soon. It is still the most readily available, fuel with the highest concentration of energy per unit. It is good to have alternative energy sources. However, most fall very shy to petroleum. Perhaps a substitute for petroleum should be developed instead of a total replacement. All the replacement fuels are are only good for some urban and near sub urban use. For those that reside in far suburban and rural areas, none of the petroleum replacement fuel developments would work. They do not even come close.
Okay so. I heard increase the cost of fossil fuels. Great! Except those price hikes are passed on to the consumers and not the businesses themselves. Already seeing crazy prices at the pumps and no I don’t blame Biden or the government for that just so we we are clear. Next. Tax of 70% over 10million a year. Okay so whats the incentive to make more than that? There really isn’t. It worked in the 50’s/60’s but what’s stopping these folks from just leaving and subsequently then providing no jobs in the states? Serious questions here. All for making corporations pay tax. Also all for politicians using those taxes in positive ways. Just asking those questions though
The greatest feature of "Distributed Solar Energy" is the idea it is also distributed profits.!.!.!.
Fun fact :world biggest solar park is in india
This Chanell is the biggiest lie Indeed
How the hell does a company make PROFIT if there's no revenue to pay tax on The system is messed up.
I find Exxon more believable, we want more wind, more solar,more nuclear, especially small modular reactors such as NuScale,but first stop all the coal burning in Germany and China.Europe is just plain evil buying early 3/4 of a billion a day to finance Russia mass murders,their renewable energy means they need vast amounts of coal ad ga as solar ad wind usually aren't making power ad when they do its the wrong time. RE is vastly more expensive as you need ten times as much storage as RE just to make it work,Today coal and gas provides the back nuclear can be widespread and dispatch able ad no Carbon waste. RE advocate ad the left wing have resulted in massive pollution by holding back our safest energy source Nuclear.Every panel you get comes from China increasing repression and coal use.
Watch: Norway 98 percent renewable energy: Watch: Sweden has largest solar system in the world: is the video America needed, thank you for your services.
This video is truly fake news. Have you owned a hybrid car? It costs more. From initial purchase to maintenance. A new hybrid car battery can run you from $350 to 15,000. Depends on how expensive the car. The EU is not leading the way. The EU has been in a war for 25 years to get oil from the middle east to them. I wouldn't call that phasing out oil. China is now set to buy coal from Russia since the war. The fact is we are far from reaching a new energy world. With corrupt politicians in office like the Pelosi's in the world we will never reach it. If Pelosi really wanted to tax the rich it would have already been done. She is the rich and hence will not change the tax system. A flat tax should be implemented but never will do to these politicians. Finally I new this was a propaganda film because these two guys love China. China a country that prosecutes people based on religion.
For awhile old broken automobiles were tossed over the side of a mountain and forgotten, Then came this new idea to recycle cars, they were taken to yards where any good parts were removed to be use again and the rest was shredded. For awhile there over 90% of all automobiles were recyclable with very little being placed in the ground ! Today the new automobiles are less the 25% recyclable due to the plastics and batteries being non-recyclable ! Put that in your science book ! The blades on giant wind mills are non-recyclable and are being put in the ground ! The amount of mining to build todays electric vehicles will cause scars on the earth 50 times that of mining to build recyclable gas/diesel powered vehicles ! You keep talking about solar and wind power well use your science and figure out how many solar farms and wind farms it will take to power New York State alone ! It is something around New York State buying Texas and covering the entire state with wind/solar farms and that just might keep the lights on ! AND please stop calling it fossil fuels, no dinosaur's died to make oil or coal !
infrastructure doesn't just involve clean energy you know, public transportation is practically nonexistent
another communication technology associated with the grid is there are companies that create internet of things monitoring for the power lines so they can determine in real time where the biggest draws and supplies are. this helps the power companies know when and for how long to incentivize alternative energy product in an area.
Everybody is Transphobic & racist… I don’t know why I think that or say it…! but if you don’t believe in The green new deal it’s because you’re racist & TransphobicI’ve never read the bill but this is what my professors & other clueless, puppets/friends have told me to say Plus I’m a social climber & I like to virtue signal to gain more social points! #LookAtMe #ImBetterThanYou #IHateBeingAWhitePerson #LetsKillBlackBabies #PlannedParenthoodAbortionsOnDemand #MeToo #LetsGoBrandon…. Whoever that is IDK ‍♀️ but Brandon is super popular…!
Sorry, but your ideas about taxation are very naive. The wealth of the ultra-rich is tied up in *unrealized* capital gains. Until they sell those assets there is no income which can be taxed. So you say: "That's okay, let's just tax those unrealized gains" But that is a *terrible* idea. Once you cede the government that power, the middle class becomes a juicy target. They are sitting on a collective fortune in unrealized gains in the form of their homes and investment portfolios. But you say: "But the government would never do that!" Until you've been bitten by the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). A tax that also targeted the ultra-wealthy, but is now mostly paid by the middle class. You cannot trust politicians with this stuff or you will live to regret it. As for corporate profits. Those are either invested back into the business or they are paid as dividends to the stockholders, who pay a 20% tax on that income. Companies also pay property tax, sales tax, half of their employees Social Security tax, etc. It is a moronic left-wing *fantasy* to believe that companies don't contribute to our tax coffers.
What needs to be considered when using this “Renewable” green energy is understanding how dirty producing it is. Specifically I’m addressing solar and wind. Just the manufacturing of the product destroys the environment. The displacement of wildlife, holes in the ground that don’t heal ( much like coal mining), the byproducts of production which need to be dealt with. The size of the manufacturing facilities and power consumption. Then you have the installation of these energy farms. The environmental impact is astonishing, the land mass needed pretty much equals hydroelectric. You still need to deal with the waste created, failing batteries, solar cells, turbine blades, etc. I’m all for clean energy, I just don’t want to see what we currently have being replaced by a method which has the potential to be much worse. So how about we actually consider the science, the actual life cycle of how energy is produced, and pick the least of the evils. There isn’t a solution now which isn’t harmful in some way. While at the same time really try to solve the issue. Pushing to vote for politicians who are agreeing with the current popular opinion, isn’t wise. What I will vote for is a politician who actually wants to address this issue.
95% of all "greenhouse gasses" are from water vapor. (evaporated water) 0.04% of greenhouse gasses are co2 3.2 % of that 0.04% of co2 is from humans. an insignificant amount. always has been. But if you don't believe you're playing a major role, (and feel guilty somehow) you can't be fleeced of trillions in taxes. stolen tax money. don't look now, but it's not going where you're told it's going. Government science, is more like roadrunner, wile e coyote science and physics. NO proper scientific procedure. no open discussion, no debate, no transparency. How the solar systems plays it's role. The planet's rotation is slowing. (1.4 billion years ago, from sunrise to sunrise, (one day) was approx. 18 hours. the planet's rotation is slowing. all the planets are drifting slowly away from the sun, and the sun, is burning out, like any burning fuel. eventually, earth will stay in a "snowball earth" state. but for now, within the next few thousand years or so, we're due another ice age cycle. which the entire cycle lasts approx. 100,000 years (snowball earth last 70 to 80 thousand years and hot house earth lasts 15 to 20 thousand years nothing can stop the Sun from burning up or the planets from drifting away from the sun. or earth's rotating from slowing. The planet was fine before humans, it's fine now and it will be fine after humans. It's just going to be cooler. If you don't believe, read books from NON Gov. scientific sources. Sources that aren't stealing trillions of your taxes.there are plenty. Solid data is now misinformation and fiction for tax profit is too fragile to question. remove the truth from the comment section. have a nice day.
Nuclear is the best option, it has been for decades. Unfortunately the Chernobyl incident did the nuclear argument heavy, long lasting damage, which the fossil fuel conglomerates undoubtable capitalised upon, along with environmentalists; understandably at the time, objecting to further plants. As M.S points out here wind & solar are quite clearly not the answer.
How to deal with nuclear spent fuel?
The only solution to climate change is to let an invasive species die off. The only animal on the planet that needs to chlorinate its water, poop into a toilet, grocery stores, and to travel in power hungry vehicles needs to go away.
I favour a low energy, off grid, future with micro solar to power technology. No hot water, no appliances, no cooking, cycling and no footprint. My degree was environmental science and technology at Camborne school of mines.
The half-life of uranium-238 is about 4.5 billion years, uranium-235 about 700 million years, and uranium-234 about 25 thousand years.
16:50 -
Build power plants in the cities, problem solved.
The false premise is that people who claim to care about climate and nature actually care about these things when they are against nuclear power. Actions illuminate who a person really is. Talk is cheap. 15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor  a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.
Sorry, but there is no one solution. Reduction of energy is the best approach. Nuclear waste is dangerous for longer than most people can understand. Solar panels certainly last longer than "20 to 25years." I respect this guys opinion, but he is not correct to think nuclear can solve the world's problems. Nuclear plants are great, but they are easy targets to take out during the next major war. Rely on less is best.
I feel like conservatives have been saying this for over a decade. and no one believes it until a tree hugger says it on a Ted Talk.
I really though this was John McEnroe from the video screen shot.
One of the most intellectually and scientificly honest presentations Ive seen on TED Talks in the past ten years. Its refreshing when facts and science trumps "doom and fear" ideological fantasies. Truth is, we've always known nuclear was the best choice.
you dont mention groundwater contamination that occurs through insitu mining
meanwhile france and germany have shuttered nuke plants. almost like they want strife. go figure.
Not mentioned - terrorists take out a nuclear plant or two, and you might be bankrupt of energy, plus the explosion might be harmful to the air quality. Not mentioned, the fear of gas and oil companies to build new refineries against the "climate change initiatives" means we have aging infrastructure re refineries and again, a few jihadists, a few anarchists, a few whatever can cripple the US or any other country fairly easily. The safeguards we have in place probably need to be examined. Not everyone is as "nice" as Michael Shellenberger comes across.
Outstanding lecture. Thank you for that. Now we need it blasted into Bojo's ears non-stop for a week.
well said
How are solar panels killing people each year? You kind of just skimmed over that? I'm not denying that solar panels can have danger, but from my understanding it's indirectly, more due to the fact that they are created from toxic materials, and more danger is that solar panels harm the environment. Good video though, i will be looking up some of the things you said so I can confirm them.
France steals uranium from Niger, without Africa France would die
Please, elaborate on the death rate comparison
Solar is dangerous than Nuclear energy really bro isn't Nuclear the one that America used aggressively and who destroyed and killed more people in Japan ? Bro I think you Joking to usright!
The most easiest thing to deal with nuclear waste is to bury it under the earth crust. We all know that there are being discovered natural nuclear which didn't cause harm to anyone.
We need to perfect Fusion or Microwave power solar power needs more scientist working on its efficiency we need to use the sun over using Nuclear I find it interesting you spoke NOTHING of the Byproduct of Nuclear energy in the spent rods that remain radio active and are not bio-degradeable. THT is the main reason we want to get away from nuclear
the Major Problem i see with Nuclear Energy is you need to always find places to store Nuclear Waste that technically you can't get rid of and its harmful to be around, Solar may take up more land or places to install them but their is no harmful byproduct that must be stored away from harms way for decades. What happens in the next 200years when is just continues to pile up and pile up and run out of places approved to store it away from harms way, going to be one big huge wasteland of Nuclear Waste everywhere, Solar has none of thoes things, nothing to deal with after Energy Production, no harmful hazardous waste that must be contained. its Longterm a better option, what if you build this underground storage and then something happens and then all this waste gets damaged and released from something unforseen in the future. i just see Solar & Windfarms as a Safer Longterm Option.
I say we use prisoners to turn turbines to make energy
Nuclear all the way
Nuclear Power is essential in order to mitigate hugomonous energy needs of India. Solar energy is safe but has disadvantages. India is world leader in Thorium Nuclear Energy. India must shift to Thorium energy as early as possible.
I just saw a video where Elon musk said solar panels can generate more power than a reactor in the same amount of space and thought there is now way that’s possible
I made the jump to solar over a year ago. Never been happier. With that said. Nuclear (fission, and fusion) is the future. Hands down. That's an entirely different magnitude of potential that could never be done just harnessing the remnants of fusion from the sun
It is important to know that the cost per kwh for solar energy has drastically decreased since this video was uploaded. btw i think those deaths from solar enegry are probably from the construction and installation of the panels, if you were wondering.
I think we need both. Nuclear for baseload, or when the environment isn't suitable (e.g. Antarctica or northern regiond) Specifically small modular reactors with passive safeties. And solar for small or remote locations where nuclear isn't viable
Solar power produces like 40x as much hazardous waste than nuclear energy. There are also many more deaths in the solar power industry.
The fact is nuclear is THE only sustainable and abundant energy. Without it the Earth can sustain less than half of the current Earth population. The faster we acknowledge this and invest accordingly, the better.
Maybe forgot to mention about the waste problem…
Its better to use uranium in nuclear power plants rather than using in nuclear weapons for killing each other.
Bruh your wrong

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