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Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Can We Have One without the Other? Book Reviews from YouTube

Nuclear Power of India - Nuclear weapon comparison between India and Pakistan, China, USA, Russia
History of nuclear power - Summary on a Map
Nuclear Power Without Nuclear Weapons
Why are Some Countries Allowed Nuclear Weapons and Not Others? - TLDR News
UPSC Essay Writing 1. India's Nuclear Arsenal: A necessary tool for its strategic autonomy? #GS2 #GS3 #Essay 2. Is India's Nuclear Policy in contradiction with its committment to the global disarmament principles? #GS2 #Essay 3. India's 'No first Use' policy makes it a responsible Nuclear power. Analyse. #GS2 #GS3 #Essay 4. Nuclear non-proliferation Regimes like NPT, IAEA and NSG : Tools to ensure peace or merely pawns in the power politics. #GS2 - International Relations #GS3 - Security #GS3 - Environmental Issues The topic of Nuclear Energy is important for UPSC GS2, GS3 and Essay papers. This video will take you through India's Civil and military Nuclear policies and their evolution. It will also help you understand where India stands today in its nuclear capabilities. Apart from that we'll talk about the limitations that India faces in harnessing this energy from export control regimes like NSG and how India has made its way through such limitations. The video also touches upon nuclear energy's potential in combatting Climate Change in future. Hence, it will help you answer any such question holistically and will surely fetch you good marks in the UPSC Mains examination.
Plz Use graphics rather than titles between screen it will much better to understand
Very good summary
Sir I want to know how many atom bombs will be enough to destroy whole China?
Thank you sir
Awesome lecture
sir, please provide the pdf in your telegram
no one can replace nucleur it giv 24x7 cant do this
Wind energy solar energy hydropower thermal power
Great sir
Jai hind bro
I just wonder how a small and troublesome country like Pakistan is allowed to have a Nuclear Arsenal
U r video's r very very best
i felt it's been half hour i was watching this video but definitely very well explained.
I m indian live in moradabad Uttar Pradesh India From the two months I am ashamed being indian Going to Kailasha
Ww3 is started from 2019 because of China virus
Sir Apke samjhane Ka tarika Kamal Ka hai
Our government should ask our scientists to develop thermo weapons to safeguard our are endangered from north and blood thirsty Pakistan.
USSR accelerates its own nuclear plan = spies gave USSR the american nuclear plans
11:00 and is speculated to be one of the primary causes of the over abundance of respiratory conditions/diseases/issues world wide ever since that time, along with crop dusting testing of chemicals over midwestern us cities post world war 2 and other various factors.
9:31 yay, go south america!
7:17 Christmas Jones agency was born, the only woman to really seemingly lay into james bond and put him in his place at least for a while in a bond film
5:14 "large sums are spent to gain technological superiority" meanwhile britain is laughing as spies steal knowledge from the soviets and usa and usa even hands them much top secret information willingly because they are an "ally" which then britain deals out to france and nato to a limited extent to keep them on good terms, all while spending next to nothing and while the us marshal plan pays to rebuild europe japan and other countries participating in it or in similar plans.
4:59 but arguably they didn't need to "catch up" or even need a bomb at all, bc the two bombs didnt make japan surrender, the us was considering dropping a 3rd but doubted it would have any affect either, finally the us invaded manchuria in a blitzkrieg into korea and considering hopping over to mainland japan and suddenly japan surrenders then but even then there was a coup attempt to prevent surrender and even then it wasnt unconditional they stayed unified as a nation and kept the emperor in place, and almost immediately the us started rebuilding and took over their defense since they agreed to disarm. so japan surrendered due to not wanting to fight russia again and not wanting both the us and russia on their home islands so other nations developing nuclear programs and nuclear deterrents is basically useless waste of money
no one: congo: hey what if i have nuclear power plants
It wasn't just the bomb Einstein wanted off or never to be made. Lplaes do not make the bomb he wrote In a me ch worse plagues this planet at Galen complex pushing gorrila in people
Bullshit 1956 every country I euoper tried to stop them for m being put in many scientist where kill ll andcourts lied for bribs and payoff .the was no technology ng water by desty aradioactive atom that'll this was covered up .people got use to them and now the planet falls g apart courts of supposed her gh law in euoper debuted the citizens the right to protect themselves and there planet.
Are you indian
This got me in trouble cuz of my strict mom
11:35 when you
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
You are using the wrong map of China, Taiwan is also part of China
This mostly right but one thing is missing afghanistan had nuclear weapons back then
If there were half the nuclear power plants as there are nukes there wouldn't be energy problems.
We do have nuclear weapons in israel, there is a nuclear reactor in demona
Okay so hows our atom bomb development in the present day? Or they dont that anymore? From hydrogen bomb to anti matter, maybe.
Geo Histori, Verry Good ,My like'.
@yoyaya007 He said Iran is "accused" of wanting to build nuclear weapons. Well, I guess your behaviour isn't that surprising considering you can't even wrap your head around the concept of capitalization.
Every country should have enough nukes to end civilisation.
If every country possessed them then it’ll be a sufficient deterrent of war, and if they don’t exist at all war would Be a lot more common yet mass destruction unlikely. Either way the world is a lot more sufficient with them
1945 - The USA invents Nukes, being the first to get it. 1949 - The USSR gets Nukes after spying on the USA. 1952 - The UK gets Nukes, with the help of the USA. 1960 - France gets Nukes, after being behind in the race. 1964 - China gets Nukes, helped by the USSR. 1970 - South Africa gets Nukes, later decommissioned it in 1990. 1974 - India gets Nukes, after also being behind. 1979 - Pakistan gets Nukes, by the scare of India. 2006 - North Korea gets Nukes, "helped" by China and the USSR.
India is a dangerous country for minorities. The government is run by hardliner extremists like Modi and Amit Shah. They follow Hitlers World should take a notice at their nuclear security.
Every russian viewrs:Welcome to mother russia
Iraq no nukes but ISRAEL BIGGEST NUKE SUPPLY IN THE WORLD… and continue to create them!
turkey should join the race
Hypocrisy of USA. USA can hold nuclear weapons but other don't
NATO nations like Germany, Netherlands and Belgium also possess small nukes.
Because they invented them
It's INSANE! EVERY country needs to completely get rid of every nuclear weapon and every country should sign a contract with the UN saying if any UN country is attacked, every other UN country will defend it. This will end wars. If countries want to combine with other countries, they can negotiate that and have a democratic votes, otherwise, there should never be another attack on a country again.
some country : we have the best soldier who undergone extreme training . . . but other country have nukes bruh
typical western hypocrisy developed weapons of mass destruction nuked two cities just to show off their new power and killed more than 200,000 people,still keeps more than 5000 nukes combined but lectures others about their nukes.
USSR was slow-walking vacating Iran following WWII - Truman called the Soviets to tell them they would drop "the big one" on the USSR. Soviets expedited withdrawal of their troops from Iran. This was BEFORE the Soviets acquired nukes. Packstan adventured into Kargil, India (payback for SIACHEN which India militarized) AFTER they possessing nukes believing that would deter India from re-taking Kargil. That belief was shattered. So, in one case having nukes worked for the Americans and did not work for Packistynis.
Not that I'm crazy about the idea of so many countries having nuclear weapons , but I fail to see how any country could or should be denied the best possible defence . The idea being propagated is that certainout countries are too radical and unpredictable
It is shame on these countries that don't have nuclear weapons,if these countries have tanks submarine,destroyers,air defences that's not give defence to their country,but nukes gives their enemy country is a military superpower,that big countries won't attack these countries if small countries have nukes,becouse no country is ready for losing some lakhs in people is like birth right, every country have atleast 10 nuclear weapons,that gives the defence they want
Western hypocrisy
Which is why AFRIKAZ MUST have Them for Self-defense and deterrent purposes.
What about wadiya, alladin has pointy missiles
I think the treaty is unfair if it really want to be fair the US UK Russian and others should send their nuclear weapons to Jupiter let know the world is nuclear free

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