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Nuclear Energy (Tales of Invention) Book Reviews from YouTube

The Story of Nuclear Energy ♦ By Isaac Asimov ♦ Science ♦ Audiobook
Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? 1/3
History of nuclear power - Summary on a Map
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Morning Dr
Best nuclear physics book for beginners I ever read!
Fuck when is youtube gonna start handing out degrees instead of gold buttons
Good information
$SqBG Who wants poultry? Come crush the Vulture funds
I'll Better .. available in subtitles.
24:41 Marker for my own reference please ignore
Am I just learning that the h in "why" should be pronounced?😆
Thank you very much for this. Listened to it, through and through. Loved it.
Amazing book, thanks.
The number of 1 word answers is amazing. So many people I assume going duuuuuuh cuz didn't actually listen to the whole talk
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Let’s go.
i luv nuclear power and your videos!!
So that's where the Doctor was!
Just put parts 2 and 3 in description because YouTube UI dumb
전범기 두 개 같이 있어서 편안하네 ㅋ
Do you have a new link to the bomb video?
.......Tardis? 1:40
Nuclear power is bad
Ah 2015, when we thought climate change was still 50 years away and going back to fossil fuel reactors was an option.
Кто с английского +
Me and a friend of mine built a deterium-helium reactor that worked. We got a good grade on our school project 😁
whats a TARDIS doing between those powerplants
thiS hiTS a hell of a lot hArDeR wiTh THE CurRent EvenTs ThAt ARE bEgiNninG tO UnfOLD..
We actually need Nuclear Reactors and FAST cause estimation told us 4 years ago that United Kingdom's supply of coal will run out by 2026
A risky yet advantageous power that can help humanity in it's feet.
I agree with the sentiment, but the visuals are way too manipulative
You are using the wrong map of China, Taiwan is also part of China
This mostly right but one thing is missing afghanistan had nuclear weapons back then
If there were half the nuclear power plants as there are nukes there wouldn't be energy problems.
We do have nuclear weapons in israel, there is a nuclear reactor in demona
Okay so hows our atom bomb development in the present day? Or they dont that anymore? From hydrogen bomb to anti matter, maybe.
Geo Histori, Verry Good.. 👍👍👍,My like'...
Geo facts: the first successful nuclear test *SUCCESSFUL* 0_0
Russia everytime like this kid with down syndrome.
Why should anyone listen to the UN treaty of Nuclear Peace? When some countries hold a large number of Nukes. Everyone should hold some for themselves so that no country can threaten any other.
600p nukes and not a singal anti-nuclear weapon
World war 2 never stopped
*"Many prominent British scientists were soon transferred to the United States to work on the Manhattan Project. The team of 19 scientists from the British project who worked at Los Alamos included Chadwick, Peierls, Fuchs, and William Penney. *Nevertheless, General Leslie Groves, who disapproved of collaboration, put the British scientists in limited roles to restrict their access to complete information.* In September 1944, a second summit was held in Quebec City to discuss plans for the final assault on Germany and Japan. A few days later, Churchill and his family went to Roosevelt’s estate in Hyde Park, New York. The two leaders pledged in a memorandum, *“Full collaboration between the United States and the British Government in developing Tube Alloys for military and commercial purposes should continue after the defeat of Japan unless and until terminated by joint agreement”* (Goldschmidt 217). Despite this promise, the death of Roosevelt in 1945 marked the end of wartime collaboration. *President Truman chose not to abide by this second agreement, and United States nuclear research was formally classified in the 1946 Atomic Energy Act.* *The British had contributed to the successful creation of an atomic bomb, and yet after the war were faced with the reality that they had been cut off from its secrets."* Truman: "If you want to build a bomb, develop it yourself. Thanks for your assistance btw.I'll tear up this *scap of paper* now. What are you going to do about it?" (smirks smugly)
we NEED nuclear fusion
I like the changes in the map like france gaining alsace lorraine after ww1
China nuclear weapons before coming rich that's why
Everything started in France :o
I have grown up with the lie of "einstein didn't found nuclear technology so that governments take it and make a bomb" (If what is said in the video is true) reality of what happened: Einstein : Hey u there in the US I can help you make a bomb that can accually could destroy the whole earth! Xexe. "interesting" information about "the most famous Hero of science".....
This is my favorite history channel that keeps me learning daily
Prometheus gave us fire, but we decided to explode things
The old Cold War the biggest dick measuring contest ever take place

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