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Buy Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) online at Shopclues. Mass Gainers Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Colours: Brown

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Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Features

  • Mass Gainers
Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Price in India is ₹650 at Shopclues.
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Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Specifications

Flavour Specification
Flavour Chocolate
Key Feature
Brand Shrey's
Weight Specification
Weight (Kg/lb/gms) 0-1 kg

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Novkafit Pure Pea Plus Rice Protein Blend (454gm, Chocolate) Reviews from YouTube

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Not vegan, but I still want to know what these protein powders bring with them! Thx guys
How about a 6th category... Does it make you poop your pants?... It's worth noting, I think Sun Warrior Vanilla would have scored better better than the chocolate in the cost, flavor, and macro-Friendliness tests... I use it in my smoothies and it is awesome... Here is the recipe: 1 frozen banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of sun warrior vanilla protein powder, half a cup of oats, 1/2 cup of tart cherry juice, 2 cups of chilled coconut milk, 2 squares of Grenadille dark chocolate sea salt. Blend it up, throw it in a big YETI jug, enjoy anywhere anytime....
Just began to include protein shakes in my routine for the first time and decided to go with PlantFusion. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this, you guy’s are amazing. Best wishes always!
Can you do and updated test ? 2021
Have you guys tried blessed protien
Plant based protein powders: 1/19 has an artificial substance. Animal and dairy protein powders: 18/19 have 50%+ artificial ingredients.
This is an amazing review video. 100/10. Thank you so much.
What about their performance?? I’m trying to gain some muscle mass
Love the honesty of this video
Plant Fusion it is
What did you give tasting good a high score though the scoring system was based on the lowest-scoring winning? did I miss something?
thanks for doing such an in depth review on the vegan proteins. Very helpful thank you.
this video helped me so much! thanks for taking the time and spending the money to make it!
Dang y'all killed it.
Super helpfull well made video
I've been drinking Vega Protein & Greens for years and I switch between berry and tropical. Both are delicious but I also add fruit so everything is good. Lol Going to give Plantfusion a try. Thanks so much for the great video!
I tried a bunch of protein powder and I always come back to Vega Sport Vanilla. I know a Canadian athlete who use this brand because it's tested for heavy metal or another thing I don't remember, so he will not be disqualified. Maybe Vega is only tested in Canada or they only deliver results to athletes ? It's weird because he said that in a conference in September 2019, 6 weeks before your video. I'll see if I can reach him and have more infos. Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest are the worst, I understand your reactions :) I had to mix them with Vega and put that in smoothies. I can't try Clean Machine since they don't deliver outside US. I think it will be the same for other brands you tested because I never heard of them. I only tried 4 on the 19 you tested. I know I can order or find in store here in Canada 4 others because I recognize the names (but after seeing your video, I'm sure now I will not try Vivo !) I'll check for the top brands in the results to see if it's avalaible in Canada and I'll give it a try. Thank you for the review !
Plant fusion wins? I am confused.
Great information! Switching from whey because of cholesterol and indigestion... this was a big help
Great review Thank you guys ! Going to test out Plant Fusion !
New shirt colors in the shop available now: Super appreciate all the support so far!
so best is to basically just take soy protein + eaa + glutamin? then i'm complete right?
Pea protein! I also find that both pea and and soy protein keeps you much fuller then that of whey, I do however like whey to as long as it’s zero lactose hence why I’m using pea and soy
I just put it in cronometer and it shows that per 100 gramm of protein, pea could slightly beat whey in terms of leucine but had slightly less lysin. Maybe it depends on which brand you have etc.
3:30 best option = blend pea 70% + rice 30%
Great Video!!
Youtube makes me crazy. Dr Berg says we absorb only 10% of whey protein so its really not the best source. Here we hear opposite, whey protein is actually the best.
The best vegan protein is the one you can drink without wanting to puke. Seriously, rice/pea alone is AWFUL and I tried lots of them. Most drinkable vegan protein I found (here in central Europe) is by a country called "Nutri Plus" (3K or 6K) - it is VERY sweet though. But at least it doesn't feel like you are drinking sand.
i saw a video saying that soy protein is the worst vegan protein. It can damage your liver.
This guy does not know what he’s talking about. SOY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST PROTEIN YOU CAN CONSUME... as for absorption, just no way that Soy can be recommended by anyone with an education in nutrition and in particular where and how the ingredientes come from/are processed. BE CAREFUL.
No talk of #oxalates and #phalates ... this video not great... :/
From where do you get the specific ratio of 70/30 pea/rice blend to be the optimal ratio? I've got a guy on reddit claiming 60/40 rice/pea (not pea/rice) is the optimal ratio (best matches the ratio of whey). He also seem to have calculations to back it up.
I have bought gold nutrition v protein based on pea and rice protein. One scoop has 20 grams of protein. Isn't it enogh for one shake and protein? I ask because you said 50 g of this compared to whey, that means i would have to use two scoops.
I Got alot of acne while taking whey protein, does vegan prevent acne ?
Idk why someone doesn’t create a protein powder with peanuts with the fat and carbs removed
Thanks for remembering about us who don't support animal suffering 🤗🤗🤗😁
Dairy is not a health food
It’s about quality not quantity Do you want high protein count or high health count?
Just so you know. Soy is thick as hell (needs 3x more liquid than whey to become drinkable) and also it's foamy as hell, Otherwise taste is alright, neutral I'd say. Pea is liquidy, but taste is horrible. There is that overwhelming pea bitter aftertaste and it is really concentrated (Bought pea and rice blend and had to combine with soy to be able to drink that). Whey is king in taste and texture and everything, the only reason I tried vegan protein is because of slight acne breakouts from dairy. But I will probably go back to whey, resp. classic protein blends, as acne breakouts seems to be mainly from lactose and so proteins, hard cheeses and butter don't cause much of an issue.
Anyone knows how to isolate pea proteins at home by removing starch and fiber?
Also one thing to keep in mind is 30g of whey protein powder has 24g of protein, whereas 30g of pea protein powder has 22.7g of protein. So per gram you’re getting less protein from the Pea. As long as you get enough protein there’s no difference between pea and whey, there’s nothing magical about whey. I’d say this study didn’t take this into account for the people taking the pea protein, so by default people consuming the pea were getting less protein per scoop which effected the outcome.
Pea protein tastes horrible 😭
I think you confused casein with lactose in the beginning of the video. Semantics aside great video and thank you.
I bought a vegan blend (pea protein and rice protein). There is enough leucine to help the protein to built the muscle.
Nice. I bought a ton of pea protein and leucine supplement because they were on sale. Now I have a great feeling about the combo. I had my reserves on whether the leucine would be pointless
mix whey with plant milk
Im in my 30s never had acne, started whey got really bad acne .
When they measured the growth... perhaps the added fat gain from consuming whey might have been the .2 difference.
Is this a good plant protein?
Whey protein messes my stomach up. Tried various types and its the same. Pea protein doesn't do that at all so I use pea protein instead.
Do peas contain estrogens?
Is the pea protein ok for Diabetics to use, thank you
Eating humans: I recently learned that there is a higher probability of contracting prion disease by eating human flesh which will kill you and is transferable through saliva as well as eating meat inflected with a single prion. The disease can be transferred to offspring. The whole movie thing (Book of Eli) about people with the shakes as an indicator that they ate humans is probably true.
Is it helpful for gaining muscle size
I just seem another video that states leucine give you cancer, which one is it
small and useful
I want to know which protein would be the best for an autistic five year old who won’t eat meat. Whey or pea?? I’ll be giving him a chocolate shake of either whey or pea but I don’t know which one would be better!??
The main problem with vegan protein as opposed to whey protein is that vegan protein doesn't contain all the necessary EAA's that whey protein does.
Will pea protein isolate spike insulin excessively please ? I guess not?
90 prcnt soy protein h Bhai isme
Oźiva kesa hai sir plz tell me har you tuber add kar rha hai plzzzzzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏tell me
Modicare plant protein kaisa hai?
To buy genuine Nutrilite product can reply me
Here's a list that helped me out. " In the end, I went with #2. 3:27
Agar 5g carbohydrate le bhi liya toh kya hi farak padta hai, humm dusri chizze bbi intake lete hi haina daily food mein
Even i used to purchase from Amazon and flipkart before, but it being a market place i have been cheated twice on it, so a friend of mine suggested to checkout Did receive 100% authentic product and that too in a very good packaging,,
Sir kapiva ka palat protein kaisa hai.lena chahiye
Your fave looks like vidyut
Sponsered by amway.
Hello sir ... please macprot kesar powder pr bhi video banao please....aur yeh protien x se better hai ya nahi please reply sir I m very confused.
Sir its made of 80% soy isolate ?? So is it good for mens
Abe gawarr admi jb plant based protein ka fayda hi nh fir suggest kyo kr rha hai..sarafat ki aar mai logo ko bewkoor bna rha hai bhaii tuu..
Hello Guru maan sir kaise hain aap Sir maine hair transplant karwaya hai aur doctor ne mujhe weight gainer lene se mana kar diya hai aut steroid bhi sir mujhe weight gain karna hai aur muscles bhi gain karni hai so plz Guru maan sir kuch aisa bataye ki m body bana sakoon plz sir 🙏
To buy all plant protein or any plant based supplements contact
To buy this contact
Can we have this powder after having food?
I like ojiva protein powder which is cheap and very effective,nutrilite is costly and useless.I got good result with ojiva
Amway nutrilite ke sabhi products mere pas mil jayega.
It contains soy protein 82.26 percent. So it's too high. In this video you claimed soy containt is less.

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