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Buy Northside Men's Snohomish Hiking Boot, Bark/Orange, 9.5 M US online at Amazon. Suede and nylon upper with embossed pvc toe cap and heel stabilizer For a comfortable fit, please order one size larger than your normal size. Half s...
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Northside Men's Snohomish Hiking Boot, Bark/Orange, 9.5 M US Features

  • Suede and nylon upper with embossed pvc toe cap and heel stabilizer
  • For a comfortable fit, please order one size larger than your normal size. Half sizes, order the next larger full size
  • Department: Mens
  • Style: 25194-600
  • Color: Tan

The lowest Northside Men's Snohomish Hiking Boot, Bark/Orange, 9.5 M US Price in India is ₹10,147 at Amazon.
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Northside Men's Snohomish Hiking Boot, Bark/Orange, 9.5 M US Reviews from YouTube

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Thanks for important information
Which shoes u use sirFromPune
Very informative .Can you suggest a modest brand or model as your personal recommendation.
where can we buy genuine hiking/trekking shoes online other than from decathalon
Is CTR ankle length shoes good for Himalayan trek
What is the model of your shoe?
thanks sir
Hi what shoe is in this video
Good points...not stupid like some other channels!
Trekking n hiking me diffrence kya hain
Tysm for the knowledge sir
Hi Dushyant, IH team. Which shoe would you suggest for doing Bali pass trek towards the end of May considering the terrain and walking on snow on the summit day.
Is Sologanc boots 100 waterproof good for Trekking in Sahyadri.
Great video man ! Thankyou so much
Pls inform what would be heel height or flat bottom shoe is recommended?
Hi thnx for this wonderful info. I just wanted to know while trekking in Himalayas do we need to wear Trekking shoes or boots. I recently visited Woodland and got confused wether to select high ankle shoes or boots. Kindly advise
I recently went on my first trek ( chandrashilla and tungnath) but while descend my toenail was keep pressing on shoe tip and it was very painful with every step.Do I need to change the shoe or buy one size bigger?
Excellent Tip
Thank you sir fo valuable information about Treking
I had a pair of 320 Karrimor boots and they were just meh. I bought a pair of 55 Gelerts when the sole got smooth in the Karrimors and they're infinitely better. They don't last as long but they're much more comfortable and supportive.
i binned my karrimors, like wearing ice skates on wet rock.had a pair of alt berg defenders off ebay and they were no better, they went straight back on ebay.ended up with Haix, the britsh army ones, and they are great, they are big boots but really comfy to wear even on long hikes. you can get then on ebay at really good prices.
I have been wearing my Meindl Bhutan's since at least 2007 and they're still going strong, although I didn't walk for a few years after my husband died. We've walked in Chamonix, Switzerland, Austria and the Dolomites, also in the Lakes, a lot! Wales and Scotland.Now I've started up again I pulled them out and there is still plenty of wear in them. However, I now find them a bit inflexible and heavy. I'm looking to replace with Salomons.
Perhaps looking after your boots better clean and polish now and again would make these boots last longer!!!!
I have those Salomon boots and they just werent solid enough for my liking. I prefer the ankle support and soles to be stiffer. They also didnt perform very well in the wet clay-like soil we have around here, and I slipped a couple times before finally deciding to try something else. Im currently wearing Trekker Lite III boots by Aku and finding them to be both comfortable and sturdy.
scarpa 2 pairs lowa 3 pairs meindl 3 pairs hanwag 4 pairs a dollop of others , i do heavy pack long range backpacking and need high tough thick soled boots , usually living in boots for a month , then wearing them untill they fail , usually 6-7 months for lowa combats , where they last normal folk 3-5 years . lightweight is ok for summer froliking
Have you worn your Salomon on ice, And did you find them slippery .
I have a pair of Italian Alico Hunting boots. Best thing Ive ever worn on my feet. Not cheap,but feet are important,and I dont cheap out on them.
you fink it's being protected...
fird pair...
d firty..
Where is keen?
I had a pair of brasher hillmaster boots I think they are called Berghaus hillmasters now.They were terrible on wet stone or any wet hard surface.Nearly went arse over tit coming down kinder low-end in peak District.Luckily I landed on my bum!!
Second hand Meindl Germany army boots from eBay 70 ,best boots ever without a shadow
I have the Salomon's and have to agree about the comfort. However, I have to 100% disagree about the grip. They're possibly the worst boots I've ever owned for grip in the wet. Wet grass, mud, wet or even damp rocks, stones, pavements, they're so poor for grip i actually consider them dangerous. The lifespan of the outer soles is also atrocious which is maddening as they're not that cheap.
my no 1 boot Lowa mountain gtxa bit weighty but in my opinion best boot out there never let me down .
Thanks for the review, it was helpsome.
Which ones best for ladies ? The same brand as your number one ?
Watching it buying my new brand new ancle support nord blanc shoes worth buying
This scarpa high altitude expedition boots good in 35 degrees celsius in summer time?
Great Information! PS - Please delete background music for the next videos because its disturbing to understand what are you saying.
Also can you please make one more video on the knives better to carry for a trek
would have been nice if you gave decathlon links here for the shoes. Not able to recognise shoes in the site
Any recommendations for barefoot shoes in India? Vibram is an option that isn't within current budget.
can share the links of those shoes
what about woodland shoes?
I purchased trek 100 of quechua from decathlon store in 2018 but within 3 yrs in 2021 that shoe's sole started to break as happened in wood by termait. I am not trekker or hiker.purched fir normal travel in normal terrain like manali,darjeeling, Sikkim. Sole is not for long stay.
thanks a lottt paji .
I do stok 2 times, 1st in bata and 2nd in Columbia... Zamin aasman ka farak tha
Good explanation, good initiative, good people
Background music overtaking audio.
I am going for trek 100
Thanks for the informative videos.Can you suggest Shoes for women trekkers? My Feet is 4UK which size I should go for?
Thanks for the suggestions. I am confused between the Quechua MH500 and the Forclaz Trek 100. I plan to do one or two high-altitude treks each year with some moderate hikes from time to time. Is the Trek 100 worth the extra price? Need something that would last a long time. Please advise.
Is quechua 100 good for beginners
I trekked the whole of dunagiri mountain on chappal. Believe me it was a wonderful experience . I climbed up the mountain with chappal and climbed down the mountain with naked feet. Even my friend did the same. At that time we were just laughing at ourselves.
Music ruined it
Adiddas jerzotrail is good for trekking
A big Thank You for a fantastic presentation. Greetings from Sri Lanka.
Is it good for bike riding?
This grip is for female variant and for male male variant they have different grip design . So is it worth to buy that also . PLEASE REPLY .....GOOD INFORMATIVE VIDEO
Bro can I use these shoes for running or walking daily?
I bought this choes very good quality
soft foam only on ankle? wish the insole were soft foam as well
Is Sologanc boots 100 waterproof good for Trekking in Sahyadri.
This shoes nh150 is good for mountain hiking or not
Can we wear it in snow
This model is no good. Bcos the high cut of the shoe is useless. Made with soft elastic material. Gives zero ankle support. There is no point buying a boot like shoe when it gives zero ankle protection, might as well buy a low shoe which is lighter. Why carry extra fabric?
Nice review.
Can i use it in winter especially in kashmir is it slippery
Great , i have also purchased these shoes
Is it good for snow trekking?
The new model you mentioned has a different outsole than this one in your video. Would the grip and longevity of the outsole be the same in both models?
Very informative review, very good. Considering these shoes.
Perfect for Himalayan Terrain ?
Is this sleepary shoes on wet area, mud area.
The new version of this shoe which is u say at the end of video is good for hiking. In decathlon mall only this new version available. But this new shies are off road shoes. What I do, plz guide me.
For bike riding is it good?

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