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The lowest NooElec NESDR XTR+ Tiny Stick Antenna and Remote Control Price in India is ₹8,088 at Amazon.
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NooElec NESDR XTR+ Tiny Stick Antenna and Remote Control Specifications

Technical Details
Brand NooElec
Item Height 22 Millimeters
Item model number NESDR XTR+
Item Weight 82 g
Item Width 8 Centimeters
Product Dimensions 12.4 x 8 x 2.2 cm

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NooElec NESDR XTR+ Tiny Stick Antenna and Remote Control Reviews from YouTube

2020 SDR Guide Ep 4 : Antenna Basics for SDR Beginners inc RTL-SDR / Nooelec NESDR SMArt bundle
SDR Nooelec 1:9 Balun | Why Impedance Matters in Radio
NooElec NESDR Mini SDR & DVB-T USB Stick (Model R820T) Review
SDR Nooelec NANO
Hi, great video, lots of interesting info, I wanted to point out that from 5.6db of loss, twice as much signal (logarithmic) loss would be 8.6db of loss. When dealing with db every 3db is a double or a half for -3db in your signal loss power. So from 5.6 db to 11.0 db of loss, the difference in db is 5.4 (close to 6) it would be close to quadruple (half and half again) the loss in signal power from one end to the other... db can be tricky if you don't take into account the logarithmic (sp) nature of the numbers.. Regards WB7OND...
Great info, thank you
Great video as usual. Can you recommend a book or video that shows a newbie on how to attach the connectors to the cable? Thanks
Outstanding video! This is incredibly helpful to SDR newbies like me. Your demonstration of the basic telescoping antenna and the effect is has on the signal was great, I'm never going to forget that.
Hello! I just wanted you to know that I use 100 foot rolls of green twist tie wire that I buy at the Dollar Store for my HF antennas! I got the idea while watching Tom's Radio Channel: hamrad88. I leave a little slack in them so that they can easily weather high winds in a storm. If they do come down, it is just a couple bucks and a little time to get back to listening again! GO FRUGAL RADIO!!!!!
Just use a paperclip
Good video! A lot of really useful information here. Thanks!
These are really appreciated because i think theres a lot of guys out there who are interested in the hobby with the new sdr platforms, im just getting into communications/ham mid life and theres so much to learn, and its these videos that helps us newbies to understand and appreciate it. Thanks 👍
What an amazing video! Thank you so much!
I prefer RG11 if I know I am going for the weak signals and want to eek out as much signal as I can plus I can manage how thick/stiff it is (great to bury as well) otherwise RG6.
Bro , when will you be posting the 5th episode of rtl sdr series. Eagerly waiting for them.....
Any comments on using RG316 to connect an antenna to an SDR?
Putting my lingering interest into practice, I've recently bought the RTL-SDR kit. I've experimented a bit with it and it loads of fun. Searching the 'net for information, I stumbled on this video which helped me understand some basic things about antenna's. Thanks for that! Now I'm curious and I want to know more! Can you advise me on some books/guides/lectures on the principles why certain antennas work best for certain use cases? PS: no need to apologize for not understanding the imperial system. Only 3 countries in the world are using them ;)
I've got an old set of telescoping "rabbit ears" for receiving analog TV .... Is this not basically a dipole antenna .. it looks almost identical to the one you have
Here's a great follow up to Ep 4: Frugal filters. I have a FM radio broadcast in town that's causing ghosting along the FM band on my RTL-SDR (at the very least. Probably lots of other problems). Ultimately, I'd love to see a DIY 'bubblegum-and-paperclip' solution that filters out exactly 200 kHz centred on that specific frequency...but...I'll take what I can get! XD
Duude! Thanks for making these videos. I'm learning a lot about things I didn't know about SDR thanks to you, Greetings from Mexico
FR, thank you for not having extended musical/graphical opening segments, and for not a lot of pointless blibber-blabber just to extend the length of your vids. Only rich content. So nice.
Really enjoying your channel, keep up the great work!
I’m from the US. I wish we would switch to metric tomorrow!!! This is very helpful antenna info!
Also, should the gap between the elements be taken into account? The RTL-SDR dipole have one or two centimeters of gap between the elements. For a UHF antenna that could make a significant percentage of the overall antenna lenght and I'm dubious whether I should take that into account or not and why. Thanks!!
The comment section is really important, it leads to conversation and learning and teaching. This section also really helps the channel because each comment helps boost how relevant the content is to the general community. And as a thank you for reading this comment and being part of the community here's a link to next week's video, generally this is something that only patrons get but since you took the time to read this message I'm letting you in on it too.
I can hear SO MUCH with my nooelec 9:1 balun, rtl-sdr, and some speaker wire strung from curtain rods at opposite ends of my top floor.
I've been wondering about this. 1 week into my rtl-sdr ownership I've tried experimenting with running a wire back and forth between curtain rods on opposite ends of my attic and clipping one end to the leg of my dipole connected to the center element. Ran another wire out the window and crudely stuck it a few inches into the ground, wrapping the other end around the leg of my dipole pointed down and connected to the jacket of the coax. Makes marginal if any improvements, but hey, that's experimentation! May just have to put out the $12 on Amazon for one of these.
Thanks for the video! I haven't messed with mine yet. I am wondering what gauge of wire to use with this, the terminal connectors are quite small. I've read 14 gauge THHN wire which I don't think will fit in there, also I think that recommendation is for higher wattage transmission. I have long spools of 26 gauge solid and stranded, but I'm worried that's too small. I am also wondering if I can buy 2 for the transmit side of my LimeSDR and do low power (10dBm/10mW) WSPR with it.
What do define the ratio? 9 to 1 in this case.
I read on rtl website that a 9:1 unun should be used and some say for a half wave wire a 49:1 I'm really confused
I thought a balun should only be used with a dipole. Surely you'd need a 9:1 Un-Un configuration if you're using a random wire, and a 49:1 Un-Un with an EFHW.
my long wire already works fine for receiving am and ssb signals on shortwave,will a balun improve the signal? i have rtl sdr v3
I've spent days looks at information about baluns and there you are throwing at me exactly what i needed to understand this! GREAT VIDEO MAN!
can i use a loop antenna since it uses 2 wires?
GREAT explanation. Thanks so much. I was wondering about the High Z hookup for the Duo. I can't find anything in the SDR manual about the High Z.. thanks for this vid.
I just purchased an RSP1a. I have one of these baluns on the way. I have a question, if you can tell me. As I understand, there is 5v on the antenna input? Is there anything I need to know about that? Don't want to short it out and ruin my SDR. Perhaps the 5v output can be toggled on and off?
Very good. Wire must be at least between 10 to 20 m. A long wire antenna could be the only antenna in your GO KIT for back-up. NOOELEC is a Canadian - USA company so I buy their products. VA2SOB - VE2SOB - 73 Claude
Can this be used with an AM loop antenna? I'm trying to attach the antenna to a Ham It Up upconverter.
When can you do a vid on 125khz signals
I see all kinds of baluns with different ratio numbers. How does one determine which ratio is ideal for their setup?
Great demonstration of just how much improvement one can get from considering how they feed their antenna. I was just going over this last night with some friends and comparing antenna sweeps of an 80m doublet with a 1:1 and a 4:1 balun. Selecting what works makes such a big difference. Thanks for sharing !
As you look at the balun (showing the circuit side up) which side is antenna and which side is ground? No instructions come with the balun. Thanks, MikeinMinnesota, N0WDM.
Welp you solved my j-pole problem.thanks man! KN4TJI
Will it be usefull in the crystal radios?
Yeah, I got the dongle, the driver installs from CD, but there's no software window or anything that comes up --- all I have is a USB device that is recognized by the system, but it just sits there. No recent software shows being installed.
I buy one in a trifthstore and I think was for get Wi-Fi signal! I wish I found a free download software!
would this work on a android phone or android tablet.
Is NooElec NESDR Mini 2 SDR capable for transmiting signals???
How do install device on laptop and how do configure sir .. please make another video for installation and configuration
if you have a second one can you push a signal to the other one? I want to have two points chat with RF
Will it supports Windows 10
What was accomplished with this video? I don't think it's helpful at all. It's like "look this is a thing. It does stuff. Buy an adapter for the rubber feeling thing. Here is my affiliate link go buy one. Later dudes." I mean wth?
I cant get mine going for nothing!!
I want to install this tunner to RDP a windows based device for FM station ..will it work..
What is the range of frequencies for example can i hear air traffic controller? Thanks.
you can listen to 25 MHz to 1750 MHz?, what about Khz?
X3 Same as 10$ unit that come with cd software and driver for TV. If you wont to watch tv dont install the zadig driver it will brake the connection and you dont be able to serch tv station
Why not just buy a am fm radio? What do you gain? To bad couldn't get the, that would be a different story!
what this for
what software did you use to listen to the NOAA weather radio?
can I programm the Transmitter To an other frequenz?? Thanx For answears
I bought it but unfortunately only works a few TV channels else.hi for macedonia
wtf is the fish for??

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