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Buy Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter online at Flipkart. Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Colours: Violet
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Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Features

  • UV Filter
  • Form: Round
Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Colours:
  • Violet

The lowest Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Price in India is ₹2,190 at Flipkart.
Buy Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter online at Flipkart.
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Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Specifications

Filter Features
Optical Coatings Multi-coating
Shape Round
Brand Nisi
Filter Diameter 82 mm
Model Name 82 mm Ulta Violet
Optical Coatings Multi-coating
Sales Package Filter
Type UV Filter
In the Box
Sales Package Filter

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Nisi 82 mm Ulta Violet Filter Reviews from YouTube

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What are UV Filters – UV Filters Explained and Reasons Why You May Want to Use Them
How to tell a Good UV filter from a Bad one
How to Find the Best UV FILTER for your Lens?
Tnk you
Polo clean af tho
I was only looking for a video that showed me what filters are and how to use them .. Thankyou for this video as I just bought 2 sets with all these filters in them .. So grateful
Thanks for sharing infomation.
Excellent presentation
thank you Sir for you valuable information
Hi there, greetings from the UK. I'll hopefully get a "new old stock" Canon 80D soon, as well as a Tamron 150-600 G2, which I think is a 95mm filter thread. A lot of people say that on a lens 300mm and above, filters do more harm than good quality wise... Any thoughts? Cheers! 👍🏻
Any modern digital sensor shouldn't be sensitive to UV radiation, so how does an UV filter help to reduce a haze? And if that does not help, why sb needs one? A clear filter or any filter actually is enough as a protection for a lens.
I have a canon rebel t7i and I ordered the 3 pack that includes the uv filter, the cpl and the ND4. My question is can I use them the uv filter and the cpl filter together? is so which one should I put on first? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for doing this video. This is my first video to know about filters and I mostly don't need to watch other videos. Thanks again.
forget the UV Filter, nobody need this
So my question is I have a purple FILTER marked purple on the ring, and I have an FLD FILTER what are the difference between the two?
very usefull
what about square filters and square holder and wide lend like 14 F/2.8 what filters can be used ??
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this beautiful video I learned so much:) Can I use all three at the same time?
Stopped watching when trying to sell UV filter!
I am a amateur photographer.I want polarize filter, please suggest me a link to purchase it.
UV filters are cheap, but they are a waset of money and not necessary
still trying to push the useless uv filters nowadays ? lol
You forgot to mention the Brita water filter. As well as a air filter for your Prius. Science? I’ll go ask Mr Wizard how it works.
What do you think about UV filters? Let me know below!
Well explained! :) Last week I bought a Hoya UV Filter ... it's totally worth protecting lenses! I'm happy with it! :)
Great video! I have a UV filter on all my lens for one reason, to protect my glass. I had a photography teacher in college who said "why would you put a coke bottle on an expensive lens?" Because I have seen how easy it it is to scratch a lens and it isn't cheap to fix.
what's the advantages and disadvantages between a variable ND filter and a UV filter?
Great video. First 23seconds of BS. Grwat info. Thumbs up!
i dropped my 70-300 heavy beast it landed on the lens and the filter took all the outer damage.. inner damage not so much but it took 4 years to die :D'
I like the uv dor that purpose.. It is great to save a thousand dollar lens. Great job on video indeed...I love to the point videos
Excellent video ! ! ! ! :)
Say Hi to my brother for me. He live in the city of North Pole.... I just bought a camera off of EBay (used) and it is coming with a Tiffen UV Filter....
This is a hard call to me. For a travel lens I'd say maybe use a UV filter. For a studio lens, why would you, there is no risk for the lens. I have actually used a UV filter on a travel lens, dropped the bag which landed on the filter. Filter broke, not the lens, but there was a lot a broken glass near the lens and I believe that I've been really lucky that it did not damage the lens. The hit directly on the lens, without filter, would probably have caused no problem (it is stronger than filter, it was in a padded bag). Hard to tell!!
I used uv filter but there is too many annoying lights reflection......... why?
I just watched an old video by Tony Northup and says we don't need UV filter to protect the lens because the lens are sturdy enough to protect from dust. I bought one and lying idle in the bag.
I appreciate the video...does he blink though?
hi, if the purpose is lens protection why not get a lens protection filter that's just a piece of clear glass? let say lens protect filter is $20 and uv filter is $25 is there a benefit in choosing the uv filter over the simple lens protection filter or i'd be better off saving my $5?
I'm getting a 10 dollar one. Is it really that bad?
Whas that it ??????
For Canon EOS 1500D camera, I need a UV filter... which one is better in case of layers 16 layers or 2 layers UV filter?
Do you still do any film photography? This was useful since I'm starting with lo-fi photography.
Sir Please Can You Explain How to use uv Filtaer on which weather
unless I'm using an ND filter so I can shoot wide open, the idea of putting a UV filter on my $12500 Leica Noctilux is a bit like putting make up on the Mona Lisa..
That was so useful. Thank you.
30 - UV Filter's counted ( approximate ) 5 - UV's counted
In your opinion do you recommend UV420 anti-blue light lens for people with high eye power?
Well explained, thanks for sharing! :) I bought the Hoya UV Filter last week and it's totally worth protecting the lenses! I'm happy with it!
Great video. I only miss a comparison in picture quality
Thank u very much to explain. From 5 filters that I have I realize that only 2 are genuine
If you've already bought a UV filter and found out it is bad don't worry, just use it as lens protection. Perhaps you saved a lot of money anyway.
Thank you so much for this clear, concise video and demonstrating your point about UV filters.
What uv filter brand you reccomend
Very clear explanation
Hi i have noticed my UV filter when i put it on a 1.8 or 1.4 wide open. Bokeh having some Visible Stripes. i thought i have a problem on the lens itself but why this is happens? i have used Sony 85 1.8 and and Sigma 85 1.4 dgdn same having some stripes when having UV filters..
so clear man! cheers!
Great video thank you
Thanks for the video. 4 out of 5 of my UV filters checked out ok!
Your video is a great reference. Is Hoya good? How about B+W? Thanks!
Excellent video my friend. Thanks!
So, simply to said we are cheated by producers becuase these filters do not block UV except one mode You have mention. So sad.
Great info. Thanks
But no one shows how to attach the filter, are they plug and play? I'm clearly new within this area :)
Really so useful information. Thank you.
Can you please suggest me the good uv and nd filters for canon 200D mark 2?
I liked it 🙏🏻👍🏻
Hello Kunal Bhai 🙋🏻‍♂️ I name is Azam Ibraheem I am a fashion blogger. So yesterday I purchased canon M50 mark II wo bhi apki videos dekh kar m50 ki toh I want ki iske liye kya accessories achi honi like, street fashion photography and videography ke liye kaun sa lens best rahega, uv filters kon sa best hoga for m 50 and also bag ya aur bhi jo acha ho for my camera
Kunal, very well explained 👍
AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Filter- 77 mm kesha he
Can you make vedio about export quality vedio for youtube uplaod.... In adobe premiere after export mb size are large but when we upload... In youtube it reduces
What is filter thread sir
I don't own a camera but very much passionate about it so just curious to know that can we use 2 filters together? Like what if we are on a outdoor shoot and we want to use ND as well black pro mist filter or polarizer filter or uv filter together?
thank you so much ❤
Please WhatsApp Group Link?
pls suggest a good uv filter for sony 50mm purchase online??????????
Thanks,,,maine abhi uv filter liya hai 55-250mm lens ke liye but usame suraj photo lete samay reflection aa rha hai,,, please help me
which filter or software use for beauty channel plss help
Very nice advice❤️
Sir where are you from?
Bruhh mera 55-210mm lense h to usme kis size ka Filter lagea ??
Nikon d7500 photography best ya canon 80d
Nikon p900 uv filter best Konsa company Hoga .....Thora link milega to achha Hoga🙂
Nikon p900 uv filter Kitna mm Hoga dada

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