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Buy Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter online at Flipkart. Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Colours: Violet
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Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Features

  • UV Filter
  • Form: Round
Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Colours:
  • Violet

The lowest Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Price in India is ₹2,000 at Flipkart.
Buy Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter online at Flipkart.
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Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Specifications

Filter Features
Optical Coatings Multi-coating
Shape Round
Brand Nisi
Filter Diameter 77 mm
Model Name 77 mm Ulta Violet
Type UV Filter
In the Box
Sales Package Filter

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Nisi 77 mm Ulta Violet Filter Reviews from YouTube

NiSi 77mm Closeup Lens Review + Raynox DCR-250 Compared
NiSi ND1000 3.0 10 Stop Nano IR Neutral Density Filter | Review, Guide & How to Use | Sonika Agarwal
First Look - The NiSi 77mm Close Up Lens
NiSi Close-Up Lens Kit NC 77mm
Products I'm using in this video: - Camera: - Lens: - Diffuser: DÖRR on lens diffuser, not sold internationally. You can find similar ones here: - Flash – Meike MK-300 (get the updated version 320 here: - Raynox DCR-250 closeup lens: - NISI 77mm closeup lens: This video was filmed with this small action camera: Mic used for voiceover: I get all my background music from this awesome service: Sign up for my free newsletter here: Go see more photos on my instagram: Or at 500px:
lol if the raynox250 gets you too close, get the 150.
Bro, I just want to point something, some CloseUp lenses are thinked to work properly with Prime lenses not with Zoom lenses, coz it can provoque aberration problems as I can see in you samples, I recomend you to make a test with Prime lenses with the NiSi on 85, 100 and 135 MMs lenses and see what happen. In the other hand, the Raynox optic quality is famous than can work well with Zooms.
I wished you had compared this filter (when used on a typical tele lens) to a typical macro lens in regards to image quality so potentially interested people would know how much of IQ they would lose if they chose this option over a dedicated macro lens.
Hi... How about auto focusing with Nisi filters. I use canon 70-300mm USM ii lens for photographing birds and butterflies... But for butterflies and dragonflies it is not a good lens cause it does not focus too close... I was thinking to buy Nisi for that reason...
Hello, I already own the Raynox 250 and I’d like to buy the NIsi macro lens to combine with my Sony 100-400; I’d use the this latter combo for shooting insects, like dragonflies, where you can’t get too close to your subject, while I’d keep the Raynox to use, sometimes, with the macro Sony 90mm when the subjects are still, e.g. butterflies in early mornings at the end of September and October. Is it worth buying? Thanks, Fabrizio
In Australia today the NISI is only $40 more than Raynox, so price-wise is a no-brainer for NISI, provided you have at least a 70-200mm telephoto lens. Was thinking of raynox until they only have 49mm as their front element, which is heavily vignetted.
Question; can the Raynox DCR-250 be used with a 100mm macro lens?
What happens when you use both the nisi and raynox? :)
I got the Raynox 250 and tried it in my 105mm HSM OS Sigma 1:1 lens. Not really impressed. Do you believe I can get better results with a 60mm 2:1 Laowa on my 70D? Have you ever tested a cheap Chinese no brand 60mm 2:1 lens? I am not sure where I am going but I also ordered a reverse adapter for my Zuikon OM lenses.
I have been using the raynox dcr 250. It's a great tool.. took some great macro shots of insect and bugs.. opened a whole new world for me...
Mft is great for macro. Raynox and Nissin are both interesting. What would be best for the Oly 60mm 2.8 Makro in combination? An Idea?
Raynox also makes the DCR-150 which is a 4.8 dioptre close-up instead of the 8 dioptres of the DCR-250, and is about the same as the Nisi in strength. It's more or less identical in dimensions to the DCR-250. You could buy both and have quite a bit of change left over from the Nisi. However, large diameter close-up lenses like the Nisi do have big advantages. With the clip on Raynox holder it will only clip on lenses up to 67mm filter thread. Although you can use stepping rings, either on the filter itself (it has a conventional 43mm filter thread at the back and a 49mm filter thread on the front) or to get the lens filter thread to 67mm or less. But then there is the problem with vignetting. The Raynox lenses don't cause vignetting on the 72mm front thread Sigma 150mm macro on APS-C. After years of using various close-up lenses, with the good quality multi-element achromats like the Raynox lenses, the biggest determinate of image quality tends to be the lens it is attached to, not the close-up lens itself. So if the main lens is free of CA, then it should be okay, but if it suffers from CA etc, then the close-up lens may exaggerate this, but it won't induce it. I found out one very important factor with close up lenses that all macro photographers need to be aware of. Essentially, you may need to stop down the lens much more than usual to get the same depth of field you'd get with an equivalent macro lens, typically by up to 2 stops. As people may be aware close-up lenses produce no light loss, and a typical macro lens has an effective f-stop of 2 stops smaller than the one indicated at 1:1 (confusingly Nikon factors this in with the digital display, but other camera manufacturers don't - so f11 on a macro lens at 1:1 on a Nikon is the same as f5.6 on a Canon and most other cameras). If you put a Raynox DCR-250mm on a 100mm macro lens it will go nearly to 1:1 with the lens focused at infinity. However, because the lens is focused at infinity the aperture will be the one indicated. So if the indicated aperture is f8, that is what it will actually be. Whereas if you focused the lens to 1:1 without the DCR-250 (on all but Nikon) the effective aperture would be f16 not the f8 indicated on the camera. This effective aperture as regards to the nominal aperture varies depending on magnification. So at half life-size it is only one stop smaller. But generally, when using a DCR-250 on a macro lens for more magnification, you need to stop down by about 2 stops on the indicated aperture to get the same DoF you are used to at this aperture. Of course you don't have to stop down more, just be aware you will get less DoF than you might be expecting.
No glass can beat raynox250 for macro, 77mm can be a fun lens can't be use for serious macro work
You may want to update your info on the Dörr Universal Soft Diffusor, which after months reported out of stock, is in stock again, and it seems they are happy to ship it to international customers:
Thank you for the very interesting video Micael, I ordered the Raynox 250 yesterday to use with my Canon 100L macro as I wanted a bit more magnification without spending the extra on the mp-e m65, and Laowa sold out at the moment...just eager for a new toy to play with that doesn't cost a lot!
Bra jobbat! Ha en fin sommar!
Thanks for showing the comparison. I have a Panasonic G9 with a 14-140 lens; would this be telescopic enough for the Nisi? Also I'm considering getting serious with macro and at present I've hired the Olympus 60mm macro lens for six months. I'm also looking at the Panasonic 30mm, or 45mm; can you offer advise in my selection? Hope you can help. Mike in Oz
Many thanks for the review Micael - This looks closer to the Raynox 150 .... similar magnification. I assume it has a limited range of focus .... much like using extension tubes?
Have you measured the focal length of this attachment? I've always wanted to buy one to see if it works well as a tube lens but it is quite expensive, too expensive for an experiment. Thanks!
Also watch 5 Best Cameras under Rs 25000 - I hope you all are doing great. Stay healthy, stay safe!
is this a variable nd filter ?
Just want to know..i received it now but why its totally black i mean cannot even look through it... everything seems black..
Thank you so much was planning to buy this 1 but was not sure, now I am thanx again for honest review.
At 1:47 you said For 18-55mm you bought 55mm i thought the filter size should be 58mm or is it different in my Fujinon?
Pls suggest some DSLR cameras for beginners.
Joe, there is a conversation going on in my club about what is the difference between closeup and Macro
Hello, watts your opinion about putting that lens on a Sony 100-400? I already own a macro lens, the Sony 90mm but, sometimes, I’d like to have a longer focal lens for insects such as dragonflies. I’m practicing with manual focus so AF is not a worrying me. There’s one thing I can’t figure it out from what I’ve seen on YouTube so far: what’s the minimum focus distance? Thanks, Fabrizio
This filter took me by surprise! I've got a 100mm macro Canon and my photos don't look that sharp. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Joe. Great suggestions. Any suggestion for flash or brackets that a flash can be attached to to use when outdoors, handholding?
I like the T-shirt Joe. I hope you are doing well!
Joe selling stuff again.
Great video Joe. Thanks
This is the first time I know your channel. Can i make friend with you
Interesting. Not yet available in US online stores?
WoW have to try that !!!!!

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