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Buy Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter online at Flipkart. Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Colours: Violet
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Buy NiSi Pro 58mm Multi Coated UV Filters for Camera Lens (Black ...

The filter blocks ultraviolet rays, which adversely affect both B&W and colour films. It is considered a necessity for the scenic photographer. It can also be ...


Nisi 58 mm Ulta Violet UV Filter - Nisi :

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Buy NISI MC-CPL58 58mm Pro Multi Coated Lens Filter Online at ...

Photo Filter Thread Size, 58 Millimetres ; Coating Description, Multi Coating ; Photo Filter Effect Type, Ultraviolet ; This item: NISI MC-CPL58 58mm Pro Multi ...


Buy NiSi S+ MC CPL 58mm Ultraviolet Lens Filter (Multi Coating ...

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Nisi 52 mm Ulta Violet UV Filter - Nisi :

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Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Features

  • UV Filter
  • Form: Round
Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Colours:
  • Violet

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Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Specifications

Filter Features
Optical Coatings Multi-coating
Shape Round
Brand Nisi
Filter Diameter 52 mm
Model Name 58 mm Ulta Violet
Type UV Filter
In the Box
Sales Package Filter

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Nisi 58 mm Ultra Violet Filter Reviews from YouTube

How to Find the Best UV FILTER for your Lens?
What are UV Filters – UV Filters Explained and Reasons Why You May Want to Use Them
BEWARE!!! FAKE ND & Polarizer filters
Two New Close-Up Lenses from NiSi - In-Depth Review
Thanks,,,maine abhi uv filter liya hai 55-250mm lens ke liye but usame suraj photo lete samay reflection aa rha hai,,, please help me
which filter or software use for beauty channel plss help
Very nice advice
Sir where are you from?
Bruhh mera 55-210mm lense h to usme kis size ka Filter lagea
Nikon d7500 photography best ya canon 80d
Nikon p900 uv filter best Konsa company Hoga .Thora link milega to achha Hoga
Nikon p900 uv filter Kitna mm Hoga dada
Kodak Pro Series 58mm 16 Layers Vs 2 layer which is one better?
How to check the size of the lens
Can i use a 67mm nd filter on 72mm lens size
nikon d3500 ke konsa wala uv lens lena padega
suggest a good 95 mm uv filter, is omax 95mm good?
Uv filter can helpful for canon 300d.
Which one better Blue & green
Can we use UV filter & lens hook together.
Support in all lense?
Bro canon 200d me uv filter sensor me aata hai kya
Bhai please ek bat batao lens me dus under naa jaye esa kiya kare please sir please bro WhatsApp me
What do you think about UV filters? Let me know below!
I just watched an old video by Tony Northup and says we don't need UV filter to protect the lens because the lens are sturdy enough to protect from dust. I bought one and lying idle in the bag.
I appreciate the he blink though?
hi, if the purpose is lens protection why not get a lens protection filter that's just a piece of clear glass? let say lens protect filter is $20 and uv filter is $25 is there a benefit in choosing the uv filter over the simple lens protection filter or i'd be better off saving my $5?
I'm getting a 10 dollar one. Is it really that bad?
Whas that it
For Canon EOS 1500D camera, I need a UV filter. which one is better in case of layers 16 layers or 2 layers UV filter?
Do you still do any film photography? This was useful since I'm starting with lo-fi photography.
Sir Please Can You Explain How to use uv Filtaer on which weather
unless I'm using an ND filter so I can shoot wide open, the idea of putting a UV filter on my $12500 Leica Noctilux is a bit like putting make up on the Mona Lisa
Classic promotion video
Is hoya good? I won it in a photo comp
Thank you for this video! I’ve watched a couple other videos of yours and I really like how your succinct, laid back, and informative approach. I love the music at the beginning. It’s really catchy. Where do you find your music for intros?
Are there any UV Filter options available for point and shoots? As my basic Canon Elph 330 has couple scratches , looking for better alternative Vlog camera
can i stack filters on my lens? ex: uv filter then an ND filter on top. great vid btw
I always use UV filter. The main use is to protect the front element. I typically have my camera in my bag without mounting a lens cover. It allows me to quickly pull out the camera and shoot. The flat filter allows me to easily clean it without worrying too much about scratch it. I would be much more careful if I had to clean the front element of an expensive lens.
Thank you for linking what you use. I'm getting the Coolpix p900 soon and I was struggling to find a good UV filter for it. I always get nervous when I see bad reviews.
Great info , I learned a lot from this short but educational video !
Does the clear haze in the filter you recommend change the color or should i buy clear with haze in the B & w?
mostly the fakes hoya logo is to bright white, while the original is a little bit dim grey/silver color. sadly, in my country they sells the fake one same as the original one prices :(
Your filters doesn't show where it is made. Some Hoya filters are made in the Philippines. They have a factory here. Same with Kenko.
You need to moisturise your fingers dude
Sadly, these counterfeiters will eventually change their "H" to look like the original. My way to spot a fake is to use a balance to check the weight down to the milligrams. Unfortunately, not everyone will have this type of precision balance at home.
Sometimes we want to buy cheap stuff online From cheap sites or cheap buyers and this is what we/you get.Might as well buy it full retail price from a legit store/dealer always guarantee the item.
I think the older version H doesnt go across like the latest ones. As you can see here - move the filter TOO TOO damn much for viewers to really see.
10 Chinese scammers thumbed down this video, lol. Don't but from China
HOYA HRT CIR-PL UV only buy from B&H store real talk no fake next time you want to buy anything online when it come down to equipment go to B&H they the best real talk blessings
i cant believe i was using a fake cpl filter for 3 YEARS!
and the reflection of your ceiling light on the filter is a dead giveaway.
What do you think of Greenl filters?
Thats not totally true as Ive got both types of polarizers purchased from Jessops so unless jessops are now selling and have always sold fakes the line through the H is not always the case
ZOMEI 77mm C-Pro HD Slim HMC ND1000 Filter SCHOTT GLASS for Hoya B+W CANON DSLR.spelling mistake on this one too, says SRTONG on package
Thanks a lot, really useful for me
This is very good to know . So many fake goods these days and grey imports . Thank you .
I came cross your post today. Just realized I was fooled as well. I bought a Hoya polarizer 82mm on ebay last year and it has the same spelling mistake on the back of the case. . It's too late to get a refund. I have ordered a Tyfoto polarizer filter directly from the manufacturers website today and I found the price very reasonable and hope they perform good.
Maybe you should noticed the price was so cheap thanks for the info very useful for us
Hi Allan, I plan to get the NISI 58mm for video + photography use, so if I stack firstly an ND filter in front of the lens in order to slow down the shutter speed for video recording, and then stack the NISI 58 in front of the ND would the AF still be reliable? thanks in advance.
My Sony 90 mm macro is 62 mm so, I presume the 58mm with a step up ring is not ideal. Is stepping down from the 77mm to 62 mm have any negatives as I need two step down rings?
Hi Allan! Hoping you're still planning to address use of the 58mm NiSi as a tube lens for infinity-corrected microscope objectives. I've got that 58mm and will try it, so I'll look to your report to know if I need to save up for the Raynox or another tube lens. Thanks as always for the amazing content!
Really helpful review Allan. I’m looking at the 77mm version for my Canon RF 24-105 lens which has a 77mm thread. However I’m wondering how much magnification I’m going to get at the long end. The native lens has a close focussing distance of 0.45m and a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.24x). Any help in that regard would be appreciated.
Would these work well with a MP-E 65?
The 77mm version arrived today. Mated it with Nikon 70-200mm f/4. Just finished experimenting indoors shooting metric scale at shortest and longest focus and shortest and longest focal lengths. Now that I have a feel for image scale and working distance ranges, heading out to menace some fungi, in great abundance and variety this time of year, and they don't move very fast so I can work with available light and consequent long exposures. Thanks Alan for the review and inspiration.
Which NiSi Close Up lens would be best for my Nikkor 200mm f/4 macro, 58mm or 77mm? The filter thread diameter on my lens is 62mm. I worry about possible vignetting if I step down to 58mm. With that said, I'm looking forward to getting closer to my subjects. Thanks in advance and thank you for your very informative channel! :-)
Hi Allan, thanks for this video. I have a couple of questions and will enumerate to facilitate answering. 1. If you have say a 100mm macro lens with the 58mm filter and a 200mm with the 77mm filter which one will give you more magnification? a) Is there a sweet spot in terms of focal length for each lens? 2. I guess there aren't any macro lens at 200mm (canon got a 180mm). Will the IQ be better on a macro lens like the 100mm with the filter compared to the 200mm which isn't a macro lens? Or even in the 100mm range but non macro. Can we add extension tube I guess? Will the IQ degrade in either configuration (100mm or 200mm). Say extension tubes + 100mm macro (canon) + NiSi 58mm? a) side question: will the working distance change? Will you need to be closer? By how much? 4. My 100mm macro has a filter diameter of 67mm. So which NiSi would be better? My understanding is that the big NiSi has more magnification, so would it be best in comparison to the smaller one? Thanks for your time.
Great review :-) I intend to get the larger one for my girlfriend and myself. She got a 100-400 on MFT and I have the 90mm Tamron on fullframe. I'd also like to test in camera focus bracketing for still objects, yet not insects with the nisi attached.
I have a Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm lens, with a 62mm filter thread. Would you recommend the 77 or the 62mm NiSi? This lens is good for 1:1 already.
Hi Allan,  Thank you for your inspiring videos and review. I got a Sigma 150mm 2.8 macro lens. Would the 77mm close-up lens work with that macro lens? I know I would need a step-down ring 77-72. Thanks a lot. Jaume
I have been looking at close up filters to use with my Sony RX10 M4 to have the possibility of doing macro photography when I am out with that camera. I normally do macrophotography with the Lumix G9 + the Olympus 60mm + Raynox 150 (sometimes). So i am very glad to read your excellent review because I trust your opinion. What I am hesitating with is which close up lens to get. There is this Nisi one, but also Marumi, Hoya and Canon make one. Any experience with these other brands?
Hi Allan. The Nisi is much better than the Raynox 250/150 for as a between tube lens
Thanks for the detailed review! Is it possible to combine the two close up filters for extra magnification? Been thinking on using these on my Sony 90 mm macro lens.
Thanks for a good review. I am already getting the larger one for christmas so watching this now was very timely for me. Found the review on your site and will read that as well. subscribed to your channel as well
Nice one Allan!
In depth review indeed Thank you for this.
Thank you, Allan. Always enjoy your video. I've been mulling on the idea of getting the 77mm to add to the dimension of Sony 90mm 2.8 macro lens. I hope the step up rings would in fit the 62mm filter thread
I never thought I’d have any use for a ring flash, but your field bug shots have inspired my interest. Any ring flash recommendations? Browsing B&H they seem to fall in two categories, sub $100 and multiple $100s. The Meinke MK-14EXT ($80) supports Nikon i-TTL. Light level range is limited, 1/1 - 1/16. Sufficient for this application?
i have a laowa 100mm macro, what you think it would be like on that?

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