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Buy NIKON Acc 1 NIKKOR SPEEDLIGHT SB-N5 Online at Low Price ...

Angle the flash up, down, left or right and bounce light to precise advantage. The flash can double as a continuous light source illuminating for six seconds ...



Buy NIKON NIKKOR 1 SPEEDLIGHT SB-N5 Flash only for Rs. from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping.


The other flash is less versatile but holds its own batteries so it doesn't drain the V1's in-camera battery. The SB-N5 is lighter, more versatile, but drains ...


Filter by · All reviewers · All stars · All text, image and video reviews ; Mr B · 4.0 out of 5 stars Nikon SB-N5 speedlight flash for V1. Reviewed in the United ...


Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight for Nikon 1 V1 Price in India- Buy Nikon SB ...

The SB-N5 mounts to the V1's multi-accessory port and is powered by the camera--no batteries required. This convenient featherweight (2.5 oz/70 g) flash has a ...


Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Flash Features

  • Soft Case
  • Mounting Foot Cover
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Flash Price in India is ₹7,490 at Amazon.
Buy Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Flash online at Amazon Flipkart.
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Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Flash Specifications

Weight 70 g
Flash Features
Flash Duration 1/4000 secs (When Fired at Full Power)
Flash Range 0.6 m - 20 m (Varies with ISO Sensitivity, Bounce Angle and Aperture)
Guide Number 8.5 m at ISO 100 (20° C) to 12 m at ISO 200 (20° C)
General Specifications
Brand Nikon
Features Electronic Construction, Flash-ready Indicator, 1/4000 sec Flash Duration, Thermal Cut-out, Firmware Update
Model Name SB-N5
Type Flash
Performance Features
Modes of Operation i-TTL, Manual Flash

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Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Flash Reviews from YouTube

Nikon SB-N5 Speedlight Unboxing
What Nikon Speedlight Should I Buy?
Nikon V1 Camera, FT1 adapter, SB-N5 flash, 10-100mm VR lens Unboxing
Flash Nikon SB N5 e N7
que pelotuda!
Is there any aftermarket version of the SB-N5 Speedlight?
question SB-N5 owners, can i use this with manual mode in the camera?
hahaha ejoy it!! good flash! Thanks to show us :)
E.T is missing his fingers...
lol !!!
So darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
have i been drugged? 0-O
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could she be any more annoying....holy christ.
wat did she say??????
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hahahahaaa piw piw piw.. btw where do u buy the flash? coz its still not available in my country..
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@nchomeier :D
PEW PEW PEW!!! Mad as a hatter! ^^ Love they made it look like a small sb-800/900 ^_^
@mosquito1958 That's me!
LOL Mad as March Hare !! LOL
@marcusboos78 It's going to be a lot of fun! Both cameras are great fun... but there can only be ONE after a DEATHMATCH :)
It depends on use case. I have a SB700, fantastic flash, but I also have a SB400 which for many occasions is more than enough. The new SB500 looks like a great deal and the SB300, not enough flash.
I use the SB700 on a D850. What I do not like about the SB700 is that there is no port for extra external battery options.
Hello Sir, Can you suggest me any good glad for my Nikon D7200. Any brand like Godox , Nikon etc. But my budget is limited.
Does it overheat?
The 500 is versatile it covers everything and now that digital cameras come with video yes i would consider the 500 to be my option
Hi Matt what setting should I set my Nikon d3100 to use two FREE STANDING flashlights Wirelessly and not the built-in flash. I can get one of the two to work not the other, and only when the built-in flash is operative too. (Back along I was defo able to get both working, and the problem flashlight is fully functional on test) Help! ☺
I have a nikon f3. I'm looking at getting the sb-16a is there any better options you would reccomend?
Does Nikon Coolpix B500 supporte external flash???? Plzz reply
You could also take a look at used SB 900 on eBay. The SB 900 got a lot of flak for overheating when it was new which seems to sometimes keep the used prices relatively low. In normal use I have never had a problem. Appart from that, what Matt said!
Myself I would go for the SB800. I have a couple of older SB26's that I use in manual mode on my D7200. The Godox TT685N is very nice, too.
Tried a few 3rd party flashes. For the most part 3rd party flashes are great, not too expensive and perform well. The only problem I have with inexpensive 3rd party flashes is the recycle times. With some of them, the more power you use, the longer you have to wait till you can shoot again. SB700 is ready to go immediately. Just get a B2 and don;t worry about flashes anymore. !! : )
OK, I own several of Nikon's speedlights ( SB700, SB900, SB910, SB600 and a couple of older models ) but despite this I'd advise those starting out to look at Godox's options instead. Nikons speedlights are very good but they are very overpriced in my opinion. Of course sticking with OEM ensures absolute compatibility for sure, so features like high speed sync will work flawlessly. The issue is that if you choose to expand into studio strobe work those flashes become less useful. Yes you can still integrate them into a wireless slave set up but none of Nikon's flashes will connect wirelessly with any brand of studio strobe. Whilst you can control the flashes via some higher end bodies internally, the lower end 3000 and 5000 series require a very expensive commander unit which operates via infra red! I believe the latest wireless SB5000 can only be wirelessly controlled via Nikon's top pro cameras so not much use to the vast majority and again an expensive commander is required. My advise, go with Godox, their speedlights are excellent and well priced. Their wireless integration is easy and you can expand your lighting to include strobes later if you wish with full compatibility. Heck, even if you change systems ( say to Canon or Sony ) you only have to buy a new commander unit! I love Nikon's products but sorry, I won't invest further in their flashes anymore. If I was starting from scratch my entire lighting solution would be via Godox. If you insist on buying Nikon then go second hand, they are pretty much bullet proof so even old models still work well 😊
The Nikon flashes are great, but VERY overpriced. I've had problems with a couple of Young-Nuo flashes, bad doors, iffy triggers. Switched a few years ago to Godox and couldn't be happier. For under 200, the V860 is fabulous. The ability to do HSS with fast recycle times is fabulous for outdoor shoots. The internal Li battery lasts for a LOT longer than 4 AA and did I mention the faster recycle times. Pair it with the radio trigger and you can move up to the AD600/AD200 and still work wirelessly. I have a few triggers, 3 flashes, and a couple strobes for a few years and no problem with any of them.
secondhand SB-800. Reasonably priced, powerful and has handy features like a PC Terminal socket so you can plug in a lead from your PocketWizards etc
i have a YONGNUO and i haven't had any trouble with it
Agreed Matt with your suggestions. NIKON brand: SB700 ($327) 1st choice; SB500 ($247) has a video light, but lower power. SB5000 too pricey, SB300($147) not powerful enough, but better than the built-in flash (head can only be tilted up). THIRD PARTY: If the flash will be used a lot, Young-Nuo or Godox are ok. Not recommended if the flash will be used sparingly (cheap chinese capacitors die quickly if not regularly used). For infrequent (or regular) use, recommend only two brands: Nissin (japan) Di700A ($269) or Metz (germany) 52 AF-1 ($247). Note: I have recommended only cheapest model with metal shoe (plastic shoes develop crack if camera is dropped with attached flash).
Iam a beginner photographer,and I love your videos it helps me a lot,Thanks,Vishall from india😊
Hi, 1st like,1st view and 1st comment 😃
Hay man
Could you recommend a good camera for a fashion student. I need a good camera to shoot a printed lookbook and videos. HELP! Thanks a bunch
Have you tried using the FT-1 in the automode? Does it work? Thanks I Have a V2 but in automode , the adapter is not working on that mode. all firmware is updated.
Sony RX1 review coming soon...
When r u making more videos?
Btw the j1 is metal body too ....
nice review, im a big fan of big lens small body these days... i used to carry around a Canon 60d gripped w/ a sigma 17-70mm os and a Tamron 70-300mm vc usd~ now i use a Olympus Epl1, and a Olympus 4/3 14-54~ looking forward to buying the OM-D~
You can face your self and... blind your self
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Entra na d7100
Pega na d7000 ?

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