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Buy Nikon SB-700 Flash online at Shopclues Amazon Flipkart TATACliq. Nikon SB-700 Flash . Nikon SB-700 Flash available in Colours: Black

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Nikon SB-700 Flash price at Shopclues - ₹22,399

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Nikon SB-700 Flash price at Amazon - ₹23,250 ₹23,250

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Nikon SB-700 Flash price at TATACliq - ₹24,400 ₹23,250

Nikon SB-700 Flash Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 4-5 Days
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The lowest Nikon SB-700 Flash Price in India is ₹23,250 ₹23,250 at Amazon.
Buy Nikon SB-700 Flash online at Shopclues Amazon Flipkart TATACliq.
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Nikon SB-700 Flash Nikon SB-700 Flash available in Colours:
  • Black

Nikon SB-700 Flash Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Electronic Construction: Automatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and Series Circuitry, Flash Exposure Control: Cameras Sync Modes: Slow-sync, Red-eye Reduction in Slow-sync, Rear-curtain Sync, Rear-curtain Slow-sync Shooting Functions: Auto FP High-SpeedSync, FV Lock Flash, Firmware Updat...View More Electronic Construction: Automatic Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and Series Cir
Other Dimensions 71.0 x 126.0 x 104.5 mm
Weight 360 (without Battery, Memory Card or Body Cap) g
Flash Features
Flash Duration 1/1042 sec at M 1/1 (Full) Output, 1/1136 sec at M 1/2 Output, 1/2857 sec at M 1/4 Output, 1/5714 sec at M 1/8 Output, 1/10000 sec at M 1/16 Output, 1/18182 sec at M 1/32 Output, 1/25000 sec at M 1/64 Output, 1/40000 sec at M 1/128 Output
Guide Number 28 m at ISO 100, 39 m at ISO 200
General Specifications
Brand Nikon
Color Black
Designed For Camera
Features 28 m at ISO 100, 39 m at ISO 200 Guide Number, Multi-functional, Equipped with Wireless Lighting Capability, Indispensable to Creative Lighting, Master Function Controls
Model Name SB - 700 AF 
Type Flash
Performance Features
Modes of Operation Auto
Number of Flashes 160 (Alkaline Batteries), 260 (Ni-MH Batteries)
Recycling Time 2.5 sec (Ni-HM or Alkaline Batteries), 3.5 sec (Lithium Batteries)
Power Features
Power Source 4 AA-size 1.5 V Batteries

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Does this flash work with Nikon 35 mm film Cameras like Nikon F80 Camera ? Please advise and thanks for the comprehensive review.
Rip Matt 🤧😞
Thank you - this is by far the best introductory video. I have just purchased the SB700 to use with my Nikon D500. I know I am a few years late but thank you so much
I'm trying to connect it to my D3400 Nikon, so I could shoot wireless... unfortunately oh, it's not working. Can you help me?
Thanks very much. I've just received a speedlight SB-700 as a gift. Having never used a flash before, it's good to have this basic rundown. Thanks again.
Is this a guide for people who cannot press buttons and read for themselves?
I had mine for a while and should have found this video back then. Thank you for the information.
Very informative video. It will be helpful if you can make a video using this flash in a studio/indoors and outdoors. Thank you.
Thank you! This has been very helpful!
Good video but the drop down built in lens is for concentrating the flash and not for diffusion.
Thank you. It is very helpful and you explain it really easy. Thumbs up
Thank you for a very succinct, basic overview of the SB700. Do you have a video addressing using several SB700s in master/remote functions?
Excellent! '"in a nutshell" indeed. Thanks.
Awesome Presentation but one Question? Where is the icon for the battery and how much you have left?
thankyou - very clear and useful!
I have one SB700 flash and looking to buy another flash so that one will be the master and one the slave. What would you recommend, another SB700, a sb900 or an sb910. Price is not a huge issue
Well prepared and expected video. To the point covering all functions. Thank you
Any idiot can recite the manual
Excellent. Thank You!!!
Any issues with over heating?
Mark Wallace has been around for ages. Wonder if he still alive.
Awesome explanation!
my nikon d750 which flash use
hi Mark. listen i have some problem and i cant figure out what i am doing wrong. i have the d810 and speedlights sb910 and sb700. no matter what radio trigger i use (phottix and godox) i cant control remotly the power out out or ttl. it only shoots. is it a setting in the camera or speedlight that needs to be adjusted. i really appreciate your help specially when i have an ip coming even and i will be using flashes remotly. thank you!
hi this is saeud w yu from kuwait i have whatced mustly of yr videos, can you tell me more abut patar copmpanstion and fox point.2nd i nees some details abut nikon speed flah 970 thks /saeid
Compatible with à D600 and à D810 ? (off camera)
Kool flash... I was considering this or canon 430 ex II for fuji x100s.  But do you have any better suggestions for my fuji x100s camera.. ? What she i buy now ..?? thanks...
What is the minimum and maximum range of the flash? :)
This is a good system camera, with particularly good photo features (managing colour, light and stability) as well as a great zoom. This camera has attended a holiday to Cuba and produced wonderful results, including in some very challenging light conditions. here is the link to it in case anyone is\12mYeh7
Excellent review. Clear, comprehensive and informative. Well done.
Does it have an pc connector?
Hi there, have you heard of "Photo SFXart Tricks" (do a Google search for it)? On their website you can watch a smart free video explaining the way to take better photographs. This made it easier for Matt to create photos that leave you with that wow-effect after you take a look at them. I hope it works for you also.
I am in the market for a speed flash and this video answered a lot of my questions about this particular flash. Thank you.
great review.
I got the Nikon DVD, Creative Lighting, with Bob Krist & Joe McNally and even they were not as thorough as describing everything as did Mark. My only question, does the D5100 on-camera flash send the data signal to the SB-700 so the 700 can be used off-camera?
They dont have to compete, it wouldnt make sense to buy a flash of canon for a nikon or other way around. But nikon has always been better in flashes, canon in accesories
What does Mark Wallace Look like?!
Thanks for the informative video. I have a question here please, If I want to use this as an off-camera flash not on the camera, can I trigger this SB700 with my Nikon D3100 without cables or extra radio transmitter? Thanks Mark...
Just bought it, and I didn't knew it could do all that,...Awesome!!
BTW the SB-910 ELIMINATED the overheating issues found in the SB-900.
Hi, I just found your channel and thanks for this review (and I hope you see this soon). I am retired military and the Army & AF Exchange Service (AAFES) is NOW selling this flash for ONLY $149.97. I have one but don't use it much, but was wondering if you thought I should buy one or two more because AAFES is selling them at a really low price point compared to what NIKON sells it for now ($329.95)?
The sb700 is NOT a beginners flash. I’m a pro photographer who’s been using these great flashes for years as well as many other paid photographers. I think they’re great flashes. Now that we’re in 2020 I’ve decided to move over to GODOX V1 and ad200 Pro flashes for their built in receivers and the elimination of AA batteries. I use dual cameras, and dual flashes. It’s nice not needing external flash receivers and carrying 28 AA batteries for weddings and events.
I disagree it's a beginner flash. A beginner item wouldn't tilt, swivel, and adjust at 1/3 stops, have manual, GN, TTL...and much more.
I use the SB-700 as a secondary flash to my SB-900 and it works great in Nikon CLS mode. The SB-700 weighs less than the SB-900 so that makes it a better choice for direct camera mount flash. Overall I like your reviews but this one is kinda weak - nothing personal.
Loui buddy, you really need to sharpen your presentation skills. You are not focused, you keep going around in circles and you're not factual. If you're going to talk about pros and cons, list them, learn them and talk to them. You lost me in the first 20 seconds.
I have to disagree with you.  There are many pro's using the SB-700.  It is a work horse flash and has plenty of power.   It doesn't overheat.  You can get a Quantum external battery pack with a cable that fits the SB-700 thru the battery door.  I like the SB-800 as well.  It is about 25% more powerful and only costs about $200 used on EBay.  These are much better alternatives for photographers.  The SB-5000 is way too expensive.
Nice review bro, como 💯pre. #intro 💪💪💪💪😎
Joke review
Jared, I've only been watching your videos for about 6 months as I've recently gotten back in photography. It's great that there are videos out there that you have that are a decade old and still very relevant. I have two SB-700s coming and wanted to get a preview, thanks!
You shall not pass.
I have Alexa throughout my whole house◉◉>Щ1Щ in different shapes and forms and this is one of my favorites. I love how you can enable skills, one of the ones I use often with this particular device is seeing my ring cameras, I simply ask Alexa to show me the front door or the drive way and I don’t have to reach for my phone. I have this on my night table in my bedroom (even though sometimes I think about moving it to my bathroom for when I take bubble baths, but I quickly remember my sink isn’t so spacious lol ) The sound is superb it’s so powerful you would never think it’s coming from such a small device.
damn I just got an SB-800. I wish I saw this video before the other day,
No Help! This guy fancies himself a comedian! Believe me, you are no Mike Myers....Keep your day job! What’s with sniffing the box and going off on the belt loop? I can read the TTL, M, and GM on the back...again, no help!
"I shoot raw"... oh really? I'd never have guessed.
what does selling do smh
Does someone knows if this flashlight is fully compatible with the D80 camera?
Hello! thanks a lot for this video, so useful. i wonder if you can help with a problem. i have the SB700 and a nikon D7200, i following all the steps to configure the SB700 in external mode, and it's ok, but i can't deactivate the integrate flash in my camera. the SB700 works but the camera flash always flashes. the current mode on de camera settings is " built in flash / - - " and continue firing. what can i do? i hope you can help me Thanks
6 years old, I guess flashes don't get updated a lot.
great day, is the SB700 compatible with Nikon D810, & the High Speed Sync is it can up to 1/8000sec shuttle? TQ so much
Just purchased a Nikon d3300 and an sb700. Im still a beginner and learning how to properly expose my pictures. I finally managed to learn how to adjust settings and now shoot on Manual mode. I always use the exposure meter in order to determine what settings need to be adjusted to get the proper exposure. Now that I have the external sb700 I no longer know how to determine whether I have proper exposure. Can anyone help?
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you should do a reveiw on the sb 700 and the sb 900 to see witch ones you would buy 
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