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Buy Nike Men's Football Boots, Lime Glow/Aquamarine, 4.5 online at Amazon. Style#: CK8460-303 Off-center lacing creates a larger sweet spot for powerful strikes. Grippy texture across the top is strategically placed for prec...
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Nike Men's Football Boots, Lime Glow/Aquamarine, 4.5 Features

  • Style#: CK8460-303
  • Off-center lacing creates a larger sweet spot for powerful strikes.
  • Grippy texture across the top is strategically placed for precise touch when shooting, passing and dribbling.
  • For use on natural and synthetic surfaces
  • Cushioned insole

The lowest Nike Men's Football Boots, Lime Glow/Aquamarine, 4.5 Price in India is ₹37,601 at Amazon.
Buy Nike Men's Football Boots, Lime Glow/Aquamarine, 4.5 online at Amazon.
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Nike Men's Football Boots, Lime Glow/Aquamarine, 4.5 Reviews from YouTube

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Which one is better nike phantom gt or nike tiempo legend 9 academy
Have the new ones venom elites
Which ones do you prefer?? The vapors 14 or phantom gt low?
Heyo was wondering the Tiempo studs look like AG studs, is there any difference between AG studs and the Tiempo studs? Also Nike has nailed the colour way on all the 2021 Tiempo's
My dad got me gt's they are the green ones
nike mercurial vapor 12 elite very cheep in the link below
Fire 🔥🔥
Love the mercurials too bad my foot is too wide for them
Nice video
Love u
I was thinking about getting one of thoose pair
Hey everyone insert your age here
They should add these boots to fifa 21
Are the phantom gt also in sg available or not because i would love to buy them as the sg type?
Nike has bad color combos! We need all black and all white boots not stupid Colored boots verry disapointing
Does the superfly 8 fit similar to the superfly 7?
Jay Mike what is your mercurial 14 size
Jay I found a hella cheap vapor 14 but is it legit?
jhonny abinin kayıp ikizi burdaymış demek ikinizide severek izliyoruz
i got vapor 13
It maid me ran faster
Hey quick question can you use fg boots on ag pitches and if should i buy ag boots or fg boots?
Just got them and they are insane
thanks for the video just bought these
Where did you get this
I like the way you posted the nick vaper 13 im gona by it on you app that you sent
wilfried zaha was wearing them
1:37 Vaporfly 4?
0:32 filmed on a carrot
Poetry in every video 👏👏👏
l need new boots
i got the shoes
This is my favorite boot
Que chuteira feia.
Tekerz kid wore them??!!??
Got the vapor
What would you recommend out of any of these and a copa samba for indoor boots
Can you pls make a video about the Nike premier 3 indoor?
What about the Nike premier 3 ic? Better than the Nike premier 2 sala ic? And what size should I get on the 3s?
Nike lunar gato 2 is actually a great driving shoe if you’re into motorsports. Dual purpose shoe for soccer and heel-toe.
if i play on asphalt do i need turf shoe or indoor shoe?
Do they still sell the Nike React Gato? I’ve searched everywhere here in the USA and haven’t found it sold online or in a store out here. Maybe you might know if they discontinued them?
Really disappointed with the pro tf. The bit where the 3 materials merge on the inside of the ankles digs in and gives blisters. Waste of £100. I don't know why the incorporated tongue stops at the side and doesn't go all around like a sock on the vapors...
Make Gato turf version.. that’s all Nike that’s all. Your tiempo legend 9 pro has a horrible durability..
Will the turf work on AG? They dont sell AG where I live.
some of your lunar gato videos you say stick true to size and some you say half size up? can you confirm which one?
For turf I just use my super amazing vapor 11 (the neymar version) and it feel amazing
where is mercurial
Sad that Nike discontinued the premier sala ii. Love them.
Looks like gophers are about burst out of those huge lumps in the grass. 👀
Hey Josh the new Nike Premier 3's have a turf version. Could you possibly do a review and compare those with these shoes.
Just bought a pair of the adidas copa sense .3 for turf. The sole has already started to separate with the beads in between. Will probably look to these tiempo turfs next.
video on the best turf boots on the market, please
In terms of cushioning Top Flex REBOUND is by far in front any other shoes. But they are bulky, if you can handle that they are perfect.
is that a Grand Seiko GMT you're wearing Josh? didn't know you were a watch guy!
Hey Josh, I've got a fantastic (😂) idea for a next video : can you make a tutorial to pull off the incredible "SpEeD wInGs" from the nike mercurial superfly 8 elite as well as the big and plastic nike logo.
Josh can you tell me a boot that has a similar or better feel than adidas x ghosted.3 (I have the mullti-ground version US size 9.5 and I play more on FG)? They are comfortable in my feet and they don't squeeze my fingers, like a Mercurial (I don't know if I have wide feet, I have normal feet probably). I would like to go for Puma Ultra 2.2 for 93 euros, Nike Phantom GT2 Pro for 110 euros and Adidas X Speedflow.2 for 90 euros
Bought these about a week ago and I'm really excited for their arrival, just waiting to be shipped.
The thumbnail pic is looking like a building in toyko
This guy is so biased towards Nike 😂
Bravo 👏
i need technology where it can massage my feet 👍🏻👍🏻
Where is Tiempo from Progress pack?
I thought the thumbnail was a building lol *cry emoji*
I would love if you took a look back at the UA blur carbon 3 with the kangaroo leather, almost bought a pair back then and i was 13 where I was more inclined towards the best marketed cleat (nike vapors or adidas f50)
Could u do a review on the new speedflow.1 colourway pls john?
I don't mind I just won a bid for the recent vapors elite version for £31 on eBay....
Love this short format for new colorways! Simple, straight to the point. If we'll need to go in depth, there is always the launch colorway version.
and still no ankle support ???
I do like that colourway but wow, names for an extra lace hole
I guess I'm leaving Adidas and Puma for Nike . Clearly, one cannot play effectively without this ground-breaking technology. Thanks Josh.
This was too funny 😂 Josh has got the Nike marketing department punching the air rn

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