Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo Brown

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Buy Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) online at Flipkart Amazon. Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) . Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) available in Colours: Brown

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Flipkart ₹210 ₹249

Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) price at Flipkart - ₹210 ₹249

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Amazon ₹220
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Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) price at Amazon - ₹220

Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 2-4 Days
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The lowest Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) Price in India is ₹249 ₹210 at Flipkart.
Buy Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) online at Flipkart Amazon.
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Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) available in Colours:
  • Brown

Nike Man Eau De Toilette Deo (Brown) Specifications

Fragrance Traits
Fragrance Classification Deodorant Spray
Fragrance Segment Luxury
Ideal For Men
Quantity 200 ml

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This Nike has nothing to do with the American sportswear company. This is a brand from Spain. I bet they capitalize on the misconception, I guess I would too....
How is Nike pink women EDT 100 ml
I've used the male version. It has such an amazing smell in such a low price! Just unbelievable! I really love the smell , it's so fresh, citrusy, musky, floral and a bit of green mango.. overall very captivating fragrance! Only one issue, the longevity isn't that good. But what can you expect in such a low price!? My bottle is about to finish, and I'm gonna grab one more for casual wear in this summer.
Hey mate can u please suggest with your experience , i lke Nike up & down fragnance alot its my fav but its not long lasting so suggest me same fragnance (love this lot) with long lasting it would be great.
Nice review! Do you know where it can be bought in Europe?
Sir as I'm 1 year student I'm cut boy Plz suggest any perfume or did you made any video as in age factor ..
Waste of money
What does nike up and down means ??? Do we apply it also on genitials. 😐 or its just the name
@joy amin Hey how to discover whether it is genuine or knockoff?? I first bought it around 10/12 years ago and I became fan of this fragrance..its awesome
Plzz make a review on Nike gold edition gift set for man
Try nike cobra
Try nike no limits
Thank You. Was skeptical cuz of d price, but Vl definitely get it right away :) 🙏🏼
Smell Nike Trendy for women (Pink & green Colour) you will get to know it a clone from a TM House
Your video are awesome. Please try other Nike EDTs especially Fission and blue wave, you will definitely be wowed by it. Please post reviews of them. Its a request!!
U r right.. Longitivity not good
Ur reviews r so awesome. I hav nike up or down.. Is el cielo different from nike one?? I want to buy el cielo
This was my very first fragnance i had put my nose on , i was new to this fragrance game back then. There was one incidence from college days i remember, I sprayed this on shirt before riding the bike later I picked up my gf from her hostel. Few minutes later my gf was like "baby why do you smell so good ". Although we are not together now. Fragnances do wonders . And they indeed make memories! Loved the review took me to the past for a moment . Thanks joy bhai
hai bro hope that u r fine make a video about 10 best blind buys if u can brother with love and care princely Jose
hey man greetings, would love to see your take on Nike Red man EDT (2015). It's suppose to be a darn good clone of D & G the one as confirmed on fragrantica.
im so gonna try to find this. thank you s much for doing this my brother.
I found it but only in 30 ml size so i got 3 bottles Really good stuff and good performance Great review brother i fetched it according to this video 👍👍👍👍👍👍
What is the name of the store in lazada?
Whats the best nike man blue or indigo ?
Hi, nike ultra blue = ultra male???
Can you review nike red they said it is a d n g the one clone
Good video, and thanks for explaining that nike perfume is different from the sport brand. Subscribed
Ung hub man bka pwd mo I review clone daw ng adg profumo at ung brown man ay d&g the one
Thanks for the enlightenment, greetings from 🇹🇭 . I created my own channel Meldee fragrance. Come check it out , I’ll always follow you right back
afnan 9pm is a good clone also it’s a beast
Great detailed review :)Im seeing these Nike perfumes in the shop and they are sooo affordable! I got one and i like it. Now im interested with the men’s because i heard they are dupe with some men’s designer fragrances.
Another awesome review brother! Can't wait to try this one. Very cheap alternative to Ultra Male! 🔥🔥🔥
It's true. Nike was around long before the sports brand. Even the missiles... 🚀
I get this for 6 $ in offer sometimes
Great find and good review as always, much Love 🙋‍♂️
Will definitely try to find it..😊
i love the editing bro
Is it the same as Indigo?
Tnx for your efforts. It gives me pleasure when I saw my Deshi Bhi starting Fragrance review channel. Love from German
Hello I have question. Is there a Nike scent suitable for all day wearing/job/school. Similar to Azzaro chrome or other freshy all day scents?
Is ky price Kya hai
A great fragrance to clean your car.😂😂😂
Is it Normal when I sprayed it leaked?
Hi Joy. You should try Nike Brown,it's really good smelling for the cheap price. Spicy&fresh,seductive smell. Performance is good too. I got it yesterday with Yves De Sistelle - Writer. Writer is really close to Dior Sauvage. Little bit smoother and easier to wear,great performance too. Presentation is amaizing,heavy bottle with magnetic cap. Check it out,won't regret.
Hey 😎✌
Get Fogg master Oak would love to see your video on it. It's very economical ,yet, addictive scent.
Sir can you please review wild stone code iridium ...... ( its a perfume body mist ) and supposedly $3 clone of dior Sauvage .... Will like to hear your thoughts on it .... waiting forward for your review 👍
Are there any other clones of the One EDT out there. I've heard Rogue by Rihanna is good.