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Amazon.in:Customer reviews: NHC - Advanced Creatine Micronized ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NHC - Advanced Creatine Micronized (100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate, Unflavoured) 300 g at Amazon.com.


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NHC Advanced Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (300 gm, Unflavoured) Features

  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Enhance muscle strength and size
  • Promotes muscle endurance
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Mass Gainers

The lowest NHC Advanced Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (300 gm, Unflavoured) Price in India is ₹344 at Amazon.
Buy NHC Advanced Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (300 gm, Unflavoured) online at Amazon.
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NHC Advanced Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (300 gm, Unflavoured) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand NHC
feature Promotes protein synthesisEnhance muscle strength and sizePromotes muscle enduranceSupports muscle recovery
Manufacturer Nutree Health Care
Size 300 g

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NHC Advanced Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (300 gm, Unflavoured) Reviews from YouTube

How to Use CREATINE for Muscle Growth (according to science)
Creatine for Muscle Growth | How to Use it | Yatinder Singh
I used Creatine For 30 Days and My Life Changed
I took CREATINE for 30 days
I have an important question, but first I would like to mention is that I just read online that if a creatine that does NOT have a CREAPURE label on it, then it is low quality coming from china. That being said, there are Top brand companies that sell creatine that are NOT made with creapure, so it is more than likely made in China with possible toxicities in it, it being low quality. What is you opinion on this? Thank you
I have been using protein powder for about a month having 1 or 2 a day after workouts with milk would you guys recommend adding creatine to my shake daily ????
I was 43 when i started creatine. Im now 65 and have never suffered any negative side effects. One thing ill tell you tho, first time users will notice a signifacant amount of strength. In the past i discontinued creatine for awhile and resumed again to see if id get that power surge, not happening. Regardless tho. I still feel much better when i supplenent with creatine. (Stay away from sarms young guys, not good)
I'm bald so i'm good to go
Ok so does it cause hair lost or nkt
Creatine basically pump your muscle with water i know because i use to use it . When you stop consuming all that water muscles vanish. All i am saying it’s not some kind of a product it don’t last
Say creatine again I stg
Not sure I agree with what you said about creatine getting denatured in heat especially since it's just a tripeptide. Proteins are more prone to heat denaturation because it disrupts their tertiary structure; small peptides, especially those with just 3 amino acids, not so much.
Number 15, Buger king foooot lettuce
MuscleMonsters, Sean Nalewanyj, and Greg Doucette are the best fitness channels on YouTube
Well documented
So for those of us who ARE legit non-responders(I am a guy, and after 6 straight months of use, noticed nothing)...what alternatives/options to creatine are available to us? Otherwise, I'm literally just pissing my hard-earned $$ away.
Wait...I HAVE to cook meat?
If i pee after drinking it, does it still work?? or is it out of my system. please answer
Loading phase can cause Kidney stones or just to be straight when someone takes creatine the next 1h of drinking water will go to the muscles, not the kidneys and this might cause kidney failure and after 6 months people are having livre failure as well Doing a blood, pee test with a scan test first to see if your body already has high creatinine do not take it. It
Ahhh so yes I will become baki but bald 🤣
Wait so do you drink it with your apple juice?
I was just going to get some synchronicity how this came up !! 🥳🤩
mine came wit a scoop, is one scoop enough for a whole day???? (todays is the 2nd day im using it)
Yo this video explains what creatine monohydrate does and exactly how to take it the instructions on the back of the protein my Libras says take 150 Graham school in the morning and at night what's a video explains more what it does and how it works👍🏿
New video for you all 🙏 https://youtu.be/CBqvdxKnwNw
Please confirm symbol of original critine
Steroid or isme ky different hai
Is creatine ok for 15 yr old
I started Gym one month ago,I weigh 75 kg,I am using BCAA Big muscle and whey protein isolate,can I use creating for big muscle?
U are Best sir ♥️ love from Punjab
Can I take creatine in pre workout ?
Exercise pehle lena chaiye creatine ya baad me sir
Bahot Accha Laga sir Ji Aapka ye Video Or Thank you So much Air Ji 😊❤
@yatinderbhai this is shahid I saw ur full video I was just having a small doubt if u clear that it would be great help for me , can we take creatin while working out in the gym in the morning session like 6am to 8am without having anything Thank you
lub u sir ❤️
bahot badiya
Awesome video sir
Hospital doctors debunked loading of creatine. They said it made no difference or improvements. Im not talking about people who call themselves doctors just because they went to a 6month or 12 month course and took a test. Im talking about REAL doctors, people who actually perform surgery in hospitals and were actually residents in hospitals for 4 years and took a specialty in the medical field. They debunked this a long time ago.... back in 2014. why people dont catch up, I have no clue... 🤷‍♂️
Thanks sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ap konsa use krte ho?
Plz provide the link of supplement
Creatine monohydrate bahut hai online.plz aapka personal creatine name batao.
Supar 😘
Sir creatine weight bhi gain krta hai kya
Sukun milta hai sunkar" Hello meri family kaise ho aap sab"
Bhai ise milk shak mai le skte h
4.03 like the way you lie 😅😂 to your subscriber's
Tnq brooo❤❤❤
Review ke chahkar me public ko kuch bhi mat khilaw
bhai aj hi liya mene ye wala apke link se but uskaa scoop size 7.5ml k h so is it 3g? how much can i take
Kitna ganda thumbnail hai
bhai urs muscles looks like seems pump up with creatine ..they are not looks tough and muscle cut only light bulk with no muscle demarcation
5:18 wrong form ...you are doing these wrong
Creatine hydrochloride is better than this in terms of bioavailability and usage. This ones takes around 3-4 grams per serving but hydrochloride takes only 1 gram maximum. Its good for kidneys and intestines too.
Bro can i take creatine I m 15 year old
Meri age 17 hai mein le sakta hu
Hello sir meri height 6 fit h weight 55 mujhe kya lena chaiye whey protein ya muscle gainer and kaunsi brand ka
I don't know why but his appearance feels like vivek Oberoi.
Physical training jese running ,army physical work out ke liye use kr sakte hai ??
Short and Informative... Kudos👏👏👏
Kab lena chahiye - After workout But after workout kab ? Raat ko sohne se pehle, ya work-out ke half an hour baad ?
Bro paid promotion h ky.?
Please have a look at my transformation as well :)
I apologize for the stupid question in advance but are you mixing the creatine with your protein powder?
try to inhale creatine for better results, heat it up and inhale it slowly before workout to give you good boost worked very well for me so wont hurt for you to try it
“May have just been the crack I took before”
if i work out 5 days of a week, should i still take it everyday or only the days im working out?
Can u mix the creatine to mass gainer?
The comment section *joke about crack* *ThIs GuY hAs A wHoLe GyM*
German creatine creapure is the gold standard when it comes to purity. Other creatines that do not have the creapure label on it are made in China, which would be considered low quality. Would you buy a German car or a Chinese car? So My question is that let's say If I order a micronized creatine from a top brand company that does NOT have a creapure label on it, do you believe that it would be considered a very low quality creatine to put into my body because it was made in China having possible toxicities in it? Thank you
I have been taking creating for 10 plus years and no hair loss.. That is BS
What brand of crack do you use?
What was your weight after
The crack joke alone made me a new sub. Congrats.
1:36 HA! That’s a knee slapper
Lol the twist is that he wasn't joking about the crack!
Omfg I thought you were Ryan Trahan
Is this a joke or is the guy serious? All that shit injested for that little gain? That's not significant at all! I always ate naturally and thank god for the marvellous physique I could build without any supplement.
thats bs how is he lifting 200+ he doesn't even weigh that much
I felt like i was on crack, it may have been a placebo effect, or it may have been the crack i smoked before i started, had me dying 😂😂😂😂
If you don't have any equipment bro you have all that you need at your home do home work out bro
Seriously you have a gym at home what else do you need
I can’t tell if he’s being serious or joking

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