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Nexus ICL-MH-DH36R Bullet CCTV Camera Features

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Find the best deal on Nexus ICL-MH-DH36R Bullet CCTV Camera at Flipkart, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Nexus ICL-MH-DH36R Bullet CCTV Camera Price in India is ₹2,400 at Flipkart.
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Nexus ICL-MH-DH36R Bullet CCTV Camera Specifications

Camera Type BNC
Model Number ICL MH DH36R
Number of Channels 4
Sales Package Nexus Home Security Camera
Video Output VGA, HDMI
Video Recording Frame Rate Real Time: NTSC: Global 270fps, 30fps per Channel, PAL: Global 225fps, 25fps per Channel
Video Recording Resolution NTSC: 960H (960 x 480), PAL: 960H (960 x 576)
Product Details
HDD Available No
Covered in Warranty Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only.
Not Covered in Warranty Warranty does not cover any external accessories (such as battery, cable, carrying bag), damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer, normal wear and tear to magnetic heads, audio, video, laser pick-ups and TV picture tubes, pane
Warranty Service Type On-site Service, Customer needs to call the nearby Authorized Service Center, service engineer will come to the site to get the product repaired or inspected.
Warranty Summary 1 Year Nexus Domestic Warranty

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One major problem with bullet camera is spider web because they can attach it on the sun shield and threads crossing camera's view field is a real problem at night as the glow a lot with IR light (not really visible daylight) even more when there is wind.
Thank you for your expert advice. Now I now know what camera to get.
Good explanation. Thank you!
Thanks fr th explanation
Is the dome cameras waterproof?I mean will it fog the lens if left outside on a cold night?
I'm thinking a "dome" and a "turret" camera are two totally different things. A "Dome" camera has a physical dome over the lens apparatus. The camera in your video is a turret because the lens is not covered by a dome.
Thank you so much. I didn’t think of someone being able to throw a chain around the camera to yank it down Great information!
Bought a cheap 4 channel WIFI NVR from these folks a few years ago, still working great, it is compatible with most ONVIF consumer grade Amcrest, Reolink WIFI cameras, and has excellent features for the price, tech support is one of the best, Thumbs up! Just a regular customer here by the way!
Hi are you on eBay?
Thanks, very good information.
Birds like to sit on the bullet cameras and make it real messy. No so much with the Dome.
Hello, Friend Could you help me. I bought 8 channel Nvr 8580 with 8 4K spotlight cameras. I’m using 6 cameras and running on cat 6 network cable. Everything is fine but vehicle and human are moving slow. I update firmware and reset all settings still same issue. Could you let me know how to fix it.
Thank you valuable and easly understandable video
Had the same question and this helped me decide; thanks.
I am looking for an affordable budget camera system what do you recommend with a minimum of 4 cameras under $300 Or should I go with these new in dependent PTZ cameras that record to ASD card so I don't need a DVR or NVR?
Hi we have a house , in the netherlands we call it rijtjeshuizen ,so all houses are next to eachother , with only a fence between and we have a backyard not that big just average what do you prefer:)
I would like to know if there is anything at all to keep spiders of my cameras it happens every night
Thank you for that simple and well done review
Hi me and wife are having a RIDICULOUS time trying to get competent information on setting up an 8channel wireless outdoor security camera system for whatever would be on a DVR (digital video recorder) or on a NVR (network video recorder. We want Wireless cameras than at the most must be plugged into a 110/120v outlet, and the ability for us to DIRECTLY connect our pc to the DVR or NVR whereby we will have direct access to the security system through our pc WITHOUT having to access the security system through using a wifi card which our pc does not have, we do not want to have buy a wifi card and install, and we don't want to have to buy a wireless router since our pc is connected to our standard router by means of an ethernet cable. We also don't want these cameras going through some internet or browser type of connection. We just want a practical security system that the cameras transmit their signals to a receiver inside the house and can be accessed directly by pc through means of wiring/cablewe dont want a system whereby we have to use a mouse that is connected to the DVR or NVR or whereby the cameras have to be on the internet, through a browser, or whatever else like that Any help would be appreciated because GOOD GRIEF the GROSSLY POOR customer services we're getting from these companies who sell their security camera kits on places like Amazon. Ebay, etc many don't provide a phone number, they provide an email address but days and days later still no response from them, the one business we got through to over the phone had BARELY-SPEAKING-ENGLISH POOR-EXCUSES-FOR-COMPETENT customer service reps, and the list goes on with the PATHETIC HASSLE when needing sales support, technical info, etc etc Thank you
Hi the issue with domes especially the what I call goldfish bowl is the night vision as the rain carry’s dust particles and at night the ir reflects off them blaring them out. With the bullett camera with the sun shield also acts as a rain shield so is better over all long as up high enough.
How to reset the ipc camera uniview Ipc2122cr3-pf40-a i forgot the new password i set?
I have tried to set up my UNV, but when plugging the IP Camera cable direct into the unit POE ports the unit shuts down. And switches back on when camera cable is removed
I noticed you were using Internet Explorer on Windows to access the web interface, is it possible to access the cameras through Firefox?
I'm watching your video whie preparing for uniview's International tech support interview. You really help me a lot! Thanks!
Thank you so much. I am looking for this in India
In India Availability ?
We are using Uniview from 2016 and its never looking back. System Integrators like us need to strong support whenever it comes 100 plus cameras Uniview make sure they are there even when its remote areas. We use to do Vivotek & Hikvision earlier, but after Uniview there is no other brand.
Wow just saw the price qoute on retailer and I'm curious. This thing is mindblowing.
Hi, does dis model, ipc2122lr3-pf28m-d support smart detection intelligent features and notifications on your sellphone?
Are these from the prime series? If so which prime is it? I, II, III, IV?
On active deterrence cameras can u set a time Period where it will sound an alarm and do push notifications ? Say an outside yard u want it to only alarm from 1:00am to 5:30am but not others since u normally have people working in that area during other times?
Lorex vs uuv Which one would you recommend for small business.
you have any idea about wdr with central point in UNV cameras?
I see where you can set the people counter to clear. Does it store cleared counts? Do you have the ability to run a weekly report by day for retail clients?
Does this integrate into Google home
Super helpful, thank you!
Name of app camera plz
Only forward!
Get Tiandy Video Surveillance: Pipl Systems Store: I thought I would do an update of some info that I just found out as well While this is Not about your BR200 it is about the Cables and things I see within their website. First I thought maybe the cables you got was just Low line Entry cables that had to small of wire for power I am going to Guess this isn't the case and that the cables are PURELY Garbage. I bought a Upgraded Version of the 81KD because the 81KD I bought first was not the NEW one and was Limited on PIR ability So at the same time while I was looking over Annke website I seen they had some Cables they were Promoting as Fire Resistant also has their name plastered all over the cable in Black N Blue and thought ok lets get these have to be better then the ones here I was Wrong I am going to guess the issue with your cable from Annke is the same issue that mine is and that is the cable Shares a Common ground for Video and Power and for today standard of camera that is JUST PURE TRASH Looking at the Cables on the Webisite for IP cameras DON'T BUY Them off their website the cables are PURE TRASH the POE cables they have Cat5e are CCA and that can't even have a UL listing or TIA rating so they are Fake cables. Sadly with all I am seeing I have lost all faith in the Annke Brand and will be staying clear of their products form now on. Now I have 2 81KD 4 cables and a few cameras that I wish I wouldn't have invested in. But you did warn people to stay clear Sadly your OSD had me thinking it was just not having the right knowledge in the products. Sadly that isn't the issue it is that the Product honestly feels like Factory Rejects that they put their name on lol. The money they invested in the Annke Branded cables I would have invested in having my own Mac address for my Products rather then still having Hikvision's Mac address still they have been in Business long enough if they were wanting to look Legit that would be the start
So an update to my First Views of things I didn't really have first had knowledge of Camera and I did break down and buy a 81KD wish I would have saved my money lol. First of all they used a different format for the DVR and makes it hard to get around effectively. Only way the DVR feels ok is using the WebUI then it feels normal lol The camera to be honest is poorly built and between the camera and the DVR it just feels like a toy. So to offer a DVR that is only UTC and is said to work with CVBS is kind of BS To be honest I was thinking I would get rid of my 16ch TVI dvr for the Annke one but sadly my 2016 16ch DVR has much better guts then the Annke DVR and as mentioned here feels like I have gone back in time I thought it was more like the one I already own as they are both on 3.5v FW however Annke changed the GUI of the DVR to make it look like they are not an OEM of the Bigger fish that also makes my TVI DVR. By the way as of this writing while my 16ch TVI dvr don't offer PIR it really didn't matter Facing the camera to the wall and lifting the camera off my desk set off the alarm and I find that odd seeing it is linked to a PIR lol Don't think that is going to lower much of the bad notices of seeing a change on my wall when lifting the camera with no change in HEAT seems like it is just working off Motion only anyway Maybe I should try with Motion off and see if only PIR only option is still able to function As of now I will just make this 8ch DVR a Shelf Queen and use the Preset to make alarm go off I I need to After it warms up come next spring I might do a Full review of this I will admit my DVR isn't 5mp it is only 2mp and this DVR seems to have ability to turn it into a NVR only if I choose so I do like that feature like one of my very old 960h DVRs can do Only difference is that my 960h DVR was 4ch and can turn into a 8ch NVR lol is kind of sick.
OK Going to try to make this Short and Sweet. Read it all to get the good news function of this camera If you buy a unit that don't function right. Because I am sorry it is Total BS that this camera has to be paired with a DVR that is compatible is just PURE BS. My camera came broke and sadly it is Bad Business practice to say that the camera don't function because the DVR isn't compatible My DVR is TVI, 32 alarms in and 20 out 16ch not a low line POS 4ch bottom of the line DVR. To be fair there is some menus in the OSD that Require a TVI DVR for that feature or function to be in Menu other then that there should be nothing outside of Hardware Failure to cause this camera to not function. So with that said. Personally I won't be buying anymore Annke Products and to be fair they are not the only OEM Hikvision company that I own hardware from that I will never buy more cameras from because the support staff lacks good customer personal skills. Trying to Belittle someone about something they have no idea about in a Product they sold and to call them self a Product Specialist is BS For instance. Anyone know that the BR200 has Preset Usage? LOL really yeah it isn't a PTZ camera so I must be WRONG lol. No it does By the way no Support didn't tell me I found it out on my own. Preset 110 will manually set off the alarm and find this much better then having a broken camera lol Right now my PIR board or the cameras logic chip to the PIR board is damaged. But what I do know is that the Camera Alarm works because pressing Preset 110 sets off the alarm. That is it. If you can Control the Camera OSD you can toggle Preset 110 and the alarm goes off as it would if someone was going to make it go off by tripping the PIR. Also found some others that are not in the manual as no Preset info is in the Manual. Preset 91 changes camera from 1080P30 to 1080P25 and Preset 90 will change it back to 1080P25 to 30 Also while Not sure but Preset 94 I think Reboots camera because it does cause the screen to blank out for a short moment and don't change settings in the OSD. There are others in there that is the top 4 with Best one being Preset 110 to set off the alarm.
Geez I don't know how someone in a mess of 50 other people talking about Tech things don't know that OSD isn't something new Look at this camera turning on my Camera Heater, Audio is little low but there While I can't remember when I had my First OSD camera I can remember that one of the first was RS232 then RS-485 and most of mine are that today then came a NEW not widely used format of Pelco C AKA UTC and no not for TIME lol Then now there is CVI and TVI and AHD that use UTC tech to get to a OSD Here is a video turning on my OSD Heat in my PTZ camera that camera is from 2014 maybe 2013 it has been with me a long time I can't remember the date. Anyway while I didn't go over all the options in this camera on the video it is a CVBS 650TVL PTZ camera In there it also shows the alarms that this camera as as well. While you might not know what they are looking at the icons they are there 2 out and 7 in might only have 6 active not sure right now Anyway Check out the Video I have some Box cameras with OSD as well They have been out for many many years.
What a great video! Going to pick one of these up :)
Ugh.Analog, really? Better dust of my VCR.
Not bad for stores and things like that
smiley face
Who the fuck puts an audio track at max volume on their fucking web page? WTMFingF! Never mind a fucking piercing alarm. If these people are so incompetent, ignorant and god damn stupid they can't figure this out their product must be complete crap.

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