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Buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) online at Amazon. Key specs are not available.
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Amazon Offers ₹2,072
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Amazon Offers ₹2,072
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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) Features

  • Pack of two, 0.3 Ounce each (Total of 0.6 Ounces)
  • 4 natural shades, Available in pressed powder and loose powder
  • Exclusive blend of antioxidants conditions and smoothes skin's texture, SPF 20
  • This Product is Shipped from USA within 7 to 14 days of reciept of order.
  • Key specs are not available.

The lowest Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) Price in India is ₹2,072 at Amazon.
Buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
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Please go through Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Neutrogena
feature Pack of two, 0.3 Ounce each (Total of 0.6 Ounces)4 natural shades, Available in pressed powder and loose powderExclusive blend of antioxidants conditions and smoothes skin's texture, SPF 20This Product is Shipped from USA within 7 to 14 days of reciept of order.
Manufacturer Neutrogena
Manufacturer Part Number B00JZ037WO
Number of Items 1

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder PF 20 (Fair 10) (Set of 2) Reviews from YouTube

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review + Wear Test
Neutrogena Healthy Skin compact makeup with sunscreen Review and demo
I am so happy to see you! I love the color of your hair so make me want to change things up!I love the music in this video and you do your eyes a lot like how I do my eyes...I use my fingers a lot! You sure make great take me somewhere!!! I love that!!! You looked beautiful in the check in!!! I also love mineral foundation in the summer...lovely finish! xxoo Happy Wednesday to you! xxoo Sues & The Dez ( I have to go back and check out your others!)
I have that same little white chubby brush and I LOVE it ❤
I would prefer that you talk about the products during application and, after you put the foundation on, it would have been nice if you had let us see how it looked after application before you started applying everything else.
Hi Francis, first of all, I have to say you look beautiful with the look you put together, the Motorcycle even looks so nice and fun Ws the Neutrogena a cream form foundation? Thanks for sharing I loved the Revlon whipped, I used mine all up actually a year or so ago, it is a good one. Have a good day!! xoxo
Great demo & review, Frances! Nice that it has an SPF of 55. Great to see some other alternatives as well! So important to take care of our skin :) Have an awesome weekend!
Wow, that's impressive it held up. That was a beautiful tribute for Canada Day!
ur handbags r stunning! i love how the foundation turned out amazing! tfs! sending you lots of love today ♡ xoxo
Thank you for sharing this Absolutely beautiful video excellent performance and You looked beautiful My dear friend have a beautiful Friday Warm hugs from my heart and much ԼƠƔЄ from Huggie xoxo
Definitely not that bad at all! Looks good! I loved the vlog portion of this too! Nice to see out and about :) Great video dear!
Hi momma..have some down time in class today so I thought I’d catch up on your videos...miss you 💕
Your makeup looks really pretty. I’m glad that almost all of the foundations you tested will work and you can use them. Thanks for doing the tests for us. That festival is such a nice tribute. Love that! TFS. Xoxo 🤗🌺🌹🌸❤️
so beautiful dear friend ! 19
I enjoyed watching your review. It was nice to go on a field trip and see how the foundation was working. I love your hair color and you’re did make hold it’s sparkle :)
Hi Frances!!!! Yay!!! Neutrogena!!!! You look so confident and happy when applying your makeup!!!! Who ever that was singing I loved it!!!! Wow!!! That is soo beautiful for the motorcycles to come together for a very good cause!!! I am soo happy that you really liked the one you had on today Frances!!! I enjoyed the week of your foundation videos and seeing you my beautiful friend!!! I loved your video Frances!!!! Xoxo Pam ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nice snake skin Dooney girl! What a cute little town you live in! How is it that you look younger and younger everytime I watch you! What a beautiful day there lol your hair looks amazing indeed for all day in the sun! Great series thanks for the review good job! 🤗😘👍
Loved walking around your town with you. I do like most products from a Neutrogena. You did a great job reviewing these foundations for us. They all looked beautiful on you. Have a great day beautiful Francis!!!
you did an excellent job on these reviews!!!!!
Good morning Frances! You look beautiful in this one. The SPF is great. I agree with you on the Revlon. I still have half a jar of it and I always have loved the longevity of it. I have normal to dry skin and it just glides on. That and the Loreal Pro Glo are my 2 favorite drugstore foundations. Thank you for taking the time to do these videos. I so appreciate you Frances! Happy Wednesday! xoxo Mary 🤗😘💐💖
I think that's how I felt about this one when I used to use it - it was alright. The Revlon whipped! I might try that one! I have nooooo Revlon!! Love you muffin!!! xoxoxo!!!
Juat popping by to show my support.
She’s so pretty!
Your skin looked so even, clear and pretty. Really liked the foundation on you. I use the honey healthy skin makeup and its so liight and feels like I'm wearing nothing.
What shade?
Que piel tan bella. Como la cuidas?
Which foundation is better for really dry skin?
That skin....ahhh
Thank you
Shade name for fair skin pleaseee
Shade name pleasee
I’m confused. Another girl said 40 is yellow toned ?
Try putting on rosehip oil under your foundation, ever since I’ve started using it my skin oil has balanced
You have perfect skin, you don't even need foundation girl!
what lipstick are you wearing?
Wooooowww what hair color is this
Amazing one! Thanks for sharing this valuable info! It's so great to see this video and I can't wait to create mine one day! Hope you have a fantastic day! I'm a fan now!
What brush do you use?
heyy! am new to your channel!! I love your video.But you move your hands to much
Does this foundation cause a flashback due to the spf?
HIIII, you're so good in front of the camera, and I would love to colab with you sometime:) side note, what lense do you have on your 5100? your quality is bomb. ILY xoxo
I wanna see the worsts!!!!
This is old but if by some chance you see this , this yr I’d love to see a best and worst in drugstore and high end and in Canada Pixie is only available in Shoppers DrugMart so for us it is drugstore and their prices are on par with NYX . NYX is extremely expensive here there bigger palettes are 49.99 I can buy high end palettes cheaper than I can drugstore Milani is also extremely expensive as well as L’Oréal. Flower Beauty is not available here in CDA or , Colourpop , JCat and many many more drugstore lines that are available in the States idk why these companies are losing tons of millions of dollars from not launching here.
Thank you Jessica your spreading so much positivity and you look radiant I am waking up to you talking your a gem
And my milky mist is the spray mist to me!
But pixie is drugstore! And worth it and good priced to me. I love several of there products
You are adorable! When you first came on without makeup and your pretty black hair band you looked like a little girl playing with her mother's makeup. I can say this because I am 69 years old but I am young at heart and I am also a makeup junkie... I loved this video and will be watching the high end one next. By the way, I looked up your favorite Milani eye shadow palette and got it on sale for $8.95 at Walmart! Thanks and keep up the good work
Ever since I found out you stan the Missha BB cream (21+23!!!), you became my most trusted influencer for all base products. YES it does oxidize a bit and the gray tone diminishes, you're not going crazy 😂 BTW in my country, the Missha online store sells this for ~$11 (regular price!) while the official mall retailers sell it for ~$31. There must be something that happens between the manufacturer and distributors that jacks up the price...
I have 5 walmarts in my city and only 1 of them (of course the one farthest away from me 😭) has a small section of flower beauty still
Thanks for the info in the grey undertones!!!!. This is why i hsvent been able to find ANY foundations that weren't yelliw or peach on me....ill give it a try😁
Omg I love your videos, but for some reason your voice carries a whinny sound to it, ugh idk why bcuz I love your videos, but I've watched three videos back to back, and I just can't. Sorry girl
Hi I am Dinesh Tiwari I look to you
Yes she does then every year. I love her too xoxo
You wear the same look on all your videos!!! Your makeup doesn't stand out.
I would like for you to have a long video of many mascaras and your opinion of each. NO I would love it.
Love you the most but I HAVE TO STOP binge watching your videos!! I want everything you recommend and my bank account isn’t built for all this! 😂😂
I tried the CG micro fine brow pencil and found it a little too dark and cool but really liked the tiny line and it is SO EASY to shape and do my brows! BUT I WISH it didn't smear and smudge SO EASY!!! Especially since it is so hot now, it just RUBS off!! I am trying setting it with a color powder and tried a couple of gels. STILL the only one that absolutely STAYS is the Wunder Brow. I may have to just use the pencil during the colder months but it is a really nice pencil!!
I am with you on the Missha BB cream! I’ve been getting it for $8 on amazon, and since it’s 1.7oz it’s so much more product than most foundations. I use No. 21. I’m also neutral and most foundations look either too yellow or too orange on my face. Not this one! It blends in perfectly. Guess I’m grey. 😂
Oh yeah, that foundation looks extremely can actually see exactly where it is on your skin. At least on hd tv, it almost looks like a gold sheet mask. Anyone else gettin this?! I have this same shade and it does skew yellow. I’m not quite as fair as you, so I think it’s passable, but I still tend to mix it with something lighter/more pink.
I wish i knew what color I was in Physicians formula
Missha bb is absolutely my favorite bb
I opened it and the application sponge was missing and yet it was completely sealed. Then I tried it on my dry skin and it looked terrible...No moisture and no coverage
I'm JUST STARTING to understand a better way to use it. This stuff is hella janky. I have dry, sensitive skin with a little redness that seems to have an issue with most any product that isn't "clean." I dig a more natural look that's easy to touch up being that I live in Texas where the heat here is real. - Unless you are fine with applying with a damp beauty sponge (I wet it, wring it out, then spray rosewater on the area that I'm using), then this isn't for you. Any other way of applying it makes it weird and splotchy. BE SURE YOU EXFOLIaTE AND APPLY TO A MOISTURIZED FACE. This stuff hates any kind of texture no matter what application you choose. - This can't possibly be a medium- full coverage w/o being cakey. As soon as you open the compact and touch it, you feel the dryness. That added dampness with your application seems to make all the difference. - If all of the above is still cool with you, this is a great travel foundation. Touching up is quick and easy, and it's lightweight enough for hot and dry climates. * Issues: - this stuff doesn't play well with other products. I use a water-based primer with it and on occasion, I use Ulta's liquid Illuminator. Since I can't mix this in, on accounta it being a compact, I add it on top. This foundation never seems to sit still so over manipulation makes it angry. - Setting it with a light dusting of powder only maximizes the texture in your face and, god forbid, those baby face hairs. Trying to even out those areas make the whole area shift around on your face. I dunno guys. Unless this is ALL that you put on your face, then it seems fine for a light application travel foundation. Adding anything else (powder, illuminator, blush) to the mix is a recipe for disaster.
I didn't like it :/
Which shade is urs?
Có ai giúp mình dịch qua tiếng Việt không
Your face is amazing:)
That editing tho😍 amazing!

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