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Buy NETGEAR Orbi Pro Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System (SRK60) - Router & Extender Replacement Covers up to 5000 sq. ft, 2 Pack, 3Gbps Speed Router & 1 Satellite ...


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Netgear SRK60 Router Features

  • Wire-free Installation: No need to run cables. Power up the Orbit Pro Satellite and it will automatically connect to the Orbit Pro Router
  • Blazing Fast 3 Gigabit AC Wi-Fi: Reliable and high-performance AC3000 Wi-Fi for up to 5,000 sq. ft. with optimized simultaneous connections for up to 40 users (MU-MIMO)
  • Separate Guest User Access: 3 predefined networks with traffic isolation for network owner/administrator, employees and customers, Includes a customizable guest portal
  • Location Flexibility: New industrial design for desktop, wall or ceiling placement
  • Easy Set-up and Configuration with Orbit App: Use the Orbit app to personalize and manage Orbit Pro for simplicity and ease of use, No IT expert needed
Netgear SRK60 Router Netgear SRK60 Router Colours:
  • White

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Netgear SRK60 Router Reviews from YouTube

Best Small Business Router - Netgear Orbi Pro
Small Business & Home Office! NETGEAR ORBI PRO WIFI 6 Router & Access Point Review
Netgear Orbi AC3000 (RBK50) Review
Introducing Orbi Pro WiFi 6 by NETGEAR
I have recently purchased a used Orbi Pro Kit and read a lot of people complaining with its Firmware issues. I want to use them for residential usefor no more than 12 devices , consisting of Smart TV, Tabs, Laptops, security cams. Could anyone suggest me the most stable Firmware for this specific model that works flawlessly for residential users? Please I need your help I'm pretty confused and feeling regret after doing a lot of investment on these units ROUTER AND SATELLITE Both. I want to connect my devices wirelessly only
Great vid, thank you. in your opinion . whats the best whole home system with wired backends?
Are you running a business, you have a lot of devices to connect, you have any updates on this?
So really no real advantage to the Pro?
Just bought this from someone damn near New for $150 I'm excited af!
*Love Google WiFi!◈◈>   Our previous systems were always going out and needed to be reset. Netflix movies use to take forever to load or would need to load during play. None of that has happened since we got Google Wifi. We liked it so much we bought a set for my parents for Christmas because they were having the same problems with their WiFi.*
So do u know of u could wire them together yet
My only problem using it at home it doesn’t work with google home hub so I still have to add my old knight hulk x6 on ass well
Do I use orbi app or netgear insight to setup orbi pro? It's for home use. Your video link to setup the same way as orbi, which is with orbi app.
You've got to change that counter top. Seriously!
Thank you! Great video
For a product demo, I would have loved to see the thing actually work. You didn't even turn the damn thing on to confirm which mode it came setup in. Show us the config pages. Does it support individual vlans per ssid? What features are missing when you put it in access point mode? (The consumer grade orbi loses pretty much everything.) If I'm a business, QoS is going to be of huge interest to me; what are those settings? What are the options my company has in setting up a capture page? Aside from the 3 ssid's, what else does this thing do that the consumer grade orbi doesn't?
Is it good for a villa 1400m2 what you recommend for me ?
Can you use 4 of these if you have a large home and need more internet to cover?
I’m running pro a few days now, router and 2 nodes wirelessly in my home. On fiber 1000 up and down, I often see speed tests of 500+- on iPhone X tests. Standard orbi we rarely got much over 200. Latest firmware supports wired backhaul so that’s my next upgrade
latest firmware allows ethernet backhaul.
I have an Orbi home and it does WAP mode as well as router mode out of the box and I believe a guest SSID as well. What I cant find is recommended number of devices connected. I know the home is "around 40 -50" which is fine I just wish I could find a solid answer. To me thats what makes a business wireless over home is the amount of saturation it can handle. Thanks for the vid!
Before I sub to recently, back in the day you were the guy I remember that help me decide to setup my 3 wired apple wireless router mesh for my house. Before I saw your video I was just using an extender but you convinced me to go 3 wired apple routers and it works great. Thank you. Anyways, keep up the good work and I've been watching lately.
What’s the difference between this unit and the original Orbi ax6000
I am still really happy with the performance of the orbi pro. Speeds remain excellent and over all connectivity is spot on.
Nice 36:14
I setup my Orbi 3 weeks ago Im not getting anywhere near what your speed tests are 40ms DL and 5.64 Upload Guess I need to call support and find out why
"I'm not gonna bored you by showing you the website or the app" Dude you're reviewing a device f*ck boring you need to cover everything. This is a pass on to the next!
I have this system and was wondering if there is a way to make the handoff quicker?
What modem and ISP package do you have to get 457? We have xfinity 400mb and Netgeat c7000/AC1700 and we get 180mb.
One unit is connected to the modem in the living room, the other one is in my bedroom, like an inch near my pc, connected to it with a cat7 cable so ethernet wise on my pc i get 500 to 520 mbps on a 600 mbps plan. Is this a good thing i did Please answer
I hate the app. BUT the performance is top notch, I have the Orbi rbk50 with 2 satellites with a fiber 1GB internet and I get between 920-950 all around the house which is pretty impressive. I recommend trying to change a few settings in the web app like changing the channels or enabling beamforming.
Mine works like crap!
Whenever I use this on my PS4 I lag like crazy?
Have you had problems that other user had where the ORBI no longer worked after a few months or connectivity became hard to do?
I’m getting upload speeds of 70 when the Orbi router is actually getting 500 for upload? My old Verizon router was able to do 300. Any idea what is going on?
If I were close to the point in between two of the access points, would it try and jump in between the two? that was a problem I had with my ISP's rental extenders. Thanks!
What's going on P? I've got the RBR50 system with the two RBS50 satellitesMy internet speed is 600mbs down and 15mbs up. Wifi speeds are great however, my backhaul im only getting 150mbs max on satellite which my pc connects directly into. Also have an 8port lan switch connected to this satellite to connect all my other electronics in my bedroom including my Phillips 4K android Tv which i barely get 50 mbs onto What am i doing wrong? Can i remedy this issue? I've cut the cord from my cable and upped my internet from 300mbs down but im still struggling with streaming on my TV and other android boxes.
Peyton, thank you for the great reviews. I desperately need a new router and was looking at the Orbi AX6000 RBK852. Then I read your review and I was troubled by a few things like the fact that you can't hide the SSID and you don't have a USB port on the RBK852. As you suggested, I went back and watched your video on the RBK 50 and it looks fine. I have an old 4400sq ft house that has 3 large floors. My computer sits on one side of the main floor and the entertainment center is 50 feet away on the main floor. My husband has an office in the basement and there are bedrooms upstairs. Will the main floor router cover that area? Or would I need to buy an extra RBS50 satellite and put one satellite upstairs and one satellite in the basement? I see that the standalone RBS50 satellite costs about $250. I was hoping that the standard RBK 50 package that has a router and 1 satellite would be enough to cover the house, what do you think? Thank you!
Is this powerful enough to get me coverage 1000 feet away line of sight with no obstructions?
Has anyone had the guts to text the number in the description box?
It keeps buffering its not letting me watch 720p or 1080p
Since it has been two years since you posted this review, do you still have the same thoughts on the Orbi? Did they do the USB storage drive update? For a novice, would this be a problem product?
Can we Purchase additional Satelite? For it
my internet downloads at 500kbps on a good day :(
Quisiera saber. Si es mejor que. El Orbi pro ac300 de la. Primera generación. Ya. Que quiero comprar. Este nuevo wifi 6. De Orbi pro de segunda generación. Cual sería. Las. Diferencias. Con la. Anterior. Ayuda. Por favor
Wait did they just actually not care about wifi 6e
Magnificent Device

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