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Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash Features

  • E-TTL II flash mode: easy and fast to snap special moments
  • Multi flash mode: easy to record a chain of fast-changing moves
  • Flash recycling: 0.1-5s, compatible with external power pack
  • Wide apcel, extending flash coverage to14mm, creating soft and natural illumination
Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash

The lowest Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash Price in India is ₹10,481 at Amazon.
Buy Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash online at Amazon.
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Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Primary Camera
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Neewer
Compatible Devices Canon 5D MARK 2 6D 7D 70D 60D 50DT3I T2I and other CANON DSLR Cameras
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number 10065208
Item Weight 540 g
Material Plastic
Model 10065208
Product Dimensions 22.5 x 10 x 8 cm

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Neewer NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash Reviews from YouTube

Product Review: Neewer NW680/TT680 ETTL II Flash
NEEWER NW680TT680 Speedlite Flash E TTL Camera Flash Review
Unboxing: Neewer NW680/TT680 ETTL Speedlite Flash
Neewer NW680/TT680 E-TTL Speedlite Flash | Unboxing & Hands On
A tutorial from someone that does not understand the subject he has chosen
The quick recycle time is a nice plus over earlier (and cheaper) versions The LCD screen is easy to read in dim light and the basic functions are intuitive if you have ever used a flash before. Note it is far better in every way over the built-in camera flash (on my70D). Indoor test shots were excellent. Comes with a manual or, for convenience, download the pdf version.
Use second curtain.
I also have flashes my camera does not recognise unless, I turn the flash on first then my camera second (weird ay ? )
Plastic metal Skip and look for a real review
The port on the front is not necessarily to "charge" the flash, even though it can be used for that since this unit runs on a Li-ion battery. But the primary function is to power the light with an external battery pack. This offers two benefits. One is that you have more capacity than the battery in your flash. And the second being that you can achieve faster recycle times using larger capacity batteries (with a higher output). First and Second curtain is a way of setting the flash so that it works the way you want while using HSS (High Speed Sync). Most cameras go up to 1/250th of a second (give or take a stop or so) and that is as fast as you can use flash with the sensor completely exposed to light. Any faster than that, the second curtain will come down before the first curtain comes down. That means your sensor is not exposed to the full range of the flash, which creates a black line in your image. This happens when you go above 1/250th of a second without using HSS. What high speec sync does is fire a series of flashes, exposing the sensor to light as both curtains move down the sensor. This exposes the image correctly. The curtain sync setting simply tells the flash when to fire the series of flashes, closer to when the sensor is exposed at the top, or closer to when it is exposed on the bottom. This will create motion blur (for example) either behind, or in front of your target.
Greetings .Buy a flasch neewer NW680 code 10065208, I'm from Santiago de ChileI would like to know if you can give me pdf or malual in Spanish,thank you very much (ThinkLite) TT680
Se puede traducir a espaol . el catalogo viene en chino e ingles y ester es el unico tutorial , algun dato gracias ,santiago de chile sud america
will everyone please stop calling this company "Newer", it's "NEE-wer". thank you.
15:44 helped me using AV. I can totally relate to your experience at 24:00. I have the 562 and the E-TTL sucks in low light. Thanks
hi im trying to get my neewer nw-670 on my canon t3, but i cant get the flash to trigger. My camera is recognizing the flash in the settings.
I programmed my TT680 to not automatically switch off but it still keeps shutting down, even while I'm using it. Anyone any ideas?
aluminum.. m.. it's magnesium mate...
flash is good
Guys I need your help I have newer nw680/tt680 ETTL ll flash The situation I have is on mode LCD display shows TTL but when I watch the YouTube I see ETTL on LCD screen So I don't know what goingIs it fake Should I return itI just got it recently
is this compatible with canon t1i?
i appreciate the fact that you re doing a video on something not reviewed but please do a bit of homework and research to at least depict some sort of credibility. And is there even such a thing as not being a professional in flash photography? relying on natural light only is a statement to one's inability of photographic control. flash is necessary in many situations including during daylight.
j'aimerais une traduction en franais ,SVP; merci d'avance
Thanks for the informative review.
These failed about one third of the time with 622c YongNuo Triggers. They would flash but not sync. Other manual flashes and Canon flashes would work when swapped out. I have been using four 622c's for a few years. This flash did work fine when placed directly on any of my camera bodies 6d, 7d, t4i. I do a LOT of off camera flash, high speed sync work, so this will not work.
*Excellent!>**** Powerful and very short lag time between the uses. A must have for portrait photography!*
You do too much talking !!!
Why do you people do videoes of something you know nothing about? I am looking to learn about this product, not have someone read from the manual. I want my view back.
I was wondering, did this flash come with a diffuser sock? And how easy is this flash to use compared to other competitors?
Useless - it's impossible to see the display on the flash given the lighting and the way that you're holding the camera...
how to make this wirelesscan you use slaves.
a empty box,very interesting
working with Nikon D7100?
i just want to ask you ; which diffuser could fix on this flash , because the top of this flash is different from the canon.. so i just want know that the plastic diffusser that is for canon flashes can fix with these flash. Thanks.
i cant wait to see the review!!
Thank you. I need a review before I buy.. as you said. No one is getting these. They have good reviews on Amazon though
Nice hiranya
Gd job bro

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