Neewer NW670 VK750II E-TTL Flash

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Buy Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash online at Amazon. Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash

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Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash price at Amazon - ₹8,916 ₹12,858

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The lowest Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash Price in India is ₹12,858 ₹8,916 at Amazon.
Buy Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash online at Amazon.
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Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash

Neewer NW670 / VK750II E-TTL Flash Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Neewer
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Item model number 10081310@@1
Item Weight 386 g
Model 10081310@@1
Product Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 21 cm

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NEEWER BUDGET VK750II SPEEDLIGHT REVIEW - PRO i-TTL Flash - Part 2 - Speedlight Review
NEEWER BUDGET VK750II SPEEDLIGHT REVIEW - PRO i-TTL Flash - Part 2 - Speedlight Review
Checking out the NEEWER NW-670 E-TTL Flash
Checking out the NEEWER NW-670 E-TTL Flash
NEEWER Speed light NW-670
NEEWER Speed light NW-670
Top 5 Best Camera Flash Speedlite In 2020
Top 5 Best Camera Flash Speedlite In 2020
Is this compatible with the Nikon D3500?
Does it work with Olympus cameras? I have a Olympus SP-570UZ and need a flash kit.
Now that you've had this Speedlight for over a year how do you like it? Any issues or problems? Buyers remorse? I am considering one for my D5600.
Just got one thank you for the information ☺️ watching more
Excelente vídeo muy bien explicado saludos desde España
It works. But the body is very large for a wimpy GN58 flash. Good enough for a slave, but too weak for a main flash.
Can that fit on my Nikon D5600?
Hello, i can't seems to get the multi flash work when I trigger from the Nikon D7200 camera button witht the flash mouted on the cemera. The flash is set for multi 10 flahs at 5Hz for a proximate duration of 2 second. Wheter I put my flash at 2 second exposure of Bulb, I onlynget one flash instead of ten. If i use the flash test button, I get the 10 flash sequence confirming that pragrammation is good. On the back of my nikon, I have confirmation that it see the flash in multi mode by displaying RPT. So what could prevent the camera from having the flash do it's full sequence ?
I was ecstatic when this flash dropped in price a bit and snapped it up quick I could tell an immediate difference in the quality of my indoor pictures. It will take me some time before I can learn and understand the many functions this flash has to offer. However, from a complete novice view point I can say that this flash was easy to setup and use right out of the box. It came recommended to me by a professional photographer friend and I am happy to recommend it to anyone considering an add on flash for their dslr.
I purchased this for my d5600bbut can’t seem to get the AF irb to work is there a specific setting you need the camera to be in for this to operate? Tia
Favor porque no dar istrucciones en español. Gracias.
Excellent, thank you.
Hello mate great review.. i have just bought this and wonder where you got the recievers from
I really want to thank you for this video, I make the same purchase has you in Amazon and I could not get it to work with my Nikon D800 and only when I saw your video I could see it work. Nice work.
Just bought this so thanks for the video. Do you have a video with actually photos you took with the flash?
I needed this tutorial. I didn't know why my speedlight wasn't working in Sl modes. THANK YOU !!!
Thanks for the review, I just bought that flash, I'm waiting for it to test it out.
I appreciate such a good review as yours. I look forward to seeing more of your enthusiasm. Yours in a kind of presentation I could watch/listen for a long time. Thank you.
What part is needed to operate the flash off the cam in TTL-mode?
I see what you did there....everything under the sun. Ha
Hi, do you think this will fit a Canon rebel t6i?
Works on android Smartphone? Greetings
this flash does work on sl2?
Your model is adorable.
Anyone know how to disable the auto sleep? Thanks
Hi Josh, great video, being relatively new to flash photography and looking to by a new flash, is this compatible with the 800D
Are there different TTL and E-TTL versions or do all NW-670 models support both TTL and E-TTL?
Hi Josh, Do you know if this flash works with Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless?
Hi Josh! Thanks for that video, that's what I was looking for! Now, difficult question: on low power flash use, how many shots can I get before I have to change the batteries?! Any idea? Would help me to know :-) Thanks again! Cheers, 1+ thumb up ;-)
Thank you for this. I will be photographing a Catholic Baptism soon and was looking at this flash, it sounds like a good one to go with, thanks!
i want to know it's battery. is it AA or AAA or something else
Does the speedlite have a lock button on the head for tilting?
Thank you very much for the video. Quick question, will this fit a Canon M50?
I just bought an SL2, and this seems like it could be a good automatic flash for it. I want to be able to bounce my flash.
So I'm really into photography these days considering I only do it with my phone but anyways when I get a good camera you could give me some good tips Josh 😉
That looks like a rad flash
I like cannon camera .. external flash how much?
Canon camis is best in photography
Canon is the best camera bro
Put 4 new batteries..
:o these sound in flash is anormal xD is broken
canon nice carea the best
Wowwwww....ang ganda nmn 2021 pa cguro aq makakabili nyan hehehe
Thanks....but talk louder and move a little faster....we understand package....want to see product....need to prepare and set up before you start to record !
I love canon
wala sound brod haw?
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