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Native Mobile Development A Cross-reference For Ios And Android Pdf

Native Mobile Development: A Cross-Reference for iOS and Android Book Reviews from YouTube

Should You Learn Native or Cross-Platform Mobile Development?
Should You Learn Native or Cross-platform App Development?
ANDROID & IOS Development Roadmap 2022 🔥| Cross Platfrom Development | Flutter | React Native
Native vs hybrid vs cross platform mobile app development in Hindi
Hey Kenny what books would you recommend for native android development? And is Java still a viable language if one does not wish to use Kotlin?
I'm learning kotlin right now and now moving to android studio is their any best resource available which anyone can recommend
This is my take. Learn one native then choose one multiplat.
Thank you for always talking about mobile app. There’s not a lot of info on it out there. Most of them are in Hindi which makes it hard. But I do have a request. Can you please make videos on roadmaps or things one need to learn to become a good and better android native and IOS native developer? Thank you 🙏🏾.
Hello sir, full time full stack dev, I've dabbled in android dev for schooling purposes only but I feel like I could build a decent CRUD app fairly easily, thank you for the no BS input for solving my cross platform vs native debate in my head lol. I appreciate your time.
Hello I was thinking about getting a certificate in IOS App Development from my local community college. It only require 4 classes, which include: 1) survey of computer information systems 2) Object oriented programming fundamentals 3) Introduction to IOS Application Development 4) Advanced iOS Application Development If I was to achieve this, do you think it would be enough to land me an entry level position? or would i be dismissed since i don't have a degree? Keep in mind I have no experience in any software or mobile development
Which is the best for developing social media app native or cross platform
I personally think Android Native is always better
silly my system React web + my system flutter is all future (also unity plugin) also it is all about compilation of language... so i win!
Heh now this is something I thought about........interesting and thanks for the comparisons!
Team Kotlin! It's always good to have Google on your side.
Cs50 course of mobile app development with react native is good in 2022 ?
Hey i was wondering if we can connect, very interested in what you have to say. just need advice in how to navigate through learning how to trade?
Hi Kenny thank you so much for clearing out my doubts, love your videos man been here since the start❤.
I want to learn Android Development but Android Studio keeps frying my computer, so React Native it is
Please can you recommend an online course on kotlin(android app development)
Love you kenny
thank you can you recommend free courses for dart/flutter and react-native integration with WordPress?
Love it man, your video gave me more infos than about 8 other YouTube videos combined.
Utter nonsense. He took 4 hours cuz he's clearly not a React expert.
Dude! I've been asking these questions for a year now... and no one could answer me as well as you did! Thanks so much for the great work you do.
Learn Windows programing (C++/C), this is where all the mastery of programing resides.
You said: nobody uses anymore Objective-C, this speaks very well for Apple, Swift is different from Ojc-c but equally pathetic.
thanks boss
What program do I need for this project : I want a selection of choices for each fight similar to this, or whatever is easier to your format set up. Ahere users can pick/predict what they want individually for a fighter (WINNER, OUTCOME, ROUND) . With different points for each right prediction. Leaderboard for each league season, and chosen timeline (START and END) of each season. A crown count next to the winner of a season too. Community chat for users and private chat amongst leagues.
Excellent advice
will here in my country Saudi Arabia the flutter jobs is everywhere . because the technical market is moving very fast and the apps is start in few years back . so most of company using flutter for the new application
Native vs cross platform which is best for developing social media application
I love how you speak bro. Nice
Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. Somebody with experience with app development and their experience. It is really valuable.
I don't like the experience using React Native too 🥲
How about QT framework
Does it matter to the buyer if I build a mobile app using an app builder vs coded from scratch (in terms of value, maintenance..)? I'm talking about my own idea, my own app that I want to build and sell after a couple of years
Great video clear most of the doubts. Thanks dude ! I would appreciate if you could answer below doubts too. 1. I need to protect my code from decompile by my competitors. Which language is better ? Flutter or Kotlin 2. I need all my apps to work both in Android and iOS Flutter is a good start ?
All questions answered♥️
Loved it. I was exactly looking for this insight. It's more like an insider information. You solved my dilemma completely with proper reasoning.
I hope you guys liked it! ❤ Don't forget to share it on Linkedin and Instagram! ❤
Ionic Angular Kaisa rahega?
codewithharry best channel to learn android development...btw @Nishant Chahar loved your videos❤❤
🎉🎉🎉🎉Valuable to me
iOS development op
U guys only know road map,not how to develop
Iam in second year and currently doing native android in kotlin do i need to shift to flutter or react native or continue with native android development ?
If anyone has to make their own app according to their choice then contact me🙂🙏
Tumse free course to nikalta nhi ...roadmap saarey youtubers bna dengey bc.
Android development op
how did he get selected as a ios developer?? did he prepare for it in collge?or did microsoft train him?did he make any video about these questions?
Ios development op
Please check out the Class Components of React Native in Hindi.
Hello bhaiya my name is Radhey Mohan Mishra from class 6 and I started learning java for android development for building my startup thanks for this valuable video ❤️❤️
Bhai great video... Was waiting for this and I got.... Thanks......bro.... Keep it up 💯💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
is dsa required in android, if yes, then in depth or just surface level, please tell
bhai ya laptop hi nhi h kaise kare ye sab
Sir mujje C++ aur Java ka experience nehi hai / Kiya mujje NodeJs aur Php mai as a web developer Microsoft aur other Big Company mai Job mill sakti hai ?(sir plz kuch iske bareme batao)
I love technology and I like to code in them, so I am not being selective with any technology here. I think as a programmer my personal view has been how can I be useful to my organization? How can I improve myself? How can I be better and create useful software? Learning will always be a part of our lives and it's a never-ending process. I would request you to please do watch the video till the end to gain complete practical knowledge on this topic. If you feel I missed something then please feel free to ask your doubts as comments or you can email them to me will be happy to answer your question. Till then Happy iCoding and have a great day
Great 🙏
Good technical knowledge
hybrid apps ki aapne kahke le li😂😂........btw......aapne ye to btaya hi nahi ki hybrid aur cross platform me kya antar hai.....maine yahi jaanne sara video dekha😢😢😢😢😢😢😂😂
Last moments words are inspirational.One should not stick to one technology.
But why google will stop support for FLUTTER and destroy their own business :P
First i learnt flutter then I shift to react native Know i am stuck in performance 😞 Planning to shift in native
What about a appointment booking app? Which one should I prefer? Like Urban Company, Oyo, MMT, Goibibo etc? It's very important please ans me
Way of explation is very good
I want to create a mob app how we contact
Mr. Ravi ji it's great or amazing video about native or cross platform so thank you for sharing this information. An i have two project. If you want work on it.
For e-commerce app which platform is best ?
Bhai ap ka knowledge to gajab he :)
Very nice explanation, can you please guide from where we can learn React-Native also Flutter ??
Thanks YouTube for suggesting your video 👏worth watching bro
What about KMM kotline multi platform
Great way of explaining 👏
Thank you for the informative video. Best of luck with your future endeavors.
bro i am a student of bsc engineering i am agree with you and you give me better ida for learning native and coross both same time thanks

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