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For Dummies Books are for Smart People
What is nanotechnology?
Technical Analysis for Dummies! Book Review
I came here from your magic deck. Keep making content. Its glorious.
why are we complaining? aren't we the ones who decided to embrace this religion of profit first and abolished every alternative? EVERY FIVE YEARS WE VOTE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.
El Espanol para Dummies libros son buenísimo! Me encanta. Pero me gusto tu video de comedia! Jajaj
Well, if you're smart you could just read up that stuff on Wikipedia.
Bold move.
Did this mfer just say quiznos is worse than subway?....
I can just fantasize him waiting on the cash register in the book store with 60 books on different topics. He ain't no dummy no more.
Isn't the dummy term here used for marketing purposes? To catch your attention in the bookstore, Its slightly offensive but mostly funny. if it was called "A guide to math for beginners" or "Facebook marketing for the novice" it wouldn't be as interesting. But yeah i agree the series are for smart people, although I'm not so sure about some of the examples you demonstrated like the hair loss etc :D Dummies to me are people who regardless of where they stand now intellectually refuse to improve their capabilities and stagnate instead or reverse.....dummies don't read books :D
so what is your alternative
How talk talk about for dummies books in YouTube, for dummies. 😅 beat the to it man
I bought one For Dummies book. The 'author' liked to make jokes, long drawn-out annoying dumb jokes. It slowed everything down. I donated it for recycle. Now, I get manuals and college text books. I skim & proofread before I buying.
I really like the Dummies books for Science and maths subjects!
Loved this video but they're not really targeted for dummies, like you said (and also said the opposite lol). They're targeted at people who need a quick guide to the FUNDAMENTALS of a topic. I'm in a biotech master's program and "Genetics for Dummies" has saved me. It's incredible and the length is good too. 300-400 like you said. I couldn't even get through the first chapter of our assigned textbook so I need to take a step back lol.
I know you were joking about using a dummies book to set up network security. But when I was in high school in 1998, our trade school addon for the school was trying to get Cisco (a networking company) to sponsor our school so that the students could get certifications right out of high school. The problem was, the school needed to have an active Local Area Network. This was a time before wifi so it all had to be done with cables and wires. Well myself and a few other students were given the task of installing an entire district wide Local Area Network complete with wiring closet that looked like the brain for the borg. Most of the reference material we had to go by was in fact a few different for Dummies books. We got it done in 6 months working before and after school, and all of us that participated were given a title by the Governor of the state of "Kentucky Colonels" Just like the KFC guy. We would not have been able to do that without those Dummies books as this was a time before YouTube and Google as the repository of knowledge they are now.
How dare you disrespect the good name of Quiznos!
Just bought a copy of Autocad for dummies, looked in the index & nothing about the Presspull function. Still it was that that lead me to you video so not a completely negative outcome.
the templar code😂😂😂😂
quality content. don’t always agree but good video energy. easily will be a 500k channel in about a year or so
For your next project find out who are the best "for dummies" publishers. By "the best" I mean not only that they are trying to make difficult info memorable and understandable but they actually teach the subjects comprehensively.
Thank you for this For Dumies For Dummies :)
That senator really know his stuff
Yes , I’m an Ironman fan.
I've heard they harden in response to physical trauma
Nanomachines, son.
I came because of ironman suit
Where are the references
*"Nanomachines son!"*
Really great videos With great power , also comes great responsibility
The Whole World is draped in Nano Technology
SafeMoon pushed me to here with you scientist 👨‍🔬 i will solve your problem
Would have liked to listen to this but can't tolerate the horrible background noises so shut it all off!
We've been throwing the word "nanotechnology" around for decades yet, despite only our bests effort, we are only inching closer to that molecular-scale frontier when in fact we should be racing towards it. In the decades to come, the enhanced beings -- post humans who are our progeny -- will look at the mechanical devices we rudely bolted onto our living flesh or buried inside our grey matter, and they will mock us for our crudity. They will look upon what we have made with the same curiosity, the same disinterest, as the pilot of a veetol aircraft would look upon an ox cart. The future of human augmentation lies in the small - in fact, the smallest. In the next thirty years, the molecular frontier will be broken and true nano-scalar programming and biological reorientation will be possible. There will be no tedious instances of severing limbs to replace them with steel proxies. We will drink in these tiny machines, inject them - and be transformed. - Deus Ex Human Revolution
Sarif was right about one thing. It's in our nature to want to rise above our limits. Think about it. We were cold, so we harnessed fire. We were weak, so we invented tools. Every time we met an obstacle, we used creativity and ingenuity to overcome it. The cycle is inevitable... but will the outcome always be good? I guess that will depend on how we approach it. These past few months, I was challenged many times, but more often than not, didn't I try to keep morality in mind, knowing that my actions didn't have to harm others? Time and time again, didn't I resist the urge to abuse power and resources simply to achieve my goals more swiftly? In the past, we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again? What if the path Sarif wants us to take enables us to hold on to higher values with more stability? One thing is obvious. For the first time in history, we have a chance to steal fire from the gods. To turn away from it now - to stop pursing a future in which technology and biology combine, leading to the promise of a Singularity - would mean to deny the very essence of who we are. No doubt the road to get there will be bumpy, hurting some people along the way. But won't achieving the dream be worth it? We can become the gods we've always been striving to be. We might as well get good at it. - Deus Ex Human Revolution
well i care thats why i clicked on your vid
Came here cuz Peter said he did a paper on nanotechnology to dr Osborn (Spider-Man1) wow nice video Peter is smart
We also have a very intersting podcast on nano! Check it here:
You scared me with saying cause more problems than we solve..... how about nanotech that can be imprinted to adapt in a viable benebolant way to any application then you wouldnt worry trust me
thumbs up... perfectly explained
What happened to Erica anyway?
Thanks for reminding me of Wonderbook! I'm going to crack it open and get back into it.
virtual hugs!
I'm currently racing to finish the first draft of my WIP, so I can start something for NaNo. I haven't done NaNo since before college because I was so busy with school. Now that I'm out in the workforce, I have no excuse and I am so excited. I am planning on having loads of fun writing this nano. Just pansting my butt off and seeing what I can do. What are you planning for NaNo Meghan?
I'm really digging your shirt! And also your book recs :)
Great resources here. I am going to check out wonder book
Really thanks for this book review. I was searching all over for the book review. 👍😊 Best of luck for your channel!!!
You state that if we're new to trading this wouldn't be the first book you recommend us to read. What book would you suggest as the first book to read?
Hey. Such a nice review. Started this book last week. Just one simple quick question, would this book help me become a master at crypto trading too? Cause I am looking forward to start day trading at crypto platform.
Can you suggest some more books.. Which books to read Step by step in trading journey
Yes, thanks….I will be getting it
I'm reading it right now. I agree so far. It's great!
Just the review I needed! Thanks so much🌞🌞🤑🌞
How long hours did you finish it?
Ordered that book Friday! Nice review!!!
great book review
Very nice review Can we be connected in any social sites
I am new to trading. Can I ask what chatrooms you part of?
Thank you for your great video it’s very helpful. Easy explanations.🙏

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